Thankful Thursday April 16, 2015

As always, much to be thankful for. I cannot fathom how I’ll feel this time next week.

  • Meeting one’s role models/inspirations, and meeting cool “regular” folks – everybody’s got a story, and runners are such a community, willing to share and support each other even when they’ve just met!
  • Runs where you’re able to do what you planned, even if you wish you could have planned more/faster
  • Strawberries – yes, it’s a repeat, but they’re really good as they start to come into season
  • Kettle Baked Salt and Vinegar chips – yummy and less damaging to daily calorie counts (especially in single serve bags), important as mileage decreases in peak/taper
  • Romaine lettuce, asparagus and other low-cal but filling veggies – friends to runners in the early part of race week when the urge to eat or chew can get overwhelming
  • Telework….seriously, one day in the office this week about as much as I could handle or anyone should be expected to put up with me for!
  • Having a colleague who is a triathlete & fast runner, who’s run Boston, and who is willing to (via email) listen to my self-obsessed, race-obsessed, incredibly detailed ramblings when she asks how I’m doing
  • Birds perching on the gutters and singing even during a downpour
  • My iphone
  • Learning something pre-race that could be very useful for race day. Grateful for the opportunity/reminder in a safe situation! On Tuesday’s cruise interval workout, I sweated more than usual due to the temp and humidity in the room. I drank some water during the run and after and had my usual tea. I had plenty of, ahem, output, but a post-run headache and some odd pains suggested I might be dehydrated or have imbalanced my electrolytes. So after my chiro, I took some extra Endurolytes and made myself a serving of UHydrate. (and kept drinking tea) That seemed to help quite a bit. So, since race day weather may be warmer and more humid than I’m used to racing in, I’ll likely carry some Endurolytes and try to get them down when I take a gel, as well as drinking UHydrate after I have my recovery drink (Ultragen). I have to be a little careful with UHydrate – seems to work great for me and is quite tasty, especially cold, but the citric acid isn’t something I’m supposed to have much of in my twitchy tummy.
  • A new Run Faster podcast from Coach Jay Johnson, with guest Bart Yasso!
  • Finding new-to-me running books! (need more running books) Started To Be A Runner last night, downloaded the updated Kindle version of Long Run Solution today. (thanks to Ray Charbonneau for updating and publicizing)
  • Coming home on Wednesday to find a lovely card with cheers for Boston from my newest editor/writer colleague with one of my fave quotes on the front (she couldn’t have known) “A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” (John G Shedd, whose name is on the Chicago Aquarium)
  • DH, whose patience and good humor has been getting a workout, and is likely to be further tested in the next 5 days or so – good thing he’s up for the challenge!
  • My sister, and her calmness and flexibility, steadfast support whether near or far, whatever, whenever
  • After my meeting at work Wednesday, one of the women asked – quite sincerely – if I could possibly win Boston. I said no, and she asked “well why run it, what’s the prize?” What came out of my mouth, almost without thinking – “to have run the Boston Marathon”. (I then explained about the qualifying times and it being “the people’s Olympics”.) When I posted the exchange on Twitter, a few people commented, and one nicely said perhaps I could win next year (wink). I replied that “finishing = winning” though a good chip time would be nice! The wise and witty Tish from Runners’ World (you ARE following her, right?) said “finishing=winning” was a good Boston goal in her book, and I said I keep trying to tell myself that – at least for my first Boston. I was so tickled at the question…had heard of such happening to others, never expected it to get it myself!
  • Having so much to look forward to in the next week – the race, the people, the experiences. It’s amazing to think about, and I’m truly grateful. I still struggle to believe that in a week at this time, I will have run my first Boston Marathon. Dreams can come true. I’m so very very lucky.

What’s on your thankful list this Thursday?