Almost But Not Really Wordless What I (Didn’t) Eat Wednesday on Thursday

When I went to the store on Tuesday to pick up more kabocha, I was a little hungry, a little stressed and still deep in the throes of chocolate craving.

Yet….I did not purchase the following items which, along with others, tempted me from the shelves. Slow clap applause is optional but appreciated.

Pamela's extreme chocolate chocolate chip mini cookies (GF)

Pamela’s extreme chocolate chocolate chip mini cookies (GF)

LaLoo's dark chocolate goat's milk ice cream

LaLoo’s deep (dark) chocolate goat’s milk ice cream

Glutino's chocolate covered and yogurt covered pretzels

Glutino’s chocolate covered and yogurt covered pretzels

WHY didn’t I get these yummy items? Because I’m back on my primarily Paleo diet (with white potatoes and goat cheese/yogurt and some chocolate-y stuff added), trying to get rid of whatever weight/fat I might have gained post-ultra in my gluten-free binge (still no scale involved, but no doubt I gained – I feel different, you know?).

WHY am I following this plan, struggling with it while I crave and want all sorts of snack and dessert and carby gluten-free grain foods, especially given some life stress going on right now? Because last year I trained and raced well in my second year on this type of eating and I want to do everything I can to stack the cards in my favor for April.

In case one might think I’d forgotten (ha) that we’re inside 12 weeks now, know that I’m reading about Boston nightly, thinking about the race every day, still obsesseing about putting boards under my treadmill, etc.

countdown to Boston

countdown to Boston

Staying obsessed, motivated, and a little scared is not too hard when I read and follow tweeps just as obsessed with it as I am. Even the snowstorm couldn’t stop us, even in Boston – or maybe ESPECIALLY in Boston. As Heartbreak Hill Running Company put it “they didn’t cancel the Boston Marathon, so yes, we’re running today” (check out their other great storm related tweets). Kudos and thanks go out to Christopher Laudani for shoveling off the finish line to help keep us all inspired.

If you’re training for a race, are there foods or treats you’ve given up until after the race? How’s it going?