Training Recap – Week of Dec 1, 2014

Bet you thought I’d forgotten how to write training recaps! Looking back, the last one was for the week of November 3rd (two weeks pre-Richmond). I don’t know why I didn’t post the week leading up to Richmond, but I didn’t post the weeks post-race because I figured my recovery wasn’t all that interesting.

BUT, since December 1 was 20 weeks to Boston, training has started again. (and the ultra is fast approaching) So here we go!

Run47.1 miles – this week, wearing the men’s Brooks Adrenaline 13s, size 9 2E, with toe separator for bunion

  • T – 7.5mi, with 5 miles at new marathon goal pace, fueled by a Salted Caramel GU. Felt good, good run! Pretty surprising as I had a horrible stomach issue overnight Monday into Tuesday, was awake and in pain for a couple hours and was quite tired and not feeling it pre-run.
  • W – 3.1 recovery miles
  • Th – 10 miles with HILL repeats! Easy pace. R 3.05mi at 1% then 6x(3min 2%, 1min 0%, 1min 3%, 1min 0%, 30sec 4%, 30sec 5%, 1min 0%) – total of 5 miles for the reps then 2mi at 1%. This was kinda fun. Today’s GU was Vanilla Bean. Felt good, good run!
  • Sat – 16 miles, long run pace.This is the start of my long runs following the Boston course profile as best I can (better when I get boards to put under the back to make decline). Currently using 0% for 0 or decline, otherwise as written. So today was miles 1-16 of the course.
    Boston elevation spreadsheet and course profile on my treadmill

    Boston elevation spreadsheet and course profile on my treadmill

    EFS gel at mile 4, 8, 12. Quite sore from Thursday’s hill workout. (and probably my return to leg exercises Thursday, piled on Tuesday’s goal pace run) Once I realized I was going to be sore the whole time, but it didn’t seem to be getting any worse, just dealt with it. Listened to Marathon Talk and Trail Runner Nation.

    Got started really late. I could pretend it was intentional since Boston starts late, but it wasn’t. (and I didn’t start that late!)

  • Sun – 10.5 miles at long run pace, doing miles 16 – end of Boston course (plus a little). Surprisingly LESS sore than yesterday during and after run. Wouldn’t have predicted that last night, but perhaps yesterday was DOMS day then it gets better? Some EFS gel at mile 3, 6.5, 8. Listened to Endurance Planet.

Bike: T 45min before dinner, W 40 min before dinner, 45 min Friday, 35 min post-run Sat, 15 min post-run Sun.
Core: M, W (at work at lunch), F
Wharton flex: 5 – skipped Sunday and one weekday (W)
Chiro exercises: Started up again on Thursday post-run! Much needed. Probably contributed to Saturday’s soreness.
Coach Jay GSM routine: Started up again on Thursday post-run! Much needed. Probably contributed to Saturday’s soreness.
Calf stretches: Didn’t actually count it – did them most days, multiple times. Calves have been a little tight.
Walk: 15 min before runs. 35 min at lunch Monday.
Drills: As usual
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Sun. Have started throwing in some itsy-bitsy arm weight work.

Question for you, dear readers: what do you want to see in the training recaps? What’s interesting/useful to you?