Thankful Thursday 2/5/2015

I decided to do something a little different today, so it’s Thankful Thursday!

As you’ll know if you read the blog or follow my tweets, my runs haven’t been all I’d like lately, I’m concerned about training, obsessing about boards under my treadmill and my eating habits, and I’ve got some family stuff going on that’s a bit of stress on me. One of the ways I deal with times like these is looking for the good.

Below is a fairly random list, in no order, of things big and small for which I’ve been thankful lately. Items may overlap in one way or another.  This list isn’t meant to be all inclusive or mean I’m not thankful for things that I don’t list – neither of us have time for the near-infinite list of things I’m thankful for! – it’s just a snapshot. Enjoy, and perhaps make your own list…

  • Frozen wild blueberries that taste like a really good jam or cobbler, fragrant with summer
  • Getting a handwritten thank you note from the leader of a team I worked with last year on a challenging “job”, all the way from Chicago
  • Seeing adorable moppets from the day care center at work when the elevator doors opened yesterday, prompting the gentleman in the elevator with me to relate his conversation with a couple of them earlier where he’d learned they were “TWO!” from them holding up their fingers, as children do, and seeing him mimic them to explain it to me
  • My chiro and his new office manager
  • The elderly couple I met at the chiro, she with a walker, he bent over, both moving slowly – they took the time to listen to the office manager brag about me going to Boston, and turns out the man lived in Cambridge until he was 10 (still has the accent) and we chatted a bit
  • The nice young woman trying to help me in the supplements aisle in the health food store
  • Genuinely nice co-workers who are a pleasure to talk to
  • Having more than one bathroom so we don’t have to get the toilet leak addressed immediately (as long as I’m willing to trek to another bathroom)
  • Wool running socks on cold days
  • Books – whether purchased or library, physical or Kindle, even when I can’t find just the right one, I can find somethng
  • Anne Lamott
  • Kindness, big or small, whether it’s directed at me or I just learn about it
  • Being able to help someone in any way
  • Being able to make someone laugh or feel better, even if just for a moment
  • Feeling heard and understood
  • The support of my tweeps and blog readers
  • Things to look forward to, soon and not so – track meets and races I’ll watch on the web, a three-day weekend, potential future races
  • Possibilities
  • Hope
  • Seeing runners on my way to and from work
  • People walking dogs, especially small fluffy dogs
  • Crayola-bright flowers from last weekend, still hanging in there
  • New fun badges for my RoadID
  • Hearing the birds again in the morning and evening
  • New podcast episodes and new podcasts
  • Knowing that Friday brings Chinese and TV, and Saturday my long run
  • Finding inspiration in books and quotes
  • Things on the internet that make me laugh
  • Fleece
  • Pink clouds at sunset

That’s enough for this installment.

What’s on your #thankfulThursday list?