Weekend Update April 11-12, 2015

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1 week to Boston. ONE WEEK. My apologies ahead of time for the oscillation between craziness and silence that is likely to be my life – and thus my twitter and blog – for the next 10 days or so.


Sat – 13.1 miles with 6 miles at goal pace.


Fueling: Since I was starting earlier than my Boston time (due to important event in afternoon), I didn’t have time to practice the pre-run fueling. 3 FRS chews while warming up, then a Vanilla Bean GU at the start, Vanilla at mile 3, Salted Watermelon at 6, Strawberry Kiwi Roctane at mile 9.

After, 3 SportLegs and 1 scoop of Ultragen, downed within 15 minutes after my run, on the bike, before I did my Myrtl stretches.

Listened to:

  • Marathon Talk (latest ep) – co-hosted by inspiring (and funny) “started as a regular runner, now a fastie” (my words) Hannah – who chats about her development in the Training Talk segment. The ep’s guest is Dr. Charles Eugster – the 95 year old whose recent 200 meter world record went viral a few weeks ago. This was a fantastic episode for me to listen to on my last “long” run as Hannah reminded me I CAN get much faster, and Charles so impressed me with his intent and desire to improve and his active life. Interesting to hear his ideas on aging.

Sleep, core temp, and hydration: I know I got warm during the run and I know I spent more time outside (pollen) but I’d still hoped to sleep better since the run wasn’t as long. Not sure it was better, but it was different, in a way that’s becoming familiar. Waking up frequently so very fragmented sleep. Sometimes I can get back to sleep fairly quickly, sometimes not. May have over-hydrated in the evening as I knew I got dehydrated from my jaunt out in the afternoon.

Sun – 4.7 miles recovery pace. The room was cooler than yesterday once I gave up on the a/c and opened the window. It was briefly 59, topping out at 61. Listened to Summer Sanders ep of Another Mother Runner.  According to her twitter feed and this article she wrote, she was recently diagnosed with melanoma but I believe the ep was recorded a while back, so it’s not mentioned. The piece is worth reading. (and reminds me that on my post-race to-do list is finding a good dermatologist to check both me and DH) Deena Kastor has also had melanoma, as has our own local Deb and my massage therapist (on her back!). Reminder – May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, but April is often when we start to spend more time outside, running and otherwise. WEAR SUNSCREEN!


There wasn’t a lot of non-running related stuff this weekend. 🙂

Friday afternoon, I headed to the Cherry Blossom Expo to hear Boston Marathon – and Cherry Blossom – winner Bill Rodgers speak. He was funny and friendly, and answered a question for me about Boston. I also got to shake his hand and get his autograph. I also managed to meet Alison, and on Saturday, Malinda.

Sat  – I got up early, ran, cooled down, showered, and left the house around 1, braving Metro and gaggles of tourists on the day of the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. I didn’t do my last long-ish run at my Boston start time, and didn’t get to try the pre-race fueling one last time. Why did I do all this? Because Joan Benoit Samuelson was speaking at the Expo!! (one of my top 3 role models/inspirations, since I saw her win the 1984 Olympics…the other two are Deena and Meb) Not only did she won Boston (while in college) and the first women’s Olympic marathon, she’s won Cherry Blossom too. I got to get her autograph and a picture with her, and hear her speak. Totally worth the schedule thrash and crowds.

I met two other cool women, both also (like Joanie) older than me. I met one at the Expo – went over to talk to her since I saw she brought Joanie’s memoir to be signed, as I did. This woman ran the Olympic Trials in 96/2000 and seems really cool. She took my contact info, hope she gets in touch!

I met the other one on Metro on the way home. There were two women with expo bags and a man with them. The woman sitting alone was wearing a Boston Marathon jacket from last year. I asked her if she ran last year – she said no, she’s run 5 of them, but not for 10 years. She said her friend who works VIP athlete stuff for the race got it for her (nice friend to have). When I told her I was about to run my first, she patted the seat next to her and said “come sit”. Eager to get any wisdom, I asked her for tips and she kindly shared her experience with me. She also said she’d be cheering at mile 16 and would look for me! Her friend is running the race for charity, so will be in the wave behind me, but said she’d keep an eye out for me in the Village.

How awesome was my Saturday afternoon?! Yes, it was THAT awesome.

Sun – DH was off to a race, heard him leave at 5AM on one of my wakeups. It became apparent before 6 that between my sleep issues and the birds chirping madly, I wasn’t going to get back to sleep. Needed to get my run in fairly early anyway, as I had an early massage. Got up, watched the start of the Cherry Blossom online, did my run on the treadmill while roasting (disappointing) kabocha. Did a little stretching and headed off to my massage. Afterward, had some breakfast and poked around online, then went upstairs and spent 2 hours doing packing stuff while listening to old Marathon Talk ep “race week” segments. Spent a couple hours on the porch reading online and writing this post.

This week, most of my free time will be spent looking at my timeline and other lists/notes for travel and the race, lots of printing will occur. This week is all about rest, planning and prep, whether it’s listening to guided visualizations, tweaking and reordering my playlist, making grocery lists and travel schedules or whatever. I may make a trip to Target to return the second set of toss clothes I’m not going to use and get a yoga mat for the Village along with picture frames for my new autographs.

Note: Turns out the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler wasn’t 10 miles this year due to an accident on the course shortly before the race. The race organizers  organization rolled with it, adjusted (shortened) the course, made appropriate announcements and was even able to start on time. Kudos to them!

This week, I’m teleworking M and T (chiro) and in the office on Wednesday for a meeting from 10-4 (seriously?!). I took Thursday off work to reduce the pre-trip time pressure a bit, get an extra chiro appt in and get a haircut. We leave for Boston Friday morning!

How was your weekend? What are you looking forward to this week?