Weekend Update Nov 15-16, 2014

Short and sweet. Race recap and musings to come in other posts.

Friday, we drove to Richmond, hit the expo, Dick’s Sporting Goods (for longer shorts I pretty much knew I wouldn’t race in), PF Chang’s and Whole Foods before retiring to the hotel to snack and prepare for race morning.

Saturday – COLD race day!

Wore this:

Richmond race kit

Richmond race kit

Wound up wearing both pairs of arm warmers (but blue instead of yellow) with those charcoal hand warmers between them at inner arm/top and inner wrist/bottom. Note, make sure to take them all out afterward….one wound up in the laundry with my race gear! No damage done though. Wore yellow gloves instead of the black shown. The yellow & blue fleece arm warmers were Frank Shorter brand, purchased at expo. Yellow gloves Manzella brand, from expo, similar to these. Liked the color, didn’t want to wear my BreathThermo gloves as I’d expected to toss them – but for 3rd race this year, kept them on. (seems to be the year of chilly to cold marathons for me, makes me wonder what the ultra will be like) Earband, gloves and arm warmers stayed on the whole way. Can’t say the black wool ear band UNDER the white visor is my best look, but did the job.

Earned these:


Richmond medal 2014

Richmond medal 2014 – pretty and heavy!


Richmond 2014 shirt

Richmond 2014 shirt – nice vneck women’s fit tech tee

Had a wonderful wonderful dinner here, totally recommend the place! Great food, terrific service. I had a good burger, really good sweet potato fries, and AMAZING crispy Brussels sprouts with some house made tangy sauce. (I’d order those again and maybe the fries and not even bother with anything else…they’re that good.) I ate instead of photographing, so you’ll just have to trust me.

Pints of this – but the vanilla maple flavor – were consumed both Friday night and Saturday night, along with dried bananas and sweet potato chips.


Arctic Zero

Arctic Zero

Sunday, this happened – a treat to myself after watching the US 12k Championships online:


Decaf Americano from Starbucks, GRID stick

Decaf Americano from Starbucks, GRID stick

Then we drove home, where we unpacked, went for a 45 minute walk, puttered online and had dinner while watching TV and relaxing.

How was your weekend? Did you race? Tell me!