Training Recap – week of Jan 12, 2015

Let’s call this a training recap, though I’m frustrated because I feel like I’m not training…though I am doing more than nothing and I am grateful I’m able to run and do anything at all.

It appears leg speed is going to take a bit longer to come back than the 2 weeks post-Baystate and post-Richmond. Let’s hope this is the last week of ugh/sludge running, shall we? My patience is being tried, and that’s no fun for me or those around me.

My new theory – to make myself feel better – is that perhaps the number of weeks post-race till you can do a quality run is the number of hours you raced divided by 2. I made that up to make myself feel better in comparing my recovery (brain saying “it was just 5 more miles, why is this going so slowly?!”) so we’ll see if it holds. Expectations are so much a part of the game. It’d also be nice if I could get back to my regular low energy level from the lower-than-that one I seem to be stuck at right now.

DH points out that the 50k wasn’t an isolated effort, it was my 3rd marathon distance in 71 days, and that probably matters. Further, it’s unclear whether my 2 weeks off Paleo hurt or helped in any way other than weight – could that be affecting my recovery or my training? Who knows. Or could the first week back on Paleo have been tougher for me? Who knows. Too many variables and moving parts, with some added family stress starting Wednesday and really ramping up starting Friday. This all contributes to me feeling “blah” and tired, sort of numb and empty. That seems to be how stress manifests for me the last couple years – more of an energy and mood suck than an adrenaline anxiety. (at least the anxiety would feel energetic!!)

Run40.2 miles. I wanted to be doing more. Seriously hoping all this caution and not pushing when I’m not feeling it pays off.

  • T – 9 miles: 2 mile warmup, 7 miles in easy pace zone. No speed in my legs or the rest of me at all.
  • W – 4 miles, after work. Unusual for me but just couldn’t get going in the morning (teleworked for weather). So I did core and 20 minutes of walking, lunge matrix and arm workout. At 5pm, I did 20 minutes of walking, skipped my drills (I know) and did 4 miles at recovery pace. My legs felt horrible during the warmup as I’d been standing to work all day and they felt so fluid-logged and heavy. That said, my hamstrings were better than they’d been during the morning’s warmup and I made it through the run without bonking (had applesauce and protein powder about 90 minutes before). Good to know I can do a short, super easy run in the evening if I have to. I’d love to get back to being able to do doubles.
  • Th – 7.5 miles recovery pace, last 3 miles at 0% to do a little decline work and work my quads over my cranky hammies. Lots of weird little physical complaints and still feeling physical muscle fatigue, but HR wasn’t as high at end. (had been really out of whack) Bad sleep Wed night, really funky dreams.
  • Sat – 13.5 miles in the “easy pace” zone. (not to say it felt easy) Followed the Boston course profile (decline/0 = 0% on treadmill). No gel. Used Vespa again before run. Listened to my beloved Marathon Talk and an episode of Athlete on Fire with ultrarunner/RD Michele Yates. Would have preferred 16, but for many reasons, didn’t seem wise and surely didn’t feel like I should go further. Wore my new fluorescent yellow FlipBelt (gift from MIL). Got a large because I knew I’d wear it on my hips. It didn’t bounce – with 8 GUs in it – but did start to slide…down! Might need to try a medium. Bad sleep Friday night – nightmares, stomach ache.
  • Sun – 6.2 miles, recovery pace.  Listened to the first Tina Muir-hosted Runners Connect podcast, with one of my all-time faves Dave McGillivray. Give it a listen. Tina’s really been ramping up the RC social media presence and is extremely (and quickly) responsive to requests and feedback. Felt a little better overall than yesterday, still stiff and sore. Obviously my slacking on things like Whartons, rolling, etc. must stop. Less bad sleep Sat night, at least less dreams and no stomach ache. Sunday night I had a very hard time getting to sleep.

Bike: Mon: 30min AM, 30 min at lunch; Fri 30 min.
Core: M, W, F (amazed as I soooo didn’t want to do this)
Wharton flex: only 3x, really slacking 
Chiro exercises: did my Ohnos (only 2) on Tuesday
Coach Jay GSM routine: just Myrtl stretches a few times
Calf stretches: not enough, aka daily – calves are quite tight
Walk: 15 min before runs.
Drills: As usual
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Sun. Craving chocolate. Missing my GF treats. Eating too many bananas with nut butter and baked potato chips. Still avoiding the scale since I’d just beat myself up even more. Trying to hang in for this all to pass and my mood/recovery to “break” for the better.

Tell me how your training was last week – good, great or not so much?