Thankful Thursday 2/12/2015

I think another installment of various things I’m thankful for is in order this week……

  • my DH – for everything….and on top of his regular and extra support of late, brought me two different bouquets last Sunday – one of yellow tulips to go with our cheery yellow kitchen and make it feel “spring-ier” (hope they last through the cold snap) and one with some lush beautiful red roses that have kept me company next to my laptop all week – he has been so understanding and kind
  • my sister – for being not only my sister but my friend, and someone I can say crazy or weird or inappropriate things to, knowing she’ll get it and not think less of me
  • my dear friend K – for making time to talk to me despite kids, work, school, time zone differences and a schedule that tires me out just to see
  • my twitter buds and blog readers  – your support and kind words of sympathy, understanding and encouragement mean a great deal to me, and give me some solace and comfort
  • that I am lucky enough to be able to take a few days off work, though I’m still reeling a bit
  • finding a new jar of coconut manna hidden in a cupboard, since no store here carries my fave brand anymore and I’ll have to order online
  • getting huge jars of my variety of Nuttzo at Costco cheaper than the smaller jars! (thanks to DH’s keen powers of observation for seeing it)
  • going out for tea with DH
  • my massage therapist, chiro and office manager – there for me in so many ways
  • sunshine
  • pictures of cute fluffy dogs (and penguins in sweaters) – keep ’em coming!
  • shows on DVR, Netflix, Amazon Prime
  • anything that makes me laugh for even a moment
  • SmartWool compression socks
  • podcasts
  • my Kindle and e-books about far-off races (also starting to revisit my mental training books….going to need some help in that area)
  • chocolate Arctic Zero with frozen cherries (yes, I went back to it, at least for a bit)
  • watching replays of Bernard Lagat and Jenny Simpson at New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, loved the Cooldown post-race interviews too!
  • video interviews with cool runners like Magdalena Boulet (another role model)
  • discovering that hamstring curls on the inflatable ball help my cranky hams
  • having things to look forward to like watching Lagat in the mile at the Millrose Games (taping it since it’s Valentine’s Day evening)
  • inspiring people/runners like Gilbert Tuhabonye (“met” him in Kristin Armstrong’s Mile Markers book) – a living reminder to “run with joy”

What’s on your #thankfulThursday list?