Weekend Update Dec 20 & 21, 2014

This post is part of Tara’s Weekend Update linkup – check out her site to see what everyone’s been up to! 

In 1 week, the ultra will be behind me. Hoping it will have gone well and I’ll have put forth effort I’m proud of. But this week/weekend, I’ve been VERY twitchy about the race itself, the trip, food and logistics. There’s a lot to get done and my energy has been low this last week. Stress doesn’t help – it sucks energy while making me wired/tired and snappish. (so much fun to be around) Trips are stressful for me (the food issues mostly) and so are races. I don’t love crowds and travel.

So…..yep, feeling a little under pressure and “acting out” in my own quirky ways – stress eating fruit and veggies, procrastinating online, trying to tamp down anxiety instead of just doing stuff (that would make me less anxious if done). Always a work in progress.


Sat – 13.1miles ez pace. Probably should have been a FFLR (fast-finish long run) but there was no fast in my legs this week. 2 servings of EFS mixed with water (3, 6) and a BluePom Roctane split at miles 9 & 1. Listened to Dean Karnazes on Babbittville Radio and the latest MarathonTalk.

DH figured out that it was a toenail problem causing the blood I’d noticed Thursday – a bunion side effect, pushing toes over into another nail, causing a cut and bleeding. Strangely, bled less today than Thursday though today’s run was longer.

Sun – 4.05 miles, recovery pace. Convinced myself to do it as I’d done a run on the Sunday before all my other races. If not for that, probably would have skipped it. Not feeling any real pain or anything, just fatigue and kinda bleah. But knew I’d feel better if I ran, even a little – and for a little while I did. Listened to the latest Another Mother Runner podcast.


Sat  – Didn’t get enough sleep (awake 3-6 with tummy issues) which rippled through the day. Bummer that the effects of sleeping in Friday (which I took off work because I was tired and stressing) kind of got wiped out by this.

Finished the latest Marathon & Beyond. Ate more of the orange-skinned kabocha I roasted Friday. Did more online research for restaurants and bit of timelining for the trip. (making my packing list would have been a better use of my time, see above re productive….)

Had some BBQ chicken from one of our favorite places, some frozen fruit and a few chips while watching the first two episodes of The Librarians. Not as great as I’d hoped, but we’ll probably keep recording it. (the episode tonight has one of our faves, Bruce Campbell, guest starring as Santa, so that may be worth a watch though we seem unlikely to get to it before Christmas) Finished up with a non-cheery Madam Secretary.

Sun – Still tired despite almost 9 hours of sleep. Really thought about bagging the run but wanted to keep the pattern of previous pre-race weeks and knew however icky my Sunday mood might be, it’d be worse if I didn’t run.

Post-run, DH made a scramble – we haven’t had one in weeks due to conflicting run schedules. So I had a big breakfast of that, asparagus, a few strips of bacon, then some kabocha and nut butter. Having to cut back on the kabocha as the store is out! I’ve got enough cooked to get through Wed if I eat less than half of what I’m used to. Amazingly, was hungry an hour after all that (probably a blood sugar thing), so had half a bar and then some frozen cherries before heading to my 2:30 massage. Got my food prep for Monday done though.

My wonderful massage therapist, who’s become a friend and is also an artist, gave me a print of one of her lovely paintings, and even signed it! I’m hoping to find something lovely for her in Arizona – her birthday is the day before my race.

Came back after the massage, laid out a suitcase and started piling stuff to be packed on the bed even though my list is incomplete. Doing some laundry. Tonight will be foraging and leftovers, we’re both kind of uninterested in anything so might as well eat down our stores of stuff.

Just before dinner, we heard sirens outside, going on for quite a while. Finally realized – it’s the annual “parade” from the firehouse down the street. They pull out all the stops – one fire truck leads, lights and sirens going, followed by a small truck with a Santa on it waving to everyone, followed by the ambulance and a smaller truck (lights and no sirens). Most of the crew wears Santa hats and a couple walk between each pair of vehicles, waving to the kids in houses or outside. Really freaked us out the first year until we figured out what it was. Here’s a photo of Santa (not the greatest, but work with me):



This week, I’m in the office Monday, Tuesday telework and chiro. Taking Wednesday off to pack and such, then we leave for Arizona very early Thursday! Trying to prepare to accept what is and make the best of it during our Christmas Day travel. It looks like a storm will come across the country on the 24th and 25th that has the potential to play havoc with air traffic. We’ll try to keep a sense of humor and patience….and this is why we’re flying on the 25th when the race is on the 28th.

In the spirit of a vacation, I will probably not blog much while we’re gone and am not likely to do my regular linkups as I don’t want to have to follow a schedule. But I will be online and looking at tweets and comments from time to time, and perhaps reading others’ blogs – a little unplugged, but probably not completely. I’m sure I’ll have something to say about my race, but I’m not sure how quickly I’ll get a race report up.

How was your weekend?