Training Recap – Week of March 16, 2015

We’re now inside one month to Boston. Still struggling with sleep, mojo, joy, enthusiasm, as well as the physical. Here’s last week’s training:

Run37.5 miles (really not happy about the mileage, this is the lowest week in the training cycle, lower even than when the treadmill broke! trying to remember priority not mpw, but consistency, quality and getting to the start healthy – mpw less important than days to race)

  • T – 10 mi. Was to be 3-5 mi tempo race. 3-3.5 warming up, took a gel, then 1mi tempo pace – felt HARD, lots of cardio and leg effort, pulled back to slower speed for 0.5mi, another mi at tempo pace, then said the heck with it and ran the rest easy pace, last 3mi at 0% for downhill. Pretty demoralizing. Questioning if I just don’t have the “will to suffer” right now.
  • W – 2mi. I messed around online sending an email asking a training question and blew all my time (an in office day, so constrained in the AM). 10 min walk, 2mi easy. Legs sore-ish.
  • Th – 7.5mi. Fartlek run. FINALLY, a workout I was able to complete decently! 3 mi warmup, then 1min on at target pace/1min off (about 3.5mi), and cooldown. Was shorter overall than I’d like, but got the planned workout done. (I’d usually add more cooldown easy miles just to rack some up – as I had to get cleaned up to go see the ENT nurse practitioner.)
  • Sat – 18mi: first 9 miles included recovery and easy pace, increasing pace every mile or two. Then 7.4 miles at goal pace, 1.6 miles at easy pace (didn’t do any hills the last 1.6). Original plan (which I wrote, off McMillan) 16-20 with last 6-8 at goal pace. Then I decided I wanted 21-22 with last 12 at goal pace. (yes, I’m doing that to myself) So I guess I got close to the original plan….somewhat disappointed of course (I’d already done 9mi at goal pace in a prior long run) but I suppose it’s close enough to plan. I might have been able to go more, but my legs were hurting and it was hot, and I just decided not to.

Schedule: I “slept in” again…if you call waking up at 6:45 sleeping in. Started my run at 11am. (wave start is 10:50, I’m in corral 6, and I figured it’s got to take 1-1.5 minutes to move a corral through the start, given a wave is 7500 people, corrals must be close to 1000 people)

Fueling: Changed my pre-run fueling a little bit. At 3 hours 15 minutes before the run, took my supplements and BeetElite (I may skip that on race day as it’s best taken 30-60 minutes before the run and most effective 3h after ingestion). Today, 3 hours before the run I had about 1/2c of applesauce (one of the individual cups you can buy) with 1/2 scoop of plain Hammer Whey – so about 100 calories, 9g of protein and a little sugar. I’ve had this concoction before a second run of the day (the few I’ve done) and it sat okay, so I decided to try it. Half an hour later I had my 3 FRS chews (60mg caffeine) and a couple sips of decaf tea and water. 45 minutes before the run, took Vespa. Fueled with GU: Vanilla Bean at the start, Vanilla Bean at mi 3, then Salted Caramel mi 6, Vanilla Bean mi 9, Straw-Kiwi Roctane mi 12, Salted Watermelon mi 15 (been craving fruitier gels). Caffeine from gels: 100mg. (SKR has none) Total caffeine 160mg, less than an 8 ounce Starbucks brewed coffee. I think adding the gel at the start helped. The first 3 miles felt less slog-gy than in past runs.

Listened to:

  • Marathon Talk (latest ep)
  • To burn some time as I expected to run longer than I wound up doing, I re-listened to part of an old Runners Connect podcast episode with Lisa Rainsberger, the last American women’s winner of the Boston Marathon – I’d listened to it a while ago (I recall pool running while listening) but thought it might be interesting to listen again now that I’ve read her book (and she’ll be at the Expo!). As Boston approaches with at least a couple of American women (ShalaneDesi) having decent chances at the win, Rainsberger’s comments on Shalane’s approach last year and how she thinks the race might be won are very interesting. (A Gary Cohen interview with her is here…did you read his recent interview with Kathrine Switzer or his interview with Shalane Flanagan?)
  • Endurance Planet – I wanted to listen to at least the first part of the latest ATC, since Lucho & Tawnee were attempting to help me get past my current burnt out state. I’m definitely considering their suggestions, the ones that might work for me (vacation and trail run not in the cards right now). I appreciate their time and coach wisdom. (Bummed that there’ll be a while till the next ATC ep since they’re both taking trips – hope they have fun!)

The streak continues….Could NOT sleep. Worst post long run night yet. Thinking it’s a combo of the caffeine from gels hitting me later in the day (though I don’t get much boost from caff tea in the morning!) and higher core temp. Should have taken Tylenol in the evening when my face felt warm, but I was hoping it would go away. At 2am, though my BP was fine, my HR was 58, way too high for me at sleep time. So I didn’t get much sleep until after 3 or 4 am (and was awake by 7) and what I did get was really broken. This is not helping my recovery, mood or struggle to get my head in a good place. I’m thinking next week, after my bike after my long run, maybe trying an ice bath. I’ve never been a fan of them because I get cold so easily (and now the wisdom seems to be that they don’t help recovery, you need the inflammatory response) but if it lowered my core temp and got me better sleep, maybe that’d be worth it. Got suggestions from tweeps Sunday that I might have gotten dehydrated, which could explain core temp and other things, so I drank electrolyte drink on Sunday and will try to keep an eye on that.

  • Sun – I didn’t run. Yep, you read that right. I got up, managed – with great mental effort – to get myself dressed to run outside and start my walking warmup on the treadmill. And I just wasn’t feeling it. Sore, tired. Walked for 30 minutes and called it a day. I was thinking of Lucho and Tawnee’s advice, as well as McMillan’s tweet to me a while back of getting to the start 100% healthy and happy (or as close as I can get to that). Despite the soreness, fatigue, and down mood, it was still hard not to beat myself up about not running. It’s absolutely what I would have told someone else to do (if someone asked me) and seems to be in line with the expert wisdom. So, we’ll hope. There’s not really much more I can get in terms of speed at this point in my training, and I’m reasonably confident that barring surprises, my training will allow me to finish the race (pace and how I feel is the real question), Right now, it’s all about making me feel good – body and mind/soul – before Boston.

Bike: 15 min Monday, 30 min Friday, 25 min post-run Sat
Core: M & F – can tell I’m getting wimpier, not stronger. Extra ham work on Friday.
Arms: just what I get via core (plank) work
Wharton flex: T, Th, F
Chiro exercises: Tues & Th Ohnos, leapfrogs, single/double leg squats
Coach Jay GSM routine:  Tues & Th LC #1, Myrtls after. Also did Myrtls after run Sat.
Walk: 15 min before runs (except W) plus 30 minutes on Sunday
Drills: before runs (except W)
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Sunday. My MT seems to have worked some magic (knock wood) on my cranky L ham and glute mins – since the appointment (it’s Monday night now), those unhappy bits are less unhappy than they have been in weeks. Fingers crossed.

Update on the ear/sinus thing…long story short, no infection (yay), some sort of abrasion in the ear canal which will heal on its own. Talked to the ENT nurse practitioner about allergies, which she thinks are responsible for the feeling of fullness in my ears and odd sound of hearing (no fluid detected in multiple tests). She suggested a bunch of different med approaches, including new nasal sprays I wasn’t aware of. I’m loath to change much before the race, but I did stop my evening Benadryl (she said she’d personally had mood side effects from it and had patients reporting cardiac side effects) and added another children’s dose Allegra at dinnertime. (may have to go back to the half Benadryl I was taking though if it helps me sleep!) I’m still only taking 1/3 the recommended adult dose. Figuring this out is one more to-do for the post-race list, which is long. Don’t want too many changes pre-race unless they’re definite improvements!

Am I the only one who – at some point 4-6 weeks pre-race – starts saying “that can wait until after the race”?

How long till your next race? How’s your training going?