Weekend Update Jan 24-25, 2015

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Sat – 18 miles Listened to Marathon Talk (Lorraine Moller part 2), Runners Connect with Masters runner Kathy Martin, and Runner Academy with Peter Sagal – yes, THAT Peter Sagal, of NPR’s Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and Runner’s World. He lives in my hometown! Wore my FlipBelt again, 9 gels in it this time. Tried to add a Hammer flask of water and the belt started pulling down even more, so I took it out. It still didn’t bounce. Next weekend, I’ll try the medium I bought. Tried GU Root Beer (tasted just like root beer barrel candy) and Salted Watermelon (tasted like a slightly bitter Jolly Rancher) flavors. Neither likely to displace one of my favorites, but tolerable taste-wise and ok on my stomach.

Sun – 5.51 miles, 5.01 of that outside so I could run some hills! Yes, I know many of you only run outside, but it’s a quasi-big deal that I went outside. Walked 15 min inside on treadmill, then did half a mile at recovery pace on the treadmill to make sure my sore and tired legs would not be trying to actively hurt me if I went outside. (felt like they were out to get me during the walk) Took 2t of my EFS gel before I headed out. The pace of my run wasn’t stellar (no surprise) but Garmin showed my cadence not to be too shabby. I like downhills better than uphills, and think I run them better in general. But I need MUCH more practice on both!

Boston is only 12 weeks away. Before then I need a lot of hill work, miles at/above goal pace & a combo of the two on tired legs so I can run my best from Hopkinton through the finish line.


Still staying off the scale. Still under stress and craving chocolate. Also this week,craving vinegar and pickles (no, that’s not it, promise). Intrigued by this post from the smart, funny, cool, nice ultrarunner Carilyn Johnson on cravings, eating and how we develop our relationships with food. Got in touch with her about my current cravings and she said perhaps I was low in magnesium and iron (chocolate) and salt post-ultra, though I’m usually good at supplementing.

I’m trying to balance what I want to eat with what I should eat. Still struggling with stress eating right now (when my appetite isn’t gone…the middle ground is elusive), and missing the treats I let myself have. I keep thinking “well, you could have this….”

Sat  –

Didn’t get done with my run till quite late (12:30), so it was hard to decide if/what to eat after my Ultragen. Didn’t have much appetite but it didn’t seem wise to go all the way to dinner without eating anything else.

Eventually (3pm) I sat down with this snack of coconut paleo bread, peanut-free Nuttzo, TJ’s raspberry jam, and Nutiva coconut manna. Yum.

coco paleo bread, nuttzo, raspberry jam, coco manna

coco paleo bread, nuttzo, raspberry jam, coco manna

and some reading

Jan/Feb Marathon & Beyond, Running Times, and Jan UltraRunning

Jan/Feb Marathon & Beyond, Running Times, and Jan UltraRunning

Dinner was homemade – by me – pad Thai (with Miracle Noodles fettucini) with the leftovers of my steamed chicken and veg, some added WF grilled chicken breast, shredded cabbage and carrots and some bean sprouts. I topped my portion with my usual Coconut Aminos and sunflower seed butter, DH opted for some of the jar of pad Thai sauce (I tried it, didn’t like the taste). We watched DVR’d episodes of Grimm and Person of Interest and a DVD ep of Hawaii Five-O. Tried Cape Cod mesquite BBQ potato chips (quite good). Then I tried this yummy (and very pricey) new treat:

LaLoo's Vanilla Snowflake goat's milk ice cream

LaLoo’s Vanilla Snowflake goat’s milk ice cream

DH said it reminded him of Blue Bell Vanilla (for fellow Midwesterners/Yankees, that’s a fave brand in the South). I think that’s probably due to the egg yolks. It did not have any of the goat “tang” of goat cheese or yogurt, just a rich custardy vanilla flavor.

When I was reading later in the evening, I tried cookies from Out of the Box bakery, a new-to-me Paleo bakery DH found in the newspaper. They have no storefront, so I included a trek down to Misha’s coffeehouse in Old Town to my errands on Friday…after calling to make sure they had the product. (By the way, Misha’s Route 66 blend is quite good if you like a French Roast and is sold at multiple stores.) But back to the cookies, which have an almond flour base. The ginger was only ok, I took a bit and put it back in the fridge and may not finish it. The chocolate chip was pretty decent, Toll House-ish, and I ate half the cookie. I’d like to try their cupcakes and other products, but can only get them by special order so I’d have to get 6 of the same flavor cupcake without even knowing if I’d like it. Not sure about that, definitely sub-optimal.

I was still hungry, so I made a small serving of bananas and nut butter to complete my snacking. (didn’t eat more chips, a small triumph)

I’m trying to hold off reverting to Arctic Zero (off it since 12/1), but everything else is more money and more calories, so it’s tough going right now especially with stress and chocolate cravings.

Sun –

Post-run, DH made an egg white scramble with zucchini (I topped my half with a bit of goat cheese). I followed that with a couple of slices of paleo bread with coconut manna and raspberry jam. Made some of Tina‘s chocolate chia pudding with no banana and chocolate almond milk, though I wound up using more almond milk than I was supposed to, so tossed in another 1/2T of chia. Still quite liquidy, I may just have to pour off the excess. Seems to me cocoa powder used to blend easier, but maybe it’s been so long I’ve forgotten….it sits on top of the liquid and is quite hard to blend by just stirring.

Had my massage, a welcome break. Came back to snack on some kabocha and nuttzo, write this post and do some reading before dinner. The weather forecast has changed, making Tuesday morning look worse than Monday so I may get into the office Monday after all. (one more bad weather Tuesday, when I have my chiro appt – this has been going on for a year, more often than not….no longer amusing)

This week, in theory, will be more of a regular schedule, but of course that’s always subject to…..everything.

How was your weekend?