Training Recap – Week of March 2, 2015

Less than 6 weeks to go. Friday we’ll get to find out our bib numbers and wave/corral start times.

Run: 52.7 miles – again over 50, hanging in there.

  • T – 16 for the day. AM: 14mi with 3x3mi at MGP. After work, did a quick 10 min walk and 2 easy recovery pace miles.
  • W – 4.5 miles, mostly easy, but threw in a fast 1 minute each mile to remind the legs “we do this” (read on Nate Jenkinsblog)
  • Th – 8mi with 5mi at steady state pace. Was to be either steady state or FR. Pushing it a bit with steady state, probably, as perhaps Saturday shows. (Tues was to be tempo, but I felt like I HAD to get that MGP run, was really bugging me…so may have loaded the legs a bit.)
  • Sat – 21mi: repeatedly increased pace, last 9 at a possible goal pace – but it’s 20s slower per mile than what I did my 3×3 at on Tuesday. (maybe my legs were just tired?) Again, doing 21 to make sure I get that 5% hill just after mile 20 as many times as I can before the race. This wasn’t easy, and I keep pulling the possible goal pace back. There was one point at during the increasing pace segments (went up 0.1 per mile for a bit, then 0.1 for two miles in the run up to 12) that I felt “I could probably hold this for the whole race” but that’s roughly my Shamrock pace. Still trying to push harder. I was distressed that I wound up “having to” (felt like) break up Heartbreak Hill, for the first time. Ran 0.15 of it and just felt way too hard, backed of for 0.2 then took it back up to 5% for the other 0.15. DH (rightly?) gave me a hard time in the evening when I was “debriefing” my run and expressing my frustration with selecting a goal pace. He said “you know it’s going to vary depending on whether you’re going up or down hill” and I said I realized that (I think the phrase is “run even effort, not even pace”) but that my body will decide on race day how much it slows down or speeds up, I can’t predict it. So I try to run the course (inclines and 0%) at even pace rather than figure out how much to adjust – believe me, it’s enough mental work to stay focused on the spreadsheet and keep messing with the incline. To which he threw up his hands and said something like “well OF COURSE it was hard if you were trying to run a 5% incline at goal pace at the end of a 21 miler where you’ve already run 8mi at goal pace!!” Oh. He could be right. But it’s the first time I felt I needed to ease back and of course that’s going to bother me.

This Saturday I wanted to mimic more of the Boston schedule, so I aimed to start my run at 10 am though I was up around 7. Ate half a Hammer bar with my BeetElite at 7:45 (I was hungry again at 8:45). Vespa at 9:15 and my FRS chews. GU every 3mi: Vanilla Bean GU mi 3, then Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Straw-Kiwi Roctane, Salted Caramel, Blue-Pom Roctane. Starting to think about whether I should try to bring EFS in a flask with water to take at the start (or maybe mix a Vanilla GU with water in the flask) to make sure I’m properly fueled at the start. Could also do the same thing with BeetElite, which is supposed to be taken no more than 60 minutes before starting – but the Vespa is liquid, and I don’t want to load too much. I plan to stop drinking any quantity (other than a mouthful or two at the start) as far ahead as possible given there’s no way there can be enough portajohns for 30,000 runners, especially if one of them is me. Only a few more times to play with this. Listened to:

  • Marathon Talk – among other fun, interview with a 21 year old British XC champ 
  • Trail Runner Nation with famous ultrarunner Pam Reed who is still racing amazingly well at 54. (role model!) She’s won Badwater 135 outright (beating my fave Dean Karnazes IIRC) and recently completed Arrowhead 135. She has more ultras and Ironman triathlons on her calendar this year as well as RD’ing the Tuscon Marathon (for many years) and holding a nice time at Boston! I read her book a couple of years ago, and I think this is her first podcast (or the first I’m aware of).

Wore the medium FlipBelt, 10 gels in it. Was much warmer in room (upper 50s, couldn’t get it colder) so I got hot – hot enough I never had to use my teeth to open a gel and all the ice in my water bottle melted, was barely cool by the time I was done.

Didn’t sleep well again Saturday night. (3rd week in a row!)

  • Sun – 3.2 miles, 1 mile inside warming up then 2.2 miles outside with the intent to do hill repeats. Felt decent enough on the walk and warmup mile. Didn’t quite realize how tired I was. Real limiter was ice/snow on streets and sidewalks. I was having to do all sorts of cuts up and down places I don’t usually run, and was concerned about not seeing small patches of ice. Took a lot of mental concentration and then when I did my two downhill reps, could feel I wasn’t really controlling my legs well enough, so headed home.

Bike: 60 min M, 45min F
Core: M & F
Arms: nope, just what I get via core (plank) work
Wharton flex:T, W, F 
Chiro exercises: Tuesday & Thursday! 
Coach Jay GSM routine: Tuesday & Thursday! Also did Myrtls after run Sat.
Other leg/body strength: know I threw in hamstring curls on the ball once if not twice, wore weight vest a couple hours Monday
Calf stretches: doing most days, but trigger point seems to help more than stretches
Walk: 15 min before runs (except Sunday, when it was 10 minutes)
Drills: before runs
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Sunday, some trigger point and rolling during the week

Hope your training is going well, have a great week!