Training Recap – Wk of Jan 19, 2015

The training week – though not everything I’d wanted (and fingers crossed, knock wood) was “directionally correct” as DH would say.

Breaking-ish news – on Monday 1/26, PowerBar confirmed to me via tweet that they are no longer a sponsor at Boston this year. The Boston Marathon folks (not surprisingly) haven’t responded to my tweet asking who will be providing gel or when they will tell us – I’m sure a press release is imminent, and they will do things on their schedule. But it does mean I don’t have to keep training with PowerBar gel, which I didn’t like much. (see text I left in re Saturday’s run) I’m hoping for GU, which I plan to carry and know I can use. Clif is a no-go for me (not gluten-free).

Run: 52.01 miles – over 50 miles, woot!

  • T – 11 miles, 3 miles warmup, 8 miles at 40s/mi slower than goal pace. Quite hot during run, high HR at end plus plenty of soreness and complaining from various body parts. Tried Caramel Macchiato GU (not bad, tastes like Rio coffee candy TJ’s sells).
  • W – 7 miles recovery/easy pace, 3 mi at 0% to take some load of my hamstrings and train the quads a bit. Better HR. Soreness in L foot/arch/PTT. Thinking the orthotics/shoes are getting older but the shoes only have ~200 miles on them.
  • Th – 10.5 miles, 3 miles warmup, 5 mi increasing pace by 0.1mph each mile, 2 miles cooldown then 5x20s strides. Another warmer run but HR better at end. Tried Vanilla PowerGel since that was to be (?) one of the offerings on the Boston course according to the “along the course” page of race website. As of Sunday 1/25, I see this may no longer be the case, it’s not on the “along the course” page now and PowerBar is no longer on the sponsor page of the race web site. The Vanilla had an unpleasant tang to it and was quite liquidy (which you’d think would be easier as my EFS is liquidy, but it’s in a flask). Managed to stretch it out for two servings but only because I could prop it on the treadmill. Stomach seemed to take it ok. I have a Strawberry Banana to try also, not looking forward to it. I feel like I should try every flavor that will be available just to get a sense whether it’d be worth trying in a pinch but I really don’t want to. Liking my GU.
  • Sat – 18 miles Listened to Marathon Talk (Lorraine Moller part 2), Runners Connect with Masters runner Kathy Martin, and Runner Academy with Peter Sagal – yes, THAT Peter Sagal, of NPR’s Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and Runner’s World. He lives in my hometown! Wore my FlipBelt again, 9 gels in it this time. Tried to add a Hammer flask of water and the belt started pulling down even more, so I took it out. It still didn’t bounce. Next weekend, I’ll try the medium I bought. Tried GU Root Beer (tasted just like root beer barrel candy) and Salted Watermelon (tasted like a slightly bitter Jolly Rancher) flavors. Neither likely to displace one of my favorites, but tolerable taste-wise and ok on my stomach.
  • Sun – 5.51 miles, 5.01 of that outside so I could run some hills! Yes, I know many of you only run outside, but it’s a quasi-big deal that I went outside. Walked 15 min inside on treadmill, then did half a mile at recovery pace on the treadmill to make sure my sore and tired legs would not be trying to actively hurt me if I went outside. (felt like they were out to get me during the walk) Took 2t of my EFS gel before I headed out. The pace of my run wasn’t stellar (no surprise) but Garmin showed my cadence not to be too shabby. I like downhills better than uphills, and think I run them better in general. But I need MUCH more practice on both!

Bike: Mon 45min, F 30 min, Sat 20 min post-run
Core: M, W (pulled something in my abs with a new exercise ow), F (a bit wimpy)
Arms: M, W, F (a bit wimpy)
Wharton flex: M,T, W –  slacking even more 
Chiro exercises: T & Th light Ohnos
Coach Jay GSM routine: Myrtls T, Th (with a few leg lifts)  Myrtl stretches a few times
Other leg/body strength: T, Th
Calf stretches: not enough, aka daily – calves are quite tight
Walk: 15 min before runs.
Drills: As usual, though I did skip them Sunday (walked then ran on treadmill before heading outside)
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Sun. Stress still high. Majorly craving chocolate in pretty much any and every form. Eating too many bananas with nut butter and baked potato chips. Still avoiding the scale since I’d just beat myself up even more.

Boston is now less than 12 weeks away. Before then I need a lot of hill work, miles at/above goal pace & a combo of the two on tired legs so I can run my best from Hopkinton through the finish line.

How was your training last week, and how long till your next race?