Friday Five – Five Things About Me

The theme for this week’s Friday Five linkup, hosted by CynthiaCourtney and Mar, is Five Things About Me.

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Readers may recall that I’ve written “Five Things About Me” posts beforetwice – on a couple past “free” Fridays, and I did one with summer movies.

But wait, there’s more!

I put out a call for questions on twitter, and the intrepid Thumbholes answered, with 3 thought-provoking questions that deserve posts of their own and 2 I’ll take a shot at here. Please take a look at her Small Change project before your next race – it’s such a great idea!

  • I am incredibly near-sighted – can’t see the clock next to the bed nearsighted – and at least in the past have had a significantly weaker right eye than left, which apparently is hereditary. Long after it would have helped, an ophthalmologist told me that I could have had that improved by wearing an eye patch on the stronger eye as a kid, to force the weak eye to work harder (no idea if that would have worked….the little sister of my next-door best friend had one, and it looks odd on a kid, glad I didn’t, I guess) Now I’m also experiencing age-related far-sightedness. Contacts with readers on top, yay! (too scared to get Lasik when I was a candidate, now too old)
  • The only fruit that I don’t like is grapefruit, and I never liked it. My mom’s parents did though, and I wound up having to eat it sometimes at their house, old-school style: half a grapefruit on a plate, sectioned and eaten with a grapefruit spoon. You couldn’t see the pink of the fruit for how much sugar I put on top. The grapefruit spoons in my house now are for de-seeding squash.
  • Hot/sharp things and my hands are a very bad combination. I’ve had a hand go into a window box fan and through a glass pane in a door. I have a scar from cutting cheese for a restaurant opening, have been burned by scalding cream soup serving it at a restaurant (can’t get it off fast enough due to consistency) and have been burned by a towel (misused as a potholder) catching the edge of an electric stove’s heat element. Watching the towel be licked by blue flame while it was still in my hand, and then watching my hands drop it before I even felt anything, was truly odd. I’ve been very lucky. One small scar from the cheese incident, and nothing from the 2nd degree burns from the towel incident (except a true appreciation for the serious pain meds and skin cream used to treat me).
  • From Thumbholes: If you could invent one energy gel flavor, what would it be? Well, as it happens, during my run today I came up with one and tweeted it to GU and their R&D person, ultrarunner Magda Boulet – “flat” cola (“Coke”) or cherry cola – let’s see if they run with it. I can’t think they haven’t tried it to develop it already given they are sponsors of Ironman and flat “Coke” is legendarily used by triathletes in races, but you never know. Maybe the Root Beer flavor was a trial balloon. (I’ve yet to try my one pack of it.)
  • From Thumbholes: All-time favorite TV show? I don’t know if this is what she meant by “favorite” but I went with “most meaningful/influential”…..The original Star Trek because it so influenced me from the very first episode I saw (in syndication in the early to mid 70s), which was The Empath. I saw it while staying in a Holiday Inn in Wisconsin when we went there for my dad’s father’s funeral. The universe of Star Trek – its message, its hope – really informed a lot of who and what I became and what I thought/believed.

Share something about yourself in the comments, or ask me a question for a future post.

Have a great weekend!