Weekend Update Dec 13 & 14, 2014

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In 2 weeks, the ultra will be behind me. My brain is so Boston-focused (18 weeks) that I’m not thinking too much about the ultra, at least in the front of my mind. I think in the back of my mind, I’m getting a little twitchy if not about the race itself, then the trip, food and logistics.


Sat – 20 miles (planned 18, but decided I wanted to push to 20), following the Boston course profile as best I can (better when I get boards). Now using 0% for decline, using 1% for both 0 and 1%, other inclines as written. (I’ll admit, after this run I thought “in 2 weeks, I’ll do this AND 11 more miles, really?”)

3 servings EFS w 1 water – took at 3, 9, 15, 18. Took Vanilla Bean Gu mi 6, tried Strawberry/kiwi Roctane at mi 12. The taste was tolerable and my stomach accepted it – I wanted to have a “no caffeine” option amongst my Gus – though I like the Blue/Pom Roctane better. I think for the ultra I’ll do sort of what I’ve been thinking of for the marathon (if I continue to carry the flask) – gel every 3 miles, with Gu at 6, 12, 18, 24 – and for the ultra, 30. The other times will be EFS mixed with water.

Less sore than last Saturday, woot! Despite having gone faster and longer on Tuesday of this week, and doing 10 sets of my hill repeats on Thursday (last week it was 6). Hopefully this means my body is adapting and recovering well. I will say I felt pretty tired and beat up the rest of the day BUT managed to do my chiro exercises, Coach Jay’s GSM and Myrtls right after the run, and Whartons during the afternoon.

Sun – 11 miles, doing miles 16 – end of Boston course (plus a little). Again, less sore than yesterday (which was less sore than LAST Saturday). So, perhaps my body is getting some of the adaptations promised with hill training? Hope so, as that was why I started it now instead of waiting until January. EFS gel (2 servings total, mixed with water) at mile 3, 5.5, 8. Listened to Trail Runner Nation, then ran in silence when it ended.

So, between Saturday and Sunday, I ran 31 miles (almost 50k – 49.887k, to be precise). Granted, it was over two days and the race is not, but hey, it’s something. 30 loops of the course (1689.5 meter, 1.0498 mile loop) will get me something slightly more than 50k.

Yesterday, I’d noticed pain on the bone of my bunion during and after my run, but thought it was the bunion itself. Then I took the shoes off and saw a nasty red mark just below where the bone juts out. (sparing you a photo of the “deformity” of the bunion, etc.) so it seems that the men’s Adrenaline may not be wide enough after all. My feet were okay the rest of Saturday as I was in an old pair of the women’s Adrenalines, but as soon as I put the men’s on to run, there was the pain. Limping-causing pain. I tried loosening the laces in that area, which I thought helped, but after about half of my walking warmup, said “this is stupid” and changed to the women’s – which feel so different now. Wider (good), lighter (maybe good) but almost lower, less solid and less cushion between my foot and the treadmill (argh). So post-run, I ordered a pair of men’s Adrenaline 15s in 9 4E (the current men’s are model 13, size 9 2E) and will see how that goes. I still have boxes of shoes to try on and get returned before we go to Arizona.


Sat  – Ate more of the orange-skinned kabocha I roasted Friday, which caused me to make yet one more trip to the store for yet more kabocha. Saw this – what a great idea! Mulling spices in “tea bags” so you can “mull” cider a cup at a time.

mulling spice "tea" bags!

mulling spice “tea” bags!

Spent time online watching live stream of the Desert Solstice 24 Hour in Arizona. Same race organizers as my ultra, but this was a 24 hour around a high school track! I tried to take a nap (yes, I was that tired), but my brain wouldn’t cooperate. Trip stress is rearing its ugly head, so I spent more time online looking at the food/logistics situation. We leave in less than two weeks, time for obsessive list-making to start.

Read a little of the new Runner’s World (not happy about some of the upcoming changes) I was on my own for dinner and evening as DH was watching football with friends elsewhere, so I ate leftover Chinese. For the evening’s entertainment, I rented and streamed (after tussling with Amazon Prime on the TV) a video of Fast Women, about several women aiming for the Olympic Trials a few years ago and one young woman returning to running after a stroke. It was okay, nowhere near as good as the documentary on Joan Benoit Samuelson I watched recently.

Sun – Woke up tired despite “sleeping in” the last 3 days. Got up and prepped for my run.

Had my massage at 11:45 – good to get it done, but given the shoe issues and delayed start of my run, as well as the length of my run, I was rushing to get there today. Seen on my drive and made me smile: little black fluffy dog walking & 2 young women (friends, sisters?) so excited to see each other they ran to embrace. Came back and did some food prep while DH grilled (he included an orange kabocha for me).

orange kabocha

orange kabocha

Snacked just a tad (though wasn’t hungry, I’m pretty behind on fueling) and sat down to read/write online. Time flies. Did a little more food prep and soon we’ll move into dinner and our usual Sunday evening.

This week, I’m in the office Monday but going in early (ugh) and leaving early so we can go see the Botanic Garden holiday exhibit and the Capitol Tree. Tuesday telework and chiro. Wednesday is my annual mammogram and appointment with yet one more new nurse practitioner. I take the entire day off as one never really knows how long these things will take. We’ll see what, if anything, there is time to do – or I feel like doing – afterward. Thursday is another telework day, Friday back in the office. (I seem to be craving time off at the moment – we took last Friday off work and had a nice lunch out and just puttered in the afternoon, but it didn’t feel like a day off….maybe that’s the downside of telework: on weekdays, my brain can no longer tell if I’m supposed to be working or not if I’m at home.)

How was your weekend? Did you race or start training for a race? Do anything fun or holiday-related? Tell me in the comments!