Friday Five – Favorite Fall Foods

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Today’s topic is Favorite Fall Foods.

I doubt anyone who’s read this blog or my tweets will be surprised by the list…

  • Kabocha – I buy as many of them at a time as I can find, since they keep so well and I can eat so much!


  • Pumpkin anything – even pumpkin puree out of the can (sometimes spread on bread w/ jam, sometimes mixed with protein powder for a fluff, sometimes straight). Of course, Pumpkin Spice Arctic Zero, which didn’t really have any pumpkin in it, and which apparently they’ve stopped making (boo! I think they didn’t sell it well enough). Here’s a Triathlete mag post on ways to use canned pumpkin (I mixed it in with store-bought regular or lemon hummus when I used to eat that, quite good, and used in brownie/cake mix as well, back in the day.)
paleo bread with pumpkin puree, TJ's blueberry preserves and Penzey's pumpkin pie spice, warmed in the microwave

paleo bread with pumpkin puree, TJ’s blueberry preserves and Penzey’s pumpkin pie spice, warmed in the microwave

  • Sweet potatoes – some varieties like the orange Jewel and Garnet, as well as the Japanese sweet potato are available year round (Hannah seems to come and go) but so far fall is the only time to get my purple purples! (Stokes purple sweet potatoes)
purple sweet potato breakfast

purple sweet potato breakfast

  • Root veggies – beets (fresh and roasted by me, packaged, or canned – easiest, like the below), sometimes parsnips…I don’t like turnips as much and haven’t tried rutabaga. I think my fave Brussels sprouts count.
canned beets

canned beets

  • Fall fruit: apples – dried or in applesauce or in some way cooked like my cider reduction attempt, pears, and Asian pears 
Kuhn's applesauce, our fave from the local farmer's market

Kuhn’s applesauce, our fave from the local farmer’s market

apple cider reduction, from Kuhn's cider

apple cider reduction, from Kuhn’s cider

What are some of your fall favorites? Got any good recipes to share? Have a great weekend, especially if you’re racing!