Thankful Thursday – April 30, 2015

The last Thursday of April, a month in which there was even more than usual to be thankful for!

Things I’m thankful for:

  • I got to the start line of Boston safely, healthy and without any significant injury, with decent if not great training. I got to the finish line uninjured and have stayed healthy post-race. These are NOT small things, they are huge, and I’m grateful.
  • the opportunity to run Boston 2016, and do it better
  • reading everyone’s comments and recaps about Boston (yes, obsessed, no surprise)
  • Boston “stuff” including magnets on my car and in my office, and my new wallpaper, photos, etc.
  • your patience with and perhaps actual interest in seemingly endless posts and tweets about Boston
  • DH’s patience and support and understanding
  • gluten-free food – I am trying not to go nuts but am strategically enjoying things I haven’t had in a while and trying new things
  • bird song
  • how pretty everything is in bloom
  • being able to help people near or far
  • steak DH charcoal grilled months ago and dug out of the freezer for a treat
  • strawberries seem to be coming in to season
  • favorite TV shows on DVD/DVR, there when you want them
  • any “complaints” I have are more likely to be about abundance than lack – I’m “spoiled for choice” – so many opportunities and gifts in my life, the “difficulty” is really making the choices and accepting that one can’t have it all at once. That’s something I work on, maybe not as often as I should. People are finite (h/t wise sis), and thus our time/energy are as well – they are precious resources.
  • I’m so very lucky in so many many ways down to the very simplest things that I take for granted every day, and I try to take a moment to appreciate my good fortune!

I hope your thankful list is long this week – please, share!