Thankful Thursday 2/19/2015 & Things I’m Looking Forward To

Welcome to another #thankfulThursday!

Here’s the list of the moment

  • My treadmill!! (and the wonderful folks who responded to my distress call and got it running for me after it died on Sunday)
    my beloved Landice L8

    my beloved Landice L8

  • That even though the oven and 4 nearest outlets don’t work – happened overnight Saturday – the microwave (plugged in elsewhere) and stovetop burners still do. Managed to cook 3 kabocha in the microwave.
  • Heat in my house
  • Electric blanket (thanks to MIL!) keeping me snug while I read in the evening
  • Books and videos about far-flung races and places enticing me, distracting me, making me think and dream
  • Libraries – electronic and otherwise – so easy to satisfy an itch to know more about almost anything with no cost or commitment. Just found out today our local library has a garden tool checkout program – not what I think of with a library, but I can see where they’re going and it’s kinda cool.
  • Coconut manna – really loving this lately on coconut bread toast with various jams and honey, or on kabocha…had to buy more!
    coconut manna

    coconut manna

  • Blue sky and sunshine on new-fallen snow….and for my DH who dug out my car and shoveled before I had my chiro appointment
  • Being able to help people in any way, big or small – especially those who are trying to do good for others or who are having a tough time
  • The internet, again, yet, still
  • Mail, UPS and FedEx – I order things and they magically show up at my door…seriously, how cool is that?!
  • Strawberry chocolate tea, yum

Bonus – there’s a great “Ten on Tuesday” blog prompt/linkup I found through Sprite Writes. The Tuesday part conflicts with my regular training recap post, but I liked this week’s prompt – Ten Things I’m Looking Forward To – so I decided to throw it in today’s post. My sister would love this topic.

I’m looking forward to:

  • Working a puzzle with DH – his parents and my sister are “puzzlers” and we thought it might be a fun activity to do together, whether in concentrated bursts or by each of us working it when we have a minute
puzzle - Norway fjord

puzzle – Norway fjord

  • Following my tweeps who are racing this weekend, whether at the Disney Princess races, the Tokyo Marathon or ultras. Have a great race!
  • Listening to new podcast episodes, like one from Runner’s Connect with Margaret Webb, whose Older, Faster, Stronger I have read multiple times and rec’d, perhaps a Ginger Runner with Ellie Greenwood talking about Comrades (ep 45 avail in iTunes and on youtube), maybe Greg McMillan on Surviving the Race (Marathon) Freakout on Trail Runner Nation. (I have the e-book.)
  • My long run
  • Reading Running Times after my long run this weekend
  • Potato chips while watching TV on Saturday night
  • Wearing the SmartWool compression socks that I ordered from an sale (yes!) which showed up today…very comfy, nice compression. I’ll mostly wear them for work/day wear but I probably could run in them if need be (DH has).
  • Following Mark Hines (love his MdS, Jungle Marathon, Yukon Arctic Ultra books) & David Johnston at the Iditarod Trail Invitational that starts 3/1
  • Looking at travel guides (or watching travel DVDs) – fun, interesting, I learn a lot whether or not I ever go to those places
  • Watching Meb and others at the NYC Half Marathon on 3/15 (via web feed) and Meb’s book, coming out April 7 (I preordered when it was announced!)

What are you thankful for, and what are you looking forward to?
I hope both lists are long!