Thankful Thursday 3/26/2015

Welcome to the Thankful Thursday list!

Grateful daily for these gifts, among many others:

  • My DH for his truly impressive patience with me and staunch support
  • My treadmill
  • YOU, with your wonderful, consistent support and encouragement through twitter, blog comments, emails, podcasts – I’m soaking it up, I assure you
  • My chiro, who is going out of his way to try to help me fix my head through whatever means he can devise – while ART’ing, e-stimming and Graston-ing cranky body parts, his office manager for her encouragement and my MT for physical, mental and emotional support
  • My tea
  • Books
  • My job and the resources and flexibility it provides me, as well as letting me do good and work with smart, funny, nice people
  • Contact lenses (though I need a stronger rx) – a marvel every morning
  • Heat (and air conditioning!)
  • The internet

And some extras of late

  • Flowers – I decided I needed some flowers to brighten the house (and my mood) and I haven’t gotten around to buying yellow flowers for my blue porch pots yet…while I was face down getting my hamstrings e-stim’d at the chiro on Tuesday, I had a vision of a bouquet, and Harris Teeter helped me execute it.
    irises and daisies

    irises and daisies

  • Future races – I’ve signed up for some races later this year, and am considering others. It gives me targets to plan for (which I enjoy) and lets me think about how to structure and layer in some of the training and life changes I want to make to get the improvements I seek along with increasing my enjoyment of the process and of my life in general. Yes, I’m already past when I should have started for some of it. 🙂 It helps to think across multiple years, but since improvement and training increases are gradual, there are a fair number of years involved. (good thing in some ways, challenge in others) As a saying goes “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the second best time is now.”
  • New running/training books – let the information gorging and training planning begin! (well, sort of – it can be a good distraction or a not good one, still much to do aside from the running to get ready for Boston)
  • Feeling useful at work
  • People who are experts in their field or elites who respond incredibly quickly to questions from regular folks like me
  • Things that make me laugh

What are you thankful for this week?