Friday Five – What’s in My Gym Bag, ATY edition

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Today’s topic is “what’s in my gym bag”.

I’m going to take little bit different tack with this topic, showing you my brand-new super-swag from Across the Years! (paid extra for it)

What you got if you registered for the race was short-sleeve tech shirt with the race logo (not pictured, explanation follows) and a race bib holder belt with the race organizer’s logo/name on it (Aravapai Running). I don’t like things around my waist, so I pinned my bib on my shirt, but it might be useful someday.

ATY/Aravaipa Running bib belt

ATY/Aravaipa Running bib belt

However, I bought the “extra swag” bag and I’m so glad I did. It was a bargain for the quality and items, with lots of cool stuff! Buying this got me a long-sleeved race shirt instead of short sleeved.

First – an actual BAG….bright yellow duffle, with shoulder strap (and shoe compartment) with the race logo on it. Very spiffy.

ATY yellow duffle - 1

ATY yellow duffle – 1

ATY yellow duffle - 2

ATY yellow duffle – 2

Packed in the bag:

  • Black lightweight fleece gloves (pictured at end of post) – no logo, but useful
  • Fleece lined knit beanie with race logo (comes down well over ears with plenty of room in the head portion…liked it so much I bought one of their prior year ones, same logo a light blue fleece and have been wearing it almost non-stop since, including crewing and around back in NoVa)
fleece lined ATY knit beanie

fleece lined ATY knit beanie

  • Long-sleeved tech race shirt (only minor grumble here is placement of the different races – on the bottom back – men’s has it down sleeve, think that looks cooler) The volunteers were great and helped me figure out that the size I’d ordered would be too big and let me try on sizes till I found a fit.
race shirt - front

race shirt – front

race shirt - back

race shirt – back

  • My favorite! A soft shell jacket (think it’s the same company I got my Baystate jacket from). I was disappointed because the women’s had pink under the arms and lining the neck (I don’t do pink) and the men’s was a beautiful blue. After we went to the tent, DH suggested if it was really bothering me, I go ask if I could swap. I went back and explained my situation, and the volunteers turned to Jamil Coury (ultrarunner, one of the two Coury Brothers in charge of the org and RD’ing) and he said “if we’ve got spares that aren’t packed in bags to be given out, sure”. They had some and the volunteers helped me find my size among what was available (turns out men’s XS fits me well, better than my women’s Baystate jacket), so I have this beauty (the photo doesn’t do the slightly turquoise shade of blue justice):
ATY jacket

ATY jacket

But what I prize most wasn’t in the bag – the heavy glass finisher’s stein/mug! (shown with the black fleece gloves from the swag bag, for contrast). Somehow I hadn’t gotten one when I left after my race on Sunday, and I didn’t know I was supposed to get one – and then I figured maybe because I didn’t run the full 24 hours, I didn’t get one. The runner I crewed said “no, everyone gets one”. I went over to the timing tent where both Jamil and Nick Coury happened to be and asked “what’s the difference between who gets the mug and who doesn’t?” Jamil said “everyone gets one”; I said “no they don’t”; he said, “yes, they do” and I replied “no, they don’t” at which point he started to smile and he or Nick said, “you didn’t get one?” I said no, and they promptly turned around to a table and handed me one. Now perhaps they recognized me but at this point I wasn’t dressed as a runner, didn’t have my bib or anything to prove I’d run the race. They didn’t even ask me what my name was so they could check. They just gave me the mug. (again with the AWESOME!)

The mug and some other fragiles we picked up on the trip were shipped home via UPS in copious quantities of bubble wrap, all made it safely.

ATY finisher's mug - front

ATY finisher’s mug – front


ATY finisher's mug - back

ATY finisher’s mug – back

What was the best race swag you got with your entry fee?

What about the best race swag you bought? (other than the above, my Baystate jacket – but wait till April!)

Have a great weekend!