Weekend Update Feb 21-22, 2015

This post is part of Tara’s Weekend Update linkup – go see what everyone’s been up to. Been a while since I posted one of these.

8 weeks to the Boston Marathon – we’re well into single digits now….


Sat – 23 miles. 1 mile w/u then increased pace by 0.1 mi and repeated that increase every 3mi for rest of run – last 3 mi was at 34-47sec slower than MGP (depending on which pace I choose), then 1mi c/d. That 5% hill in the middle of mile 20 is definitely something I’ll be glad I’ve practiced. Good HR at the end. My feet were pretty sore at the end, suggesting I need to change shoes.

Listened to:

Wore the medium FlipBelt, 10 gels in it this time. Tolerable level of annoyance. Found myself reminded that when my hands are cold, I can’t open the gel packets, have to use my teeth which is pretty messy.  All GU day: Vanilla Bean mi 3.5, Salted Caramel mi 8, Vanilla Bean mi 12, StrawKiwi Roctane mi 16, BluePom Roctane mi 19.

Got up early but decided to try to start run later to inch closer to Boston start times. My guess is that I’ll be in the waves that start at 10:50 (second to last) or 11:15 (last), though I’d surely like to be in the 10:25 wave. I managed to start the run around 9:30. Progress. Just means I finish so late!

I had half a Hammer bar 90 minutes before starting the run. May need to move that earlier – eat half a bar quite early then maybe half an hour before. I was hungry and felt a little off on blood sugar starting the run, but did fine. Can’t sleep in as I imagine I’ll have to be up at 5AM on race day in order to get to whatever form of transportation I choose to get me to Hopkinton, where then I will wait with thousands of others.

It’s really starting to hit me just how different from any other race I’ve done Boston will be, in so many ways. (and looking at google street views of the course – more on that another time – reminds me that the start will be much more like Baystate’s in terms of small roads than like a big city marathon, which is how I think of Boston…good to figure this out now)

Sun – 4.5 easy recovery miles. Didn’t sleep well – had a really hard time falling asleep, couldn’t get my HR down (67 is too high for me to sleep) and was too warm because of the way our upstairs gets heated, so I didn’t even fall asleep until 1-2AM. Could have done more miles but decided not to. Felt yesterday’s run in some soreness, tightness but nothing unusual, L ham most cranky as seems to be the case. Listened to Another Mother Runner with Denise Dollar, the founder of Heart Strides, a non-profit helping mothers caring for critically ill or special needs children by providing them with running shoes (and maybe gear) and guidance. Heart Strides is now a non-profit partner of the AMR tribe! Wore my second-to-last pair of new Adrenaline 13s, definitely was time to change shoes. Looking at the numbers post-run, had 422.46 miles on the shoes I ran in Saturday and I usually change shoes between 300-350.


Sat  –

Got done with my run late – the last couple hours I got to watch the snow fall through the open window. After my Ultragen and coconut bread toast, puttered a bit then sat down with some kabocha and nut butter for a snack. But the afternoon flew by so quickly! I decided I wanted to take a quick Epsom salt bath and shower before dinner…..that’s when I determined the hot water had gone out. Yes, seriously…in the same week as the treadmill (fixed at least for now), the outlets (fixed at least for now), and the oven (still unusable, needs repairing or replacing). Let’s not forget the ongoing leaky toilet. The universe has an odd sense of humor. But, DH flipped a breaker and we gave it overnight just to allow for the possibility that the recent frigid cold (and associated very cold water) was too much for the heater to handle, and Sunday morning we had hot water again. I’m glad but it makes me nervous since I feel like I really don’t know what’s going on so it could happen again.

DH trudged through the 4-5″ of snow and the sleet to pick up pad Thai for himself and some summer rolls, and I made dinner out of a summer roll (rewrapped in my tapioca paper, without the rice vermicelli) and some rolls I made myself! Shredded carrots, cucumber, avocado and my tapioca paper – which I really like and which is much easier to work with than I recall rice paper being (thought you have to keep it very wet) – then a dipping sauce of coconut aminos, which I’m going through like you wouldn’t believe, and sunflower seed butter. We wound up starting so late we only watched two shows – back to back episodes of Arrow. Read some of a book on a TransEurope race while noshing on Arctic Zero – both chocolate and vanilla work very well with the frozen cherries from Costco, which I’m eating very quickly.

Sun – After my run, breakfasted on bacon and got my fix of coconut bread toast with manna, jam and honey. Cooked two kabocha in the microwave and fell prey to the temptation while I was packaging it up. Cooked some Brussels sprouts, then headed to my massage. After that pleasure, came back to finish prepping food for the workweek, or at least Monday. Sat down with another kabocha snack to try to catch up online including writing this post! Now, it’s dinnertime. We’re going to repeat last night’s meal and watch some TV. Probably will have some of the extra yummy potato chips tonight, just wasn’t in the mood last night.

Looks like a “regular” week – MWF in office, T/Th telework with my chiro appt. I’m waiting to hear back from the treadmill people about whether a ticking noise I noticed yesterday/today is a problem. I’m all for having them come out and replace the motor, board, etc. ASAP so I can stop being nervous about it! We also need to get the oven addressed. We don’t use it often, but we do miss our baked fries and it’s a lot easier to roast an oven full of veggies all at once than cook them in the microwave. This means getting a repairperson out, an estimate, then coordinating with our landlord  who thankfully will pay (though we have to take time off work or use telework for service appointments…we love our house, but we’ve had to do this for other things). So realistically, this could take few weeks. Sad face. Oh well, the treadmill is the most important thing. As long as that holds out (knock wood!) the rest is manageable – though I’m surely not looking to test that theory.

How was your weekend? Dealing with weird weather, house or life stuff on top of training?