Weekend Update Feb 28- Mar 1, 2015

This post is part of Tara’s Weekend Update linkup – go see what everyone’s been up to. Been a while since I posted one of these.

7 weeks to the Boston Marathon. Gulp.


Sat – 21 miles (making sure I get that 5% hill just after mile 20 as many times as I can before the race) 1mi w/u, 5mi increasing through easy pace zone. Then 2x (4mi at MGP, 1mi ez). Wanted a 3rd set, as I’ve still yet to hit the 3x3mi at MGP that I need do, but I started the next set and did 0.3 mi at MGP and it felt really hard, so I ran 0.7 at ez pace. Then I thought about throwing in some half-mile repeats (~800s) which I’d heard Lucho mention, so I did did 0.5 at MGP, 0.5 ez. Then I decided I was too tired, doing the hills at pace was really wearing me down, did the last 3 miles at ez pace. HR at end was fine, maybe 4bpm higher than I’d really like, but certainly acceptable.

I was a little off schedule as I needed to start earlier so I could be done earlier and get ready for my sister’s visit. So my head wasn’t organized enough first thing in the morning to do all the dry run pre-fueling. Wound up skipping the Hammer Bar and just going with FRS chews and BeetElite 60-90 minutes before, then Vespa 45 min before (initial irritation to hernia/GI area but improved). Took only 3 gels on the run, possibly should have taken more. Vanilla Bean GU mi 5.5 (before 1st 4mi set), Salted Caramel mi 10.5 (before 2nd set), Blue-Pom Roctane 15.5 (before what would have been 3rd set).

Listened to:

Wore the medium FlipBelt, 10 gels in it. Noticing that it starts to ride up a bit above the waistband of my shorts, a little annoying. (not as annoying as figuring out that The North Face has discontinued my fave shorts, but that’s another story) I keep pulling it down a bit. Not sure why it’s happening, thought the medium would be tighter and the gel weight would take care of it. Got the first packet open with hands, after that it was teeth again.

Didn’t sleep well again Saturday night. Slept soundly when I did sleep, but every time I woke up (which is about every 2h) it took longer to get back to sleep. After my 3am pills it was easily 20min to half an hour before I was back asleep. Again tested my BP and HR with my little monitor to make sure all was ok (it was, 100/59 and 53 respectively, though it sure FELT like my heart was going too fast). I’d felt warm enough Saturday night that I took acetaminophen just “in case” something was up, but I really think it’s got to do with hard long runs since it happened last week. I really “got” Beth’s post this week on “9 Reasons It Might Be Hard to Sleep After Your Long Race/Run“. I’ve had similar problems in the past, but not as consistently.

Sun – 7 easy recovery miles on the treadmill. Had wanted to go outside to do some hill work, but we started getting ice pellets/sleet so not worth the risk. Decent run, certainly better than I expected given how wiped out I was by dinnertime yesterday. (I think some of that was that I didn’t eat as I normally did post-run, not knowing meal plans with my sister and then got way past the point where I’d needed food) My L ham was the crankiest part, no surprise there, usual complaints from hips, glutes, hams. Last mile, my right knee was a bit off, probably due to lack of strength work of late. (time to remedy that) I did notice a little “pinch” (only way I can describe it) above my left hip bone near the spine in the rear, but my lower back and neck feel a little tight. Some stretching should help, and if nothing else, my chiro will hear about on Tuesday if needed. Listened to the amazing new ultrarunner Caroline Boller on UltraRunnerPodcast. Caroline is winning races and only started running in 2013 and dropped 1h+ from her first to her second marathon. I subscribe to her blog but haven’t read all the back entries yet, maybe there’s detail there. Guarantee you my last meal would be different than hers!


I listened to this on Friday during my commute and wanted to make sure you heard about it. I want to give a shout-out rec to the Diz Runs episode with ultrarunner Tonia Smith. In 2013 she finished her first a 100 miler and then won 100k. Very soon after, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had to go through surgery and chemotherapy. She didn’t stop running (back doing ultras!) and is trying to help pancreatic cancer patients, survivors and families by raising awareness and funds through running and telling not only her story but the stories of others. Pancreatic cancer has a horrifyingly low survival rate and the research needs visibility and support. You can follow Tonia and read more about her efforts at her blog and read the stories of others at Project Purple – you can even join one of their race teams and help raise funds, or you can donate to Tonia’s fundraising efforts. (You may recall Julie from Spirit of the Marathon II, was running for pancreatic cancer awareness as she lost her father to the disease. She still is.)

Sat  –

Got done with my run, had some Ultragen then kabocha, jumped in the shower to get ready for the arrival of my sis & BIL. Spent a great few hours with them (a stop on their way to visit friends in the South) talking about everything and nothing and just enjoying being together. I was pretty wiped out so we decided to split up around dinnertime. I drove them back to their hotel, and when my sister said “see you in a few weeks” I just stared at her kind of stupidly, like “huh?” and then realized she meant for Boston. Yeah, I was tired. So wonderful to see her! Every moment is precious. I really appreciate her making the time and taking the opportunity.

Dinner of Chinese and a little TV, but I was really wiped out and not too functional. Snacked and read more about folks doing the Iditarod Trail Invitational race (this year’s edition started 3/1) and about a man in the UK training for the Green Man ultra. Really enjoying them.

Sun – After my run, bacon, a little egg white/zucchini omelet and some coconut bread toast with manna and jam. I roasted two kabocha in the oven (yes!) and did indeed snack a bit while I was putting it away. Later sat down with a larger kabocha snack and some running reading, since I didn’t get to do so on Saturday. My massage was cancelled as my MT forgot she had to teach a class – I couldn’t go on Saturday due to my sister’s visit (right choice, no question). Turns out I was just as happy to stay in the house and relax and not try to drive on the ice rink the roads turned into. Did a bit of food prep for Monday. We’ll likely repeat last night’s meal and watch some TV. Didn’t do the usual full-fat potato chip treat Saturday night, decided to save it for Sunday. Probably will have some of the extra yummy potato chips tonight, just wasn’t in the mood last night.

Another 5 day “regular” week – MWF in office, T/Th telework with my chiro appt Tuesday. I’m waiting to hear back from the treadmill people that they’ve gotten the parts in – hope to have them come out either Thursday when I telework or Friday (would telework or take time off). Given how much faster the treadmill feels (to both me and DH), be interesting/scary to see what a new drive motor, board and walking belt will make it feel like. FYI, the ticking sound seems to have gone away, but since they’ve ordered the parts, I’m going for it.

How was your weekend? Did you get one last blast of winter weather? Happy March!