Training Recap – Week of Feb 16, 2015

Boston is less than 8 weeks away. It doesn’t quite seem real yet except for the increasing frequency of emails from the BAA and the bursts of nerves. Twitter discussions re what can be carried on the buses, the bus trip and other details of Boston veterans’  experiences are starting to help it sink in.

What I think will make it a bit more real for me is the Boston Marathon course views from Trainer View. (I can’t find a DVD of the course anywhere…the company Outside Interact that used to sell DVDs of such things has gone all ipad/app and my old iPad won’t handle it.)

I heard about Trainer View through the Zen & the Art of Triathlon podcast – Brett, the host, RAVED about it, uses it for indoor cycling training (often viewing other countries) and has even had the developer on as a guest. Started for cyclists, the site stitches together Google street views along a route and allows you to play/view the route at your chosen speed. There are multiple Boston Marathon course selections on the site! The developer even tweaked it when I emailed to ask if the playback could go down into running speed instead of just cycling speed. It works on computers, iPads and even iPhones (at least it did till my phone choked on the internet momentarily). My iPad is too old to handle it, so I plan to use my iPhone on some treadmill runs to follow the course and watch it multiple times on my computer. You can get a lot of the features free, but the Pro subscription ($12 a year) lets you bookmark, pause and some other things.

Note – I have tried this site/product a few times and plan to continue using it. I can’t say it’s perfect and I can’t go into detail on use, flaws, etc. as I am still pretty new to it. It seems to suit my purposes. I’ll grant you the slideshow nature of it can be a bit tough to look at – especially on an iPhone balanced on a treadmill as I run – but it is helpful and the developer is working on a product that might smooth it out some. It’s already showed me that the beginning of the race is on smaller roads than I had been imagining, working on wrapping my head around that.

I am NOT affiliated with the the Trainer View developer, or his company, or with Brett (other than listening to his podcast). I don’t benefit in any way if you use it – but if you try it and it helps you, I’d love to hear about it because I truly enjoy helping other runners. I am just sharing the info because it’s cool and you might think so too.

Good news: the lovely treadmill service people fixed my treadmill Monday.

Less good: it started making a somewhat speed-dependent ticking noise, noted after my run Saturday and at the beginning of my run Sunday.

Good news: after some back-and-forth emails with the treadmill service people, they recommended I be the only one to run on it for the time being (sorry DH) and ordered a new motor, board and walking belt from the mfr. Hopefully they’ll be able to come out next week and replace all those parts and get everything back in the utmost spiffy condition for the last weeks of Boston training.

In other news, we seem to have hot water back – knock wood, an appliance repair guy is coming Wed to look at the stove – which I fully expect will need replacement, and I’m tolerating the leaky toilet in my bathroom as long as I can. Priorities – treadmill first.

Run: 53 miles – back over 50, woot!

  • T – 11mi with 8mi at potential MGP. Tough but I got it done. I’m trying to figure out if the pace I’d initially targeted for myself is really too ambitious, so this is a bit pulled back from that “super ambitious” pace to “ambitious”. Since I need lots of miles at MGP (or slightly faster when I do speedwork), it needs to be a faster pace I CAN maintain, not just one I WANT to be able to maintain. (Long-time readers may recall me going through this prior to Baystate – wasn’t any happier about it then, but there’s no point hurting myself if the pace my mind wants isn’t yet in my body. I’ll push to get faster, but it may not be in the huge leaps I’d prefer.)
  • W – 5.5 “easy” pace miles
  • Th – 9mi with 6 x (0.5 at “super ambitious” pace, 0.25 jog). Again, tough but I got it done.
  • Sat – 23 miles. 1 mile w/u then increased pace by 0.1 mi and repeated that increase every 3mi for rest of run – last 3 mi was at 34-47sec slower than MGP (depending on which pace I choose), then 1mi c/d. That 5% hill in the middle of mile 20 is definitely something I’ll be glad I’ve practiced. Good HR at the end. My feet were pretty sore at the end, suggesting I need to change shoes.Listened to:

    Wore the medium FlipBelt, 10 gels in it this time. Tolerable level of annoyance. Found myself reminded that when my hands are cold, I can’t open the gel packets, have to use my teeth which is pretty messy.  All GU day: Vanilla Bean mi 3.5, Salted Caramel mi 8, Vanilla Bean mi 12, StrawKiwi Roctane mi 16, BluePom Roctane mi 19.

    Got up early but decided to try to start run later to inch closer to Boston start times. My guess is that I’ll be in the waves that start at 10:50 (second to last) or 11:15 (last), though I’d surely like to be in the 10:25 wave. I managed to start the run around 9:30. Progress. Just means I finish so late!

    I had half a Hammer bar 90 minutes before starting the run. May need to move that earlier – eat half a bar quite early then maybe half an hour before. I was hungry and felt a little off on blood sugar starting the run, but did fine. Can’t sleep in as I imagine I’ll have to be up at 5AM on race day in order to get to whatever form of transportation I choose to get me to Hopkinton, where then I will wait with thousands of others.

    It’s really starting to hit me just how different from any other race I’ve done Boston will be, in so many ways.

  • Sun – 4.5 easy recovery miles. Didn’t sleep well – had a really hard time falling asleep, couldn’t get my HR down (67 is too high for me to sleep) and was too warm because of the way our upstairs gets heated, so I didn’t even fall asleep until 1-2AM. Could have done more miles but decided not to. Felt yesterday’s run in some soreness, tightness but nothing unusual, L ham most cranky as seems to be the case. Listened to Another Mother Runner with Denise Dollar, the founder of Heart Strides, a non-profit helping mothers caring for critically ill or special needs children by providing them with running shoes (and maybe gear) and guidance. Heart Strides is now a non-profit partner of the AMR tribe! Wore my second-to-last pair of new Adrenaline 13s, definitely was time to change shoes. Looking at the numbers post-run, had 422.46 miles on the shoes I ran in Saturday and I usually change shoes between 300-350.

Bike: 30 min M, F
Core: M usual routine, W & F added in some moves from Carrie Tollefson (once I watched the first video, which I got in an email from her, I also went and looked at more videos on her youtube channel – fun!)
Arms: nope
Wharton flex: W-F 
Chiro exercises: Thurs after run
Coach Jay GSM routine: Thurs after run – did Myrtls after runs Th, Sat, Sun
Other leg/body strength: a few lower body leg lifts, ham curls & supermans on my big inflatable ball
Calf stretches: daily
Walk: 15 min before runs
Drills: before runs
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Sun

Hope your training is going well, have a great week!