Thankful Thursday 3/19/2015

Welcome to this week’s Thankful Thursday list!

  • People who (patiently?) listen to my craziness about my training/race worries and woes and support me regardless:
    • DH, who has to listen to me more than anyone else….send some sympathy his way
    • my chiro (who says his job is to get me to “step away from the ledge”, so to speak, in these last pre-race weeks)
    • my chiro’s office manager – who is practically in tears she’s so excited for me to run Boston
    • my massage therapist
    • you blog readers and my tweeps – electronic pals new and old
  • Coaches and experts who answer questions for me – free, just because I asked and they’re nice and helpful – about training/racing – whether via twitter like Greg McMillan, Mark Hadley and Ian Sharman or via podcasts like Brenn and Gregg at Cloud259 and Tawnee & Lucho on Endurance Planet
  • That I have the resources and ability to pick up a phone, call a doctor’s office of my choosing and get an appointment (with a nurse practitioner) to get a relatively minor but concerning ear/sinus problem looked at quickly – I am so incredibly fortunate, and I know it
  • That the new jar of Nuttzo was good after I had one bad jar
  • Wednesday being ostrich burger and baked fries night
  • Amazon and the library – books are one of my security blankets
  • People who read my blog and comment – I really do appreciate you taking the time to do so!
  • Videos and pictures of cute fuzzy dogs, or even kittens, ducks, baby goats and the like in a pinch
  • Pictures of nature’s beauty
  • Anything that makes me laugh out loud (even if it’s a snort-laugh)
  • People who start and support campaigns like 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion – bloggers coming together monthly to write about compassion. One month I believe it was self-compassion, this month it’s about building from bullying, posts go up Friday. Follow them here.
  • The UN International Day of Happiness has come back around! Friday March 20th.

From the web site: This year, in honor of the United Nations International Day of Happiness, the UN Foundation and Pharrell Williams will drive supporters to sign the Live Earth Petition, rallying 1 billion people to demand world leaders to commit to tackling climate change at the climate summit in December, when leaders from every country will meet in Paris to make climate action a global priority. To protect people, we need to protect our planet. Climate change is a threat to people’s basic needs: water, food, shelter, and safety. It multiplies these threats, and exacerbates economic, social and environmental crises. – See more at:  

The UN Foundation is sponsoring Google Hangouts, Twitter chats and other activities, like this one. 5-6:00pm ET: Building a Happy Planet at the UN. Tune in for a livestreaming of Pharrell Williams, Philippe Cousteau, and Sylvia Earle engaging in a conversation with young scholars about building a happier planet, while also cultivating inner happiness.
Live Streamed on UN TV. – See more at:

If you’re into submitting photos/videos of yourself, you can even join the Dance Party (set, of course, to “Happy”). I remember watching the video created last year of people from all around the world dancing and singing to Happy. (I think the one I saw was from Europe, I recall a hotel staff that was really good!) The videos made me like the song…I even put it on my race playlist.

  • For a slightly different angle on the International Day of Happiness – there’s also this group….”For the International Day of Happiness 2015 we’re inviting everyone to focus on their connections with others.” They ask you to connect in person or electronically with one other person on Friday, and have a fun world map of people who’ve taken the pledge to do so! This group has an interesting web site and spreads a lot of positivity. I’m glad to be connected to you all!

What are you thankful for? How will you celebrate the International Day of Happiness?