Training Recap Wk of 12/15/2014

Inside 17 weeks to Boston, the ultra is this weekend! The hay is in the barn for the ultra. Hoping that last week’s fatigue is finally starting to move on out and this week will be an upswing to get me to the race.

Run: 42 miles Turned out to be kind of a “down” or “cutback” week – unplanned, though I probably should have planned it – after 2 great weeks of training. Pretty high fatigue load all week, and some sore, tired and heavy legs. You’ll see that below. So I went with it instead of trying to push through. We’ll consider that a win – trying to be smart about it.

  • T – 10.5mi – 2vmi ez pace, 3 mi goal pace, 2 mi ez, 3.5 mi recovery pace. Managed the 3mi (wanted to do more) but sore, felt harder than last 2 weeks so dialed back. Warmer and more humid. HR higher at end than I’d expect. Very cranky in the evening.
  • W – 6.2mi – recovery pace, got better as it went along but tired. Again, HR at end higher than expected. This was the day I had my mammogram and the schedule at the hospital was all screwed up, so I was without food or water for a big chunk of the day, problematic when I hydrate and fuel frequently.
  • Th – 8mi – 3 mi w/u, 4 mi tempo, 1vmi c/d. L ham still sore, legs still tired, heavy. Still feels like too much effort. RHR fine, HR at end of run still higher than usual. Quite tired all day, improved slightly but cranky and lots of mood swings. Wound up cutting one toe on bunion foot with 3rd toenail, blood ALL over sock, orthotic, etc. Didn’t hurt at all, so I had no idea till I took the sock off.
  • Sat – 13.1mi ez pace. Probably should have been a FFLR (fast-finish long run) but there was no fast in my legs this week. 2 servings of EFS mixed with water (3, 6) and a BluePom Roctane split at miles 9 & 1. Listened to Dean Karnazes on Babbittville Radio and the latest MarathonTalk.DH figured out that it was a toenail problem causing the blood I’d noticed Thursday – a bunion side effect, pushing toes over into another nail, causing a cut and bleeding. Strangely, bled less today than Thursday though today’s run was longer.
  • Sun – 4.05 mi, recovery pace. Convinced myself to do it as I’d done a run on the Sunday before all my other races. If not for that, probably would have skipped it. Not feeling any real pain or anything, just fatigue and kinda bleah. But knew I’d feel better if I ran, even a little – and for a little while I did. Listened to the latest Another Mother Runner podcast.

Bike: Mon: 30min AM, 30 min at lunch; Fri 45 min, Sat 35min post-run.
Core: M, W, F
Wharton flex: 6 – skipped Sunday 
Chiro exercises: just too tired and sore
Coach Jay GSM routine: just Myrtl stretches a few times
Calf stretches: Didn’t actually count it – did them most days, some multiple times. Calves have been a little tight.
Walk: 15 min before runs.
Drills: As usual
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Sun. Still having appetite issues, still eating anyway, so don’t worry. Little baby arm weights on Core days.

How’s your training going?