Weekend Update – Jan 17-18, 2015

This post is part of Tara’s Weekend Update linkup – check out her site to see what everyone’s been up to! (Feel a little rusty at this, the last one was a month ago! )


Sat – 13.5 miles in the “easy pace” zone. (not to say it felt easy) No gel. Used Vespa again before run. Listened to my beloved Marathon Talk and an episode of Athlete on Fire with ultrarunner/RD Michele Yates. Would have preferred 16, but for many reasons, didn’t seem wise and surely didn’t feel like I should go further. Wore my new fluorescent yellow FlipBelt (gift from MIL). Got a large because I knew I’d wear it on my hips. It didn’t bounce – with 8 GUs in it! – but did start to slide…down! Might need to try a medium.

Sun – 6.2 miles, recovery pace.  Listened to the first Tina Muir-hosted Runners Connect podcast, with one of my all-time faves Dave McGillivray. Give it a listen. Tina’s really been ramping up the RC social media presence and is extremely (and quickly) responsive to requests and feedback. Felt a little better overall than yesterday, still stiff and sore. Obviously my slacking on things like Whartons, rolling, etc. must stop.

A little concerned, frustrated, miffed (you get the gist) that I’m now 3 weeks past the 50k and not feeling “better”. The third week after Baystate and Richmond, I was able to do some quality/speedwork. This past week, no way.

I have a new theory….perhaps the number of weeks post-race till you can do a quality run is the number of hours you raced divided by 2. I made that up to make myself feel better in comparing my recovery (brain saying “it was just 5 more miles, why is this going so slowly?!”) so we’ll see if it holds. Expectations are so much a part of the game.

(Life lesson: If you’re disappointed, you had expectations – whether you were aware of it or not.)

DH points out that the 50k wasn’t an isolated effort, it was my 3rd marathon distance in 71 days, and that probably matters. Further, it’s unclear whether my 2 weeks off Paleo hurt or helped in any way other than weight – could that be affecting my recovery or my training? Who knows. Or could the first week back on Paleo have been tougher for me? Who knows.


I REALLY want to get on the scale but I know it would be a bad number, and I’d rather the treadmill numbers of speed & distance improve, frankly. Or so I keep telling myself. Struggling with some stress and emotional eating right now, and missing all the treats I let myself have.

Sat  – Friday night brought a stomach ache and some nasty nightmares. (have some family stuff going on that’s spiked the stress meter way up there) Even “sleeping in” didn’t help. I was groggy, sore, tired.

Started run late so didn’t even eat until noon. Managed to finish Runner’s World and look at a few web sites/blogs (soooo behind) but mostly was feeling exhausted and almost falling asleep in the chair. Waiting for the phone to ring wasn’t helping.

Finally around 4, DH and I walked over to a nearby grocery store to pick up a couple of things and to the handy local running store branch to pick up a couple of PowerGels for me to practice with. That’s what’s on course at Boston, and they’re gluten free, so I want to try at least one of each flavor to see if there are any I can’t tolerate. I plan to carry all my own gel (leaning toward all GU, have to try the flask with my new FlipBelt) but I want to know whether or not I *could* take one at mile 17 just in case.

Dinner was some reheated pork BBQ from a local place along with some “salad rolls” from the grocery (a place that uses tapioca paper instead of rice paper!).We watched a Blacklist ep, The Flash and a DVD ep of Hawaii Five-O. Some baked BBQ potato chips and goat yogurt (yes, dairy, see what I mean?) were also eaten, then later frozen bananas and nut butter, part of my last bag of yuca puffs and some chocolate sorbet. As I said, stress and emotional eating. (craving chocolate – frosting, chips, cookies – when it was never a thing for me before)

Sun – Still tired but at least no nightmares. Felt slightly less ugh that yesterday but still in than zone. Watched the Half Marathon Championships online before and during my warmup (thanks USATF!) so I got started a little late.

Post-run, DH made a scramble with zucchini and bacon. So I had a huge breakfast of that, asparagus, a few strips of bacon, paleo bread and jam, then some kabocha and nut butter. I oven-roasted a small kabocha, spaghetti squash and some diced butternut squash for the week (hoping to re-create the kale/butternut/cranberry holiday salad).

Had my massage at 2:30 – definitely in need some stress relief. Whiplash from the family stress roller coaster is pretty real – and I’m still runner sore. Also, my MT is a friend and it’s always great to chat with her. She gives me such a different perspective and wonderful support.

Stopped by the grocery store and scored another tapioca paper salad roll (veggie only, mislabeled as California)

tapioca paper salad roll

tapioca paper salad roll

and some of our fave Heinz Organic Ketchup (the best, rec though it’s a small bottle for $3)

Heinz organic ketchup

Heinz organic ketchup

Still having chocolate cravings. Resisted buying chocolate frosting, bought some 80 calorie fudge coconut milk frozen bars instead. (there are only 4 in the box – ridiculously expensive though – I love old style fudgesicles and would buy them if ingredients worked)

coconut fudge bars

coconut fudge bars

This week, Monday is a holiday! (yessss!) I’m looking forward to that AND to a pair of Karhu shoes I ordered showing up. (yes, having returned 7 more pairs of failed shoe candidates, I’m willing to try almost anything even if it’s out of the mainstream.) Tuesday is telework and chiro, Wednesday in the office, Thursday telework and haircut, Friday my semi-annual dental appointment in the morning, probably taking the whole day off work. I suspect I’ll appreciate that extra time – and yes, I know I’m super lucky to be able to take time that way. (I may be venting about some stuff, but I do realize how lucky I am, and I’m grateful every day.)

How was your weekend?