Weekend Update March 28-29, 2015

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3 weeks to Boston. Gulp.

For those moving into taper – here’s my post full of resources and tips, to help you get through the #tapermadness

Look what showed up in the mail on Friday!

Boston 2015 Runner Passport

Boston 2015 Runner Passport

Made my day – which needed to be made after a twangy knee sent me to the chiro for a second time (mild tendon inflammation, he says it will be fine – I’m going to try to see him 2x/wk the next 3 weeks just to stay on top of everything). I read through the packet and looked at related info online – got lots of detail, which I appreciate – bus time, walk to start time – and will read it again. (and again)


Sat – 18.5 miles (was to be either 20-24 or 24-28 at long run pace, depending on which McMillan plan you follow, 4-5d/wk or 6-7d/wk). I thought about just doing this easy, but decided to try to get some goal pace in (still trying to find that goal pace for Boston, chose one that was just at the top of the rx’d pace).

So: 3mi warmup in pace zone, then 12mi goal pace. Thought about going further at goal pace (wanted 18) but decided not to. 3.25 miles in slower part of long run pace zone, 0.25 miles slower. I’d had middle hamstring discomfort that expanded down behind both knees over the course of the run, but eventually just wound up behind my right knee – and afterward it was more the top of the R calf than behind the knee. In the last few miles, my left ankle sometimes would collapse, taking my leg with it to some degree when my foot hit the ground – this was quite scary and caused me to grab the treadmill rail a number of times. There wasn’t really pain involved, just a “wrong” feeling. But, it happened a few times, and though I thought I could probably gut it out to 20 or 21, I decided to stop to avoid doing harm. Psychologically, it was and is quite hard – this run was to be the last 20+ miler of the training cycle, and I really wanted to go 23-24. But I also want to get to the race healthy, get in my goal pace workout this week and my two remaining FFLRs. So it’s probably good I stopped – especially given how my R leg was feeling when I was done – but it’s something else I’m fighting in my brain as I work to be positive approaching the race.

Schedule: Was going to get up at 5 and do a full schedule, but my Passport tells me I don’t have to be at the buses till 7:55 so I caught some more sleep after DH left in the wee dark hours for his race. At this point, trying to grab all the sleep I can get. Bus ride (assuming I get on the first couple) puts me in the Athletes’ Village 9-ish (probably snack on bus) with some time to get through portajohn lines (at least once, hoping twice) before we have to leave the Village (10:15) to walk the 0.7 miles to the start line. All very organized, done in order by wave and corral. My wave starts 10:50, but since I’m corral 6, I expect I’ll start 10:55 or so (anyone with experience/knowledge, correct me if I’m wrong please!) I used the time in the morning to catch up on blogs and the remarkably quiet twitter (lots of folks were racing yesterday) as well as make lodging plans for Beach to Beacon and listen to a guided visualization by Dr. David Asp, while I was doing legs up the wall. I may actually put it on my iPod with my race music so I can listen to it on the bus or in the Village – assuming I can figure out how to do so in a way that doesn’t screw up my music!

Fueling: (run started closer to 11:30, warmup started ~11) 7:35 1/2c applesauce with 1 scoop Hammer plain whey protein. (hungry at 815, and continued to get hungrier!) 9:45 squeeze packet of applesauce & 5MAP for protein (a few sips of water) and 3 FRS chews – all things portable on the bus to eat there or in Hopkinton 10:30 1 pouch Vespa. After warmup and drills, just before start of run, 1 Vanilla Gu dumped into a Hammer flask with water to the ‘1’ line – thought this might work well to carry to the very start. It was still sweet and thick and made me a bit thirsty. May need to add a bit more water but not too much! (but no water on course till mile 2) During run, GUs starting at 3 miles, mixing up flavors a bit: 3/Vanllla, 6/Salted Watermelon, 9/Salted Caramel, 12/Strawberry Kiwi Roctane, 15 Salted Caramel. (plan was 18/Blueberry Pom Roctane, 21 Caramel Macchiato, 24 Jet Blackberry)

Listened to:

  • Marathon Talk (latest ep) with Adharanand Finn, author of Running with the Kenyans (which I just finished re-reading) and the new book The Way of the Runner (about Japanese running) which doesn’t yet have a US publisher. I almost ordered the book from Waterstone’s in the UK, but shipping costs more than the book!
  • Runners Connect episode with Alex Hutchinson on supplements and miscellaneous running info
  • Part of the DizRuns episode with my fave Mike Wardian (from last year, was saving it for a tough day as I love listening to Mike) – only part because I didn’t go as long as I’d planned.

Sleep, core temp, and hydration: Was was too cold after run (got the room down into the 40s), so took an Epsom salt bath and shower. Took Tylenol as a preventive against elevated core temp. Didn’t get that warm but also didn’t have any appetite or thirst. May not have done a great job hydrating. Yet another bad night of sleep post long run – 6th week in a row. I really think it has something to do with the late start/finish and possibly the caffeinated gels. But it’s not helping my recovery! I slept 10-11, then I was AWAKE with legs twitching, thoughts racing, and a HR of 56 until 2am, when I dozed until my pill alarm at 3am. Was able to go back to sleep until 5, then doze till 6. So that’s 5-ish hours of sleep, in 1-2 hour chunks. Gotta think that’s sub-optimal.

Sun – 5 recovery pace miles. I was quite worried about my R calf and L ankle. Very cold out, ran inside. The calf got better as I went along before it got crankier at the end, not surprising. The ankle held up, but I have some discomfort on the outer top of my L foot, from ankle down to toes. Probably yanked some stuff yesterday. Finished up the DizRuns Mike Wardian podcast from yesterday, and listened to Bernard Lagat episode on Babbittville before the Carlsbad 5000.


Sat  – There wasn’t much of Saturday left after my run! Chatted with DH while doing some dinner prep. Took an Epsom salt bath and a shower while catching up on twitter. Then dinner, Arrow, more running chat and an ep of Madam Secretary before settling down with Meb’s memoir, which I have been saving to read for when I really needed it as the race approaches. (still waiting for his new training book – I preordered it, envious of bloggers getting review copies before the April 7th release) and re-reading Kings of the Road. Friday night I read Hal Higdon’s The Duel. (I’ve already read Duel in the Sun and the memoirs of Beardsley, Salazar, Shorter, Rodgers – and of course Benoit and Switzer.)

Was excited to hear this news! Congrats Christine and Adam! Christine is the lovely woman I ran with at the Shamrock shakeout run last year, who waited for me at the finish and gave me a huge hug – she was so happy for my BQ! Her mom Pam, the other half of WeRunDisney, BQ’d the same day at a different race. Between the approach of her/our first Boston, getting our Runner Passport and now this news, Pam is over the moon.

Earlier in the week my bud Tawnee of Endurance Planet made a similar announcement.

Sun – Got up and decided that though sunny, it was too cold out (26, real feel of 17) to go on easy run with DH. We’d thought about it but he decided not to run and I ran inside. Probably best to check out my ankle/leg in a safe environment anyway. Did okay. Then, breakfast of asparagus, bacon and coconut bread with jam. Food prep, blog writing, and a mid afternoon massage. Rushing around trying to get a couple things done. Then another evening of summer rolls (I ordered more tapioca paper but will run out today) filled with zoodles (zucchini noodles DH got at WF) and other veggies and TV watching. Then a little reading and snacking before bed then I’ll get up and go to the office….hey, where’d the weekend go?

Work schedule this week: in office Monday, off Tuesday, in office W, Th telework (and a second chiro appt), in office Fri.

How was your weekend? Have a great week!