Training Recap – Week of Nov 3, 2014

Here’s last week’s training recap. 3rd week post-Baystate. Richmond is 11/15. Knock wood, legs seemed to start coming back this week.

Updated Monday night:

I’m sort of not processing that Richmond is in 5 days, and really haven’t figured out how to deal with running in 28 degrees. (short sleeve & arm warmers w/ shorts – will it be enough? in full sun, would my tank be ok?). I expect tomorrow (a day off work, thankfully) and Wednesday (telework) to be a suddenly accelerating flurry of list-making, packing, etc.

I’m also starting to get nervous, as I might have goals for the race. Yes, I know I said “to finish” and “training run”, but I may go for something else. Or I may not. Or I may start that way and back off. Goal #1 is healthy body for Boston training – Boston is 23 weeks from today. Goal #2 is to finish for progress toward Maniac. After that….but I’m not sure if I’m more nervous that I’ll 1) want to go for a goal and not have it on the day and fall short of that goal 2) not push myself and thus possibly not learn the extent of my abilities as well as test my limits (and execution, and mental toughness, and physical fitness). I guess no matter what, I’ll learn some things about myself.

Run: 41.2 miles

  • T – 10 miles, tempo intervals:  3mi warmup, then 3x(1.25 on, 0.5 jog) at 27s/mi faster than race pace, 33s mi faster than race pace, 39s/mi faster than race pace. 1 packet of Vanilla Bean GU, took some before each rep. HR132 at end. 1st rep was a little work, 2nd good, 3rd ok but harder. Same workout I did at this point before Shamrock and Baystate except I forgot the jog intervals were supposed to be 0.25, not 0.5. Oh well.
  • W – 3.1 miles at recovery pace. Better as it went along. Noticed a definite boost from my FRS chews this morning – either the new bag has a bit more oomph, or I really needed the little caffeine they provide and reacted to it. (probably the latter as the time change has left me a bit more tired this week)
  • Th – 8 miles, including tempo. (pre-Shamrock, this was a fartlek run, but Greg McMillan’s new e-book plan had this as a tempo run, which I did before Baystate, so I stuck with that workout for Richmond) 3mi warmup, 4mi at 20s/mile faster than race pace, 1mi cool. Calves very tight. 1st mi a bit hard, 2nd mi good, 3rd ok, 4th settled in but not sure how much longer I’d have gone. Used Salted Caramel Gu, split between 1st 2 tempo, 2nd 2. Reasonable. Maybe I’m doing sort of a reverse taper & peak for Richmond by accident. (it’s actually an approach but I hadn’t really planned it)
  • Sat – 13.1mi: 6 mi w/u ez pace (increased pace every 2mi), 3mi race pace, 4x1mi each 0.1mph faster than prior mile (about 7s faster per mile), finishing with 0.1mi at 0% incline (downhill) at 50s faster than race pace. Wanted to load up on GU without my usual EFS gel to buffer it, see how my stomach took it. Took a Salted Caramel at mile 3, a Blue-Pom Roctane at mile 6 (slight headache in the temples after this, which passed within a mile) and a Vanilla Bean at mile 9. I’d originally planned the Jet Blackberry – the most caffeine of all the ones I use – for mile 9, but decided to go with the less-caffeinated Vanilla in case my brief headache was from over-caffeinating. (I figured out on the run that taking the 4 GUs I plan to is almost the equivalent of my mug of tea in caffeine levels, plus the FRS chews I take beforehand on run days – might be a bit more than I’m used to.) My stomach handled them fine though, so I think I’ve got my fueling plan for the race now. Tried my North Face BTN short sleeve shirt with arm warmers – I think I can use that for the race if needed or I may just go with my tank as the vest does help keep me warmer (overnight low the night before is forecast to be 30, with race day sunny, high of 49). I’ll bring both and decide (I always bring multiple outfits for an away race.)
  • Sun – 7mi, recovery pace. Despite the gorgeous weather – and breaking with the pattern I’m trying to hold of mimicking the runs up to Shamrock and Baystate – I ran inside on the treadmill. The “reason” – I have a tendency to go too fast on recovery runs (hit goal pace in this run pre-Baystate) and the treadmill prevents that. The reason behind the reason – wasn’t sure how my legs felt or if I’d be able to push myself to hit the mileage I wanted if I went outside. And – bonus – I listened to Desiree Linden’s interview on the excellent Cloud259 podcast (they describe her in a tweet as “unflappable” and I’d tend to agree). I am enjoying learning more about this accomplished runner (5th place in 4 of the World Marathon Majors, and 2nd at Boston by seconds!) who flies under the radar. She’s smart, tough, funny and has a good perspective. I also heard a brief interview with her on Babbitville Radio. I’ll be looking for more with Desi, especially as we approach the Trials.

Bike: M: 40 min in AM, 40 min at lunch at work; 40 min at lunch at work; F 30 min in AM, 40 min at lunch at work
Core: M, W, F
Wharton flex: 5 (skipped W & F to keep dinner on schedule – gotta keep an eye on this)
Chiro exercises: nope
Coach Jay GSM routine: slacking….at best Myrtls a few days
Calf stretches: Didn’t actually count it – did them most days, multiple times. Calves have been a little tight.
Walk: 15 min before runs. Added a 30min post-work walk to test new Adrenalines.
Drills: Back to regular drills, if a bit less energetic than usual.
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Sun

Onward to Richmond!