Training Recap – Week of April 7, 2015

How is it possible that in one week, I’ll have run my first Boston Marathon?! I’ve been waiting for so long for this. I can’t believe it’s here and it’s really going to happen. I am so lucky.

Here’s last week’s training – “peaking” week 1

Monday & Friday, core and 20 min bike in the AM. M, Whartons before dinner.

Run: 36 miles

  • T – 8 mi, 3 x 1.25 mi tempo intervals. Light leg exercises (Ohnos, etc.) after run, Whartons before dinner. For no reason I could figure out, I felt great after coming back from chiro. That afternoon/evening, I had the most energy I’d had in WEEKS (maybe months)! I’d love to know what I did or didn’t do so I can repeat it!
  • W – 4mi at recovery pace, with a cranky L ham. Whartons before dinner.
  • Th – 6.2 miles. Disappointed, not the run I’ve been able to do before the last 3 marathons (including one only a couple weeks after Baystate). Not the length or speed planned. Stuck with easy pace as my quads had nothing in them, hams sore. Room warm. HR high at end given pace. Must be that I’m not used to the warmth. The a/c didn’t seem to be doing much, probably too close to outside temp. Chiro was not concerned about any of my leg complaints (had 2 appts this week). Keep repeating “it’s just one bad run” – and I was still able to do a few miles, grateful for that in any case as I know there are many who can’t do it at all. Whartons before dinner.
  • Sat – 13.1 miles with 6 miles at goal pace. Biked 15 min after.


Fueling: Since I was starting earlier than my Boston time (due to important event in afternoon), I didn’t have time to practice the pre-run fueling. 3 FRS chews while warming up, then a Vanilla Bean GU at the start, Vanilla at mile 3, Salted Watermelon at 6, Strawberry Kiwi Roctane at mile 9.

After: 3 SportLegs and 1 scoop of Ultragen, downed within 15 minutes after my run, on the bike, before I did my Myrtl stretches.

Listened to:

  • Marathon Talk (latest ep) – co-hosted by inspiring (and funny) “started as a regular runner, now a fastie” (my words) Hannah – who chats about her development in the Training Talk segment. The ep’s guest is Dr. Charles Eugster – the 95 year old whose recent 200 meter world record went viral a few weeks ago. This was a fantastic episode for me to listen to on my last “long” run as Hannah reminded me I CAN get much faster, and Charles so impressed me with his intent and desire to improve and his active life. Interesting to hear his ideas on aging.

Sleep, core temp, and hydration: I know I got warm during the run and I know I spent more time outside (pollen) but I’d still hoped to sleep better since the run wasn’t as long. Not sure it was better, but it was different, in a way that’s becoming familiar. Waking up frequently so very fragmented sleep. Sometimes I can get back to sleep fairly quickly, sometimes not. May have over-hydrated in the evening as I knew I got dehydrated from my jaunt out in the afternoon.

  • Sun – 4.7 miles recovery pace. The room was cooler than yesterday once I gave up on the a/c and opened the window. It was briefly 59, topping out at 61. Listened to Summer Sanders ep of Another Mother Runner.  According to her twitter feed and this article she wrote, she was recently diagnosed with melanoma but I believe the ep was recorded a while back, so it’s not mentioned. The piece is worth reading. (and reminds me that on my post-race to-do list is finding a good dermatologist to check both me and DH) Deena Kastor has also had melanoma, as has our own local Deb and my massage therapist (on her back!). Reminder – May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, but April is often when we start to spend more time outside, running and otherwise. WEAR SUNSCREEN!

Because I doubt that next week at this time, any of us will be interested in what my final week of peaking was, here’s the plan for this week:

Mon: core, bike

Tues: cruise intervals per McMillan (0.65mi fast with short rest, probably 5 of them, plus w/u and c/d)

Wed: core maybe, probably a short easy run

Thurs: leg speed intervals per McMillan (1min fast, 1min jog, 8-10 reps, plus w/u and c/d)

Fri: Shakeout run 5pm (yikes) with Deena Kastor and Bart Yasso. Plenty of fast walking/standing with expo and events once we land around lunch as well as getting groceries from WF. Going to feel strange not doing a short run before we head to the airport, but I think it’s best I don’t.

Sat: OFF Walk some to and from events, will be standing some at expo and other places I imagine, have to keep an eye on that.

Sun: AM shakeout run with Bart Yasso and Elizabeth Comeau (editor of Runners’ World Zelle) Not sure how much walking we’ll do (RunBase maybe?) other than to and from PF Chang’s for lunch/early dinner. I’ll then cocoon myself in the hotel room with my laptop, netflix, kindle and snacks and try to stay as sane as one can in this type of situation….which is to say, try not to annoy my DH more than he can tolerate (he may go for walks), try not to eat everything in the room, and try to get at least a little sleep.

I don’t know if or what I’ll post blog-wise while I’m in Boston. I suspect there will be no posts until I return but I wouldn’t rule out a Weekend Update post on Monday if I need to fill some time on Sunday while “relaxing” in the hotel room.

The best place to keep up with me once we head out on Friday will be twitter. I do not plan on taking my phone to the race, so there will be “radio silence” on twitter from when I leave the hotel until sometime post-race…..but I WILL let you know how it went.

Thanks to all for all your support and encouragement – it HAS helped me and made a difference, please know that and know how much I appreciate it.