Weekend Update Nov 22-23, 2014

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Hard to believe that Richmond is already over a week ago. I guess that’s good?


Sat – 10.15mi, recovery pace. This turned out to be a less pleasant run than the 4 miler on Thursday. Go figure. Tried UCAN before, didn’t like effects on energy and blood sugar. The hunt for pre-run fuel for late start races continues. Tops of feet quite sore from the (FAIL) Adrenaline 15s (which we now refer to as “the shoe of evil”) which have been returned. Sorer than I’d have expected in the evening, probably sorest since race day.

Sun – Nope. (surprised me too!) Wanted to get some more miles in, but the tops of my feet still hurt, I was kind of tired and a little sore. I beat down my ego and the mileage monster telling me I MUST run. Walked 30 min, raked leaves for 20, swept the porch. Did Whartons. Does eating too much kabocha count as XT?


Saturday – First sweet potato since Richmond for “breakfast”. Roasted a 5 pound kabocha!

5 pound kabocha

5 pound kabocha

(It was so good I had to go to the store and get more.)

6 more kabocha!

6 more kabocha!

Spent time online all day following tweeps at the JFK 50 Miler – lots of awesome runs there! So happy for my pals. Worked on my training plan a little. Now I at least have an outline of runs planned for December. Need to plan strength & flexibility training and then lay out the full plan to Boston. I have a lot of work to do. I suspect it’s back to 2 a day workouts (of some type) minimum, with 3 a day as many days as I can manage.

DH & I were both feeling uninspired by our normal dinner options, so decided to forage again. Thawed some pulled pork from our favorite “local” BBQ place (in Woodbridge, so we hit it on the way back from Richmond). Mine was accompanied by exciting shredded carrots and mushrooms. Watched a couple of our stored TV shows, kind of a lazy evening back and forth between TV and online.

Sunday –

While I was on the treadmill, DH went to Whole Foods, bringing back the usual yummies plus a special treat for our holiday table. I’m so lucky!

tulips for Thanksgiving

tulips for Thanksgiving

After a treat of AeroPress decaf, had egg whites & zucchini and bacon for breakfast, followed by some of yesterday’s kabocha. So yummy it became apparent that I hadn’t cooked enough! So, while I was out doing a little porch sweeping (post leaf-raking), roasted another couple small ones from the collection I bought yesterday. Gorged myself on those pre-massage, not the wisest idea. Seriously, you even have to hide vegetables from me!

I found a pair of men’s Adrenaline 13s in size 9 2E (I’m women’s 10EE) online and they were delivered on Sunday. I tried them on and didn’t immediately need to rip them off my feet. I’m thinking I’ll walk in them tomorrow, maybe even run a few miles (shoe quest trumping XT day if my legs will allow). That way, if it seems like they will work for even a while, I can try to order any more the same supplier has…while awaiting the 6-8 pairs of shoes I ordered Thursday and Friday.

men's Adrenaline 13s

men’s Adrenaline 13s

Monday is an “in office” day. Tuesday will be usual telework and chiro. Wednesday I’m going to telework and take a couple of hours off in the afternoon to pick up our holiday food orders. The weather looks nasty Wednesday, rain changing to snow! (after mid 70s tomorrow) The long weekend will be mostly relaxing, puttering around the house, running and another massage.

Hope you had a great weekend! Please tell me about it in the comments.