Words Fail Me – Farewell Dad

My dad died last night up in New Hampshire.

He had been getting worse for a while, and didn’t really get over a bout with bronchitis last fall, which led to other problems. Things had gotten bad enough that we were able to get him hospice care starting a couple of weeks ago, which allowed him to stay in his assisted living situation and not have to worry about being hospitalized. However, we hadn’t expected things to happen so quickly. The staff called my sister, who lives only a few miles away, to say he was struggling with his breathing and they thought it might be the end. She rushed over but he was gone before she got there.

It’s been five years since my dad fell in my childhood home on Jan. 28, 2010. (I spent DC’s snowpocalypse in Chicago, my sister and I siting with him in ICU, then getting him into a nursing home/rehab.) We were incredibly lucky to be able to find him good living situations we could feel comfortable with both in Chicago and New Hampshire, where we moved him last April, thanks to my sister. We were lucky to be able to get him the best care possible, though his many conditions presented treatment challenges. We were fortunate we were able to feel that we were doing the best we could for him, even as the situation worsened. In the end, we were able to follow his wishes and I am grateful he didn’t go through a prolonged period of suffering.

I am not sure what or how often I’ll be posting for a bit, I think I’m kind of still in shock. I’ll probably still be on twitter on and off. I appreciate all your kind and supportive thoughts and words and your sympathy. Give your loved ones an extra hug and an “I love you” today in memory of my dad.