Thankful Thursday 2/26/2015

Here’s the thankful Thursday list of the moment!

  • My sister is passing through town on the way to visit friends and I’ll get to see her (& my BIL) for a few hours after my long run Saturday!
  • The oven was fixable (igniter) so….baked fries and roasted kabocha return
  • Arctic Zero (especially yummy with frozen cherries) – shouldn’t be eating it, but right now it’s a lesser evil
  • That meetings at work where people seek out and listen to others’ opinions are the norm, the expectation
  • Compliments on my work from people I work with
  • The kindness of colleagues & co-workers expressed in sympathy cards, emails and visits/calls
  • Podcasts (though I continue to fall further behind as they seem to be releasing more often these days and having more interesting guests and topics)
  • People’s faith in me and my abilities and dedication – my chiro, my tweeps and blog readers, friends and family…..even (especially) when I’m not always feeling it myself
  • Finding new books to read
  • Coconut manna, kabocha, jam, honey and nut butter! (and baked chips….)
  • Finding another new tea I like
    Double Dark Chocolate Mate tea

    Double Dark Chocolate Mate tea

What’s on your #thankfulThursday list this week?