Training Recap Wk of Feb 9, 2015

Boston is 9 weeks away as I write this (Monday around lunchtime) – hard to get my head around it, single digit weeks….scary!

Last week (and even the beginning of this week so far) I have still been quite tired, despite efforts to get more sleep (go to bed earlier and sleep later). I took M-W off work, teleworked Thursday and was convinced by my boss to take Friday and Tuesday off as well. Sleep has been very challenging….the pattern seems to be one decent night followed by a bad night of insomnia, frequent waking, upsetting dreams. (except for Sat/Sun which were both poor, ugh)

We had huge winds and temperature drops overnight Saturday, which didn’t help my sleep. It also seems to have taken out 4 outlets on one outside wall and our oven (no ignition, no sound of gas, but can still use the burners). So, we need an electrician. (on top of needing a plumber for the leaky toilet in my bath that makes it virtually unusable….) Had to cook kabocha in the microwave (which didn’t get blown, yay, but had to be moved…a bit of unwelcome chaos in the kitchen) and bummer of no baked fries this week.

Then, Sunday morning as I went to warm up for my run……my treadmill died. Belt wouldn’t move at all. You can begin to imagine what this did to my mood and stress level, major freakout time.

I found a place in Maryland that services my treadmill (Landice, under lifetime warranty) sent them email and called AND they called me back on Sunday (!), asked questions about the problem, and said they’d send folks today. The woman also said that since Landice would have to send parts/approve warranty repair, I should look for other treadmills for a bit. (She understood how important it was to me and said they’d do everything they could but they couldn’t speed up getting parts if needed.) Sunday was spent trying to calm myself down, calling local gyms to find three day trial passes – there are 4 near me – thinking about which days I could go into the office to use the gym treadmills,  and trying to figure out how to make it all work for the next week or two. I even contemplated how fast I could get a new treadmill into the house. Hours of new stress I didn’t need piled on…..

Two treadmill service guys arrived promptly at 9am on Monday, and managed to diagnose the problem – motor brushes. AND they had two replacements on the truck, what an unexpected gift!

They replaced the brushes, cleaned and lubed the unit, and got it running. They said it should be fine to get me to Boston but suggested I set up an appointment at a convenient time when they could replace the motor and the board, both of which were okay for a while (but could be replaced pre-failure given technician assessment). These guys too understood how important getting my treadmill working was to me.

I almost cried when the belt started moving again, DH saw that moment hit me. The overwhelming relief actually kind of drained me, made me tired (on top of poor sleep for a couple nights and the other life events…).

No, I didn’t immediately get on it and run. I wanted to, I really thought about it, but Monday is a XT day and I decided to take that on top of yesterday’s rest/XT and let it be. Maybe yesterday’s one extra day of rest will help my legs somehow and kick my training into another gear for Boston. Cross your fingers. No, really, I can use all the help I can get!

Run: 39.2 miles (below 40, shudder, trying to just roll with it, extra recovery, right?)

  • T – 9mi:  2mi of w/u at increasing paces, 1/2 Salted Caramel GU then 4mi at MGP (rest of Gu at mi 3 of set). Quite hard, not sure I could have gone further – best toward end of 1st mi of set, then 3mi cool. Felt hot during the pace segment. Afterward, having breakfast and reading online, had my first visual migraine. Very scary. I’m putting it down to stress.
  • W – 8.1mi: 1mi w/u then ran the rest at ~90s slower than goal pace. Should have been easier than it was. Made myself NOT look at the clock/mileage on the treadmill the whole time (this was quite tough).
  • Th – 9mi: supposed to be speed intervals – 3mi increasing pace warmup (Vanilla GU at 2.5), tried first interval but no way upper L ham was going that fast, had to drop back till I found a speed that didn’t bother it there (just both hams lower down, more normal) which turned out to be 26s slower than MGP, not faster as should be with intervals. Argh. Did 5.5mi at that pace, taking 2nd Vanilla GU at 6.35. (McMillan considers this pace a “steady state” pace, part of the stamina grouping of paces.) This felt harder than it should have, and I felt a bit wonky. Not sure I should have needed that second packet of GU. HR higher at end of run than I’d prefer. Didn’t sleep well W night, this was first day back at work (telework) also, so I was up earlier than in prior days. Felt kind of woozy after run. Had a massage at end of day.
  • F – Didn’t run. Too wiped. 30 min on bike. Thursday night, I dreamed I was running the last 6.2 of a marathon in a city, down a hill then into a parking garage and up and around many many levels against streams of ppl (it was all going to be those uphill garage loops to the end). In the evening, had unpleasant GERD/indigestion and soreness in my back from massage (this happened again after my Sat massage, think there’s parts of my back that just don’t like the massage much as they need it)
  • Sat – 13.1mi: plan said 90 min progression run (whether I looked at 4-5/wk or 6-7/wk plans…) But that seemed too short for me in my anxious state, so I decided I wold allow myself to run 90min – 2 hours, cutting it short if I was too tired or sore or such. 2mi warmup, then increased the pace every 2 miles (last 2 miles 13s slower than MGP), 1.1 mi cooldown. Took Vanilla GU mi 3.5, Salted Caramel 6.5 or so, Blue-Pom Roctane 9.5 or so. HR at end was fine. Had to grab some food and rush to massage.

I listened to Marathon Talk. (Tom’s back from his California holiday!) If you’ve been reading the story in the news in the last week or so about a study saying “faster jogging” is bad for you, you definitely need to listen to this ep starting at 37 minutes in. Tom’s Dad is a big stats guy, lots of experience in epidemiology and medicine stats and he goes through the study info in detail. If you’re not going to listen on a run, pull the dropbox document linked with the podcast and look at the charts while he talks. Very interesting, well done explanation.

Saturday night, tuned in to watch Bernard Lagat break the 40+ indoor mile world record at Millrose!

  • Sun – No miles. See above. I biked for 30min, wore my new 10# weight vest for 3 hours including when I did this jump rope routine (that’ll get your heart rate up and tire your legs out!) and did a few squats and wall sits.

Bike: 30 min Sun
Core: W, F
Arms: don’t think I did them at all
Wharton flex: M,T (not good)
Chiro exercises: Th – full set of Ohnos/skaters, 10 leapfrogs, 10 double leg and single leg squats with improved form!
Coach Jay GSM routine: Myrtl stretches W, Sat; Th did LC #1 & Myrtls incl leg
Other leg/body strength: Hamstring ball curls T, W, Th – straight leg bridge on ball W, Th. Did a few squats Sun w/ weight vest, 1 wall sit.
Calf stretches: managing these daily I think, but calves continue to be tight
Walk: 15 min before runs, 30 min on Monday in Asics
Drills: before runs
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Th & Sat.

Hang in there everybody, especially those training for Boston or training in New England!