Thankful Thursday 5/14/2015

Hello, Thankful Thursday, how are you?

Here’s a brief list of things that have inspired thankfulness and/or gratitude lately in me…..must ponder if/what the difference is between the two.

  • mango
  • strawberries (thought I’d start with that, didn’t you?)
  • microwaves
  • a fridge full of produce
  • porch time – and a cool evening!
  • old-fashioned roses blooming outside my chiro’s office….by old-fashioned I mean they’re fragrant and a little less bouquet-like than some you see, these remind me a bit of a bush in my parents’ backyard that bloomed every year just before my birthday (they bloom earlier here)
roses at chiro's

roses at chiro’s

  • finding ideas for ways to increase happiness and improve my life – just finished The Sweet Spot (from the library) and picked up a couple
  • books, books, always books, especially when they arrive on my doorstep  (I’m also thankful for magazines and web sites and app content – anything I can read!)
  • someone I’ve worked with from another department at work sent me an internal job posting in her department and asked if I wanted to apply…It’s basically mostly my current job but touching even more subject areas, perhaps shorter products, and possibly more public-friendly writing. (probably tighter schedules and a bit more deadline pressure) It’s an interesting opportunity, and could make me a smidge more marketable if the need arose. I’m flattered that she thought of me, and it made me think about how good I really do have it in my current position and department – I’m not sure I want to leave it!
  • that I can sometimes short-circuit my less-than-beneficial habits….in a flurry of emails on Friday, I made a small mistake – not an inaccuracy per se, just using something older we didn’t want to use – and it got some attention on Monday. It’s no big thing, I’d probably even call it trivial, but I felt horrible. (because I apparently am supposed to be perfect, you know?) So of course I got it corrected and apologized – but I didn’t let myself go too overboard with the apologies. I was starting to beat myself up about it, and then started talking myself out of doing so, pointing out that “no one died” (in past jobs, I could have made mistakes that had that eventual consequence) and that plenty of other folks had made mistakes. I also let my supervisor know that it was my mistake, not the new person’s, and her response was “eh, don’t beat yourself up”. (see what I mean about how good I have it?!) This is progress, and I am thankful for it, even though it’s hard work!
  • things that go more smoothly than I expected – like my applying for TSA PreCheck. I filled out the application online Monday night and was able to do the in-person stuff on Tuesday. I had to wait a few minutes because I was a walk-in but the guy was efficient and nice. It was entertaining and enlightening to watch my mind bounce around as each new person walked in with an appointment (they preference appointments over walk-ins) and listen to myself stress and then talk myself down.
  • cold brew decaf – thanks to the encouraging of Sara and Megan/Mo (who shared this recipe for quantities and basic instructions), I set it up in a French press Tuesday night, and took a bit to work with me Wednesday. It surprised me – when I poured it out after pressing it, it was more the color of dark tea than coffee.
cold brew view 1

cold brew view 1

cold brew view 2

cold brew view 2

Rich, decadent and easy to make, didn’t even kick up my acid (though I also took some stuff to help just in case). It uses so much coffee – it took all the decaf we had in the house – will likely keep it a “sometime” thing (thanks Cookie Monster). But it was a treat for me on a busy day in the office!

What’s on your list? Share in the comments! I hope you’ve got a long list, however much you choose to share.