Podcasts – updated list

I love podcasts and that’s primarily what I listen to on my runs these days (music for races, nothing for non-race solo outside runs at this time). I also listen to some on my commute via my iPhone, and some around the house just doing stuff (like my Sunday veggie cookups) or stretching. I’ve tweeted recs in the past, but thought I’d give you the current list in one place. Within the categories, there’s no particular order. If I run with it, I’ve pulled it through iTunes. If I listen around the house, I may just use the podcast’s web site. On my iPhone, I use the Downcast app. I’ve gotten so far behind with my regulars and found new podcasts too – obviously I need to run a lot more miles!

Favorite guests (will listen pretty much no matter what podcast they show up on)

Greg McMillan – used his book YOU (Only Faster) to train for my BQ and plan to use it again. His site also hosts the amazing McMillan Calculator.

Matt Fitzgerald – author of many books and articles. I’ve found the books RUN, The New Rules of Marathon and Half Marathon Nutrition, and Racing Weight (newest edition) helpful.

Tim Noakes – author of the massive tome Lore of Running and more recently, Waterlogged. Interesting guy, researcher, learn a lot from him.

Dean Karnazes – huge fan, loved his books, impressed by his athletic efforts and activism. Always interested in what he’s doing next.

Chrissie Wellington – again, huge fan… her autobiography was so full of exuberance and enthusiasm. I love what she’s done for others in her public/service life before, during and after triathlon. She is competing in different types of events (Leadville bike race) and works to bring attention to worthwhile causes – like equality for women’s cycling

Mike Wardian – terrific athlete but also all-around good guy, undaunted enthusiasm and positive attitude. He is open about managing his time and how much the support of his family and employer and sponsors mean to him. He’s clear on how important his family is and keeps a great perspective. He manages to be a fantastic ambassador for our sport and do good things for others while competing in (and often winning) jaw-dropping events like the North Pole Marathon, the Costa Rica Challenge…then he will come back home and the next day run a local 5k to support a good cause. He’s also local to me, and I hope to meet him someday. I have run with him – even momentarily ahead of him and Rosie, his pup! – at the Marine Corps Marathon shakeout run, but I didn’t actually get to meet him.

Bart Yasso – do I even have to explain why I’ll listen to the Mayor of Running anytime, anywhere? I finally was lucky enough to meet him and run with him at a shakeout run at Shamrock, and hang out at a coffee place after. I also got to see him at a shakeout run prior to the Marine Corps Marathon and at the finish line at Richmond (where I even got a hug). He’s just as nice and great as he seems or you’d possibly imagine.

Dave McGillivray – RD of the Boston Marathon, marathoner, Ironman, author and all-around impressive athlete/person in his own right.

I’ll listen to most of my favorite marathoners or ultrarunners no matter the podcast. I’m also fascinated by stories of “ordinary” people doing extraordinary things – ultras, cross-country runs for charity, challenges like 52 marathons in a year.

Always (will give these a listen almost no matter the guest or topic)

Cloud 259 – I found this podcast, hosted by Brenn Jones & Gregg Lemos-Stein, because they were going to England to compete with the Marathon Talk hosts in the Manchester (UK) marathon on April 6th. Focused on distance running (and mostly marathon distance as the hosts started with their goals to break 3:00) they have good guests including Sally Bergesen of Oiselle, Jason Hartman, Alan Culpepper, Ryan Vail…they also discuss their training, running/racing news, a couple of book reviews and miscellaneous topics. I’ve only listened to a few, but am planning to work my way through their archive as I continue to listen to new eps. (They beat the Marathon Talk hosts in Manchester – I’m  hoping for a rematch in a US race!)

Endurance Planet – There are multiple podcasts under one umbrella here, with host Tawnee Prazak. My favorites are the ones with Lucho aka Tim Waggoner (Ask the Coach, Ask the Ultrarunner). It’s fantastic to be able to submit questions and hear them answered – I’ve done so many times. The Ask the Doc episodes are usually quite useful. I enjoy most of the Sports Nutrition episodes with Ben Greenfield and other guests as well, though I don’t necessarily agree with or follow all the concepts Ben has talked about. I usually listen to the triathlon and personality/athlete episodes if I have time and the guest is vaguely interesting.

Everyday Runners – This is a podcast from Matt Johnson of RunnerAcademy in which he talks to regular (non-elite) runners and hears their stories. We can all learn from and be inspired by each other, and this is a nice addition to my collection.

Marathon Talk – Tom Williams and Martin Yelling, “relentlessly positive” hosts of interesting and useful episodes on – wait for it – all things marathon and some beyond (a bit on Comrades, occasionally some triathlon talk, a little on track/running competitions). They are terrific hosts and have very interesting (sometimes really elite or even icon-level) guests as well as segments on training, and a couple of regularly appearing personalities (Tony/Tony’s Trials, Duncan/Boy on the Run). They have built an international community of listeners who can interact on the web site by rating runs, submitting race times to make the listener podium, chatting during televised races and just having general discussion. They are usually my first listen on my long run.

RunnerAcademy – The description on the web site says “actionable information” and it’s true. The guest is usually a coach, elite athlete or expert, but in addition, the host, Coach Matt Johnson, provides tips and answers questions. Useful, interesting, encouraging.

RunnersConnect – Originally hosted by Coach Jeff Gaudette (who owns the business I believe), whose articles you may see on the Competitor running or Active.com web sites. (He also was great at responding to questions via twitter.) Jeff stepped away from hosting, and I stopped listening as I found the new host annoying. They appear to have had more people than just me dropping subscriptions, and they’re making some changes. They got another new host, and I gave it another try (Greg McMillan interview). Jeff came back for a few more episodes, but now they’ve brought in elite runner Tina Muir to host. I’m looking forward to listening again. Note, on the web site you can see some of these have associated videos, but the audio portion is available as a podcast through iTunes. For most of them the visual doesn’t matter and some may not have visuals at all. The guests are usually coaches or elite athletes. There are good resources on the site, including my go-to calorie calculator.

Trail Runner Nation – Don Freeman and Scott Warr host a variety of guests (some faves of mine are Coach Jimmy Dean Freeman, Ashley Walsh and Sunny Blende) on topics related to trail running and ultra running. The hosts and guests like to have fun, but manage to get information out while being entertaining. The web site has some ability for users to interact with each other, and you can get a “performance enhancing Kokopelli” (temporary tattoo). They also have started to bring in some guest co-hosts, like Coach Sally McRae (she’s fun).

Ultrarunnerpodcast.com – Eric Schranz (formerly – and again soon – with Scotty Sandow, also with some other folks co-hosting, like Sarah Lavender Smith) interviews name and “regular” ultrarunners and people involved in ultrarunning. They’ve had some fantastic guests and the podcast is a really enjoyable listen. Eric also sends out a daily newsletter (see the site). Way back, you’ll hear hosts including Don Freeman and Scott Warr, who now host Trail Runner Nation. (Disclosure: I guest-edited a couple of the URP Daily News posts.)

Often (depends a little more on guest, what I’m interested in at the time, how much time I have)

AnotherMotherRunner – This is women (and mom) focused, don’t think most guys will be interested. I’m not a mom, but I’m a fan of Sarah & Dimity and they’ve done a great job creating a community for women runners of all levels. They’re like friends you’d want to chat and laugh with, who you could ask embarrassing questions and confess doubts or odd thoughts/behaviors. Their podcast has primarily female guests, which is nice as some of the others I listen to tend to have more male guests, possibly because the hosts are male or because there are still more men than women in some areas of our sport. One of my favorite eps is their recent interview with Kathrine Switzer, another is with Deena Kastor.

Athlete on Fire –  I’m not interested in all the athletes, but most of them. The host is pretty good, the format is consistent (can be a bit formulaic), and they’re ambitious, putting out multiple podcasts a week. Scott Jones, the host, is enthusiastic and interested in his guests. They’ve had big names Hal Higdon and Dean Karnazes (I’m a fan) on already. A recent good ep was with Rebecca Rusch – got me to buy her book and I loved it, I’m now a fan of hers (had heard of her through Fat Cyclist, who may be starting a podcast).

Babbittville Radio – Bob Babbitt, formerly host of Competitor Radio, has a new podcast, very similar in format but he’s solo hosting. I listen depending on the guest. Bob’s always positive and enthusiastic, and even if I have heard the guest elsewhere, there’s something new I learn, like from a recent interview with Dean Karnazes.

Competitor Radio – (no more new eps) A show with (usually) famous names in endurance sports as guests, hosted by former triathletes Bob Babbitt (who writes the back page of Competitor Group’s Triathlete magazine and co-founded Competitor Publishing) and Paul Huddle.

Diz Runs – this is pretty new, started in 2014, but Denny (host) has gotten some great guests (Bart Yasso, Dean Karnazes, etc.) and seems to be on a roll with frequency and quality. I’ve subscribed.

Mostly when I’m not running (due to length, use some for commutes, bike/strength workouts, stretching)

TalkUltra – The classic. Hosted by Ian Corless (super photographer) with additional ultrarunning names like Karl Meltzer (aka Speedgoat and the “100 miles is not that far” man) sharing some duties, this podcast is kind of a one stop show for ultrarunning news and info. Races, athletes, coaches – you want it, they probably have it. Their web site is hosted off a page on the Marathon Talk site but the podcast is available in iTunes. Note these are ultra length (some are 3+ hours)

DFL Ultrarunning – Hosted by Eric Sherman and Mike Saporito of New England’s Trail Animals Running Club. Yes, DFL means what you think. These are also long and really cater to regular (non-elite) and new ultrarunners though they’ve had guests who are elites or names in ultra like Joe Fejes, the Jester, and Joe Uhan. Eric and Mike talk races (this is where I first heard of Across the Years), training, gear, etc. They’re very candid and it’s helpful to me to hear about ultrarunning from people who aren’t at the front of the pack. The associated blog site is new, has some interviews with runners.

Zen and the Art of Triathlon – Hosted by Brett, an impressive athlete in his own right and coach (and husband, dad, guy with day job), this long podcast includes triathletes, coaches and other interesting folks as guests, as well as including a news segment and (my favorite) the Training Log, which is basically a sequence of stream of consciousness snippets of Brett before, during, after training sessions and talking about training for the weeks between podcasts. He also talks about Zen and triathlon, Zen and life (not so much Zen lately, sadly). Pretty upbeat, and he takes questions and is active on twitter. Check out his blog and look at his (annual) IronBaby event – a self-supported triathlon near his house in Texas to raise funds for good causes that help children with medical needs. Brett’s also a hoot to follow on twitter.

Ginger Runner (live or recorded) – I’m on the east coast, so the timing doesn’t work for me to listen/watch this youtube show live, but I’ll listen to the podcast version or play the youtube version on my computer without watching the video portion. Ethan Newbury is a California ultrarunner (among other things) who brings humility, honesty, humor (sometimes raunchy) to discussions of races, interviews with some pretty “name” guests, gear reviews, etc. He’s also filming many races, just gorgeous footage. He was part of Sally McRae‘s crew at Western States this last year, and you can see a little bit about that in the beautiful Billy Yang short film Western Time.

One new to me that I’m trying out is Endurance Junkie – this depends on guest – interesting variety, somewhat triathlon-focused but some ultrarunners and industry folks as well. Have enjoyed the episodes I’ve listened to.


Coach Jay Johnson – This is interesting depending on the guest, can be focused on talking to coaches instead of to athletes, but has been useful, and his site is a good resource. From emails, it seems like this will be re-started with some new guests and focus – I look forward to it.

Sadly Running Times radio and podcasts (link is iTunes) with Scott Douglas doesn’t appear to be live anymore but you can still get the old episodes. Interesting guests – runners and coaches. I think I have listened to most of them by now, many of them are quite short.

In the past I’ve also listened to The Long Run ultrarunning podcast (host Emily in UK and Israel, now in US, can be long and isn’t updated much anymore) and IMTalk (NZ, long).


I’m pleased to see an increase in women co-hosting podcasts, love hearing from Sally McRae (Trail Runner Nation) and Sarah Lavender Smith (Ultrarunnerpodcast). One note, just my opinion: there is still a dearth of women podcast hosts, especially compared to the percentage of women running races and the growing interest of women around the world in taking part in our sport. Tawnee, Sarah/Dimity, Emily, are the only ones I’ve run across where women are the primary hosts. While I do appreciate the podcasts that are adding women as guest hosts or co-hosts, I think the running/endurance sports podcast universe could use some more female solo hosts. There are opportunities to be seized!

That’s the end of the list, for now anyway. Have questions about the above or care to share one you’ve found that I might like? Leave me a comment below, tweet me or use the contact me form. Thanks for reading!