Weekend Update 10/25-26, 2014

This post is part of Tara’s Weekend Update linkup – check out her site to see what everyone’s been up to! (training recap coming Tues)


Sat – 2.42 mile shakeout run.

I went into DC (thanks DH for the ride in!) to meet up with the fabulous Bart Yasso as he led the Runner’s World Challenge group for Marine Corps Marathon on an easy shakeout run. Having been lucky enough to run with him the day before Shamrock and confirm that he is just as awesome as you imagine, I couldn’t pass up a chance to run with him again AND have it be my first run post-Baystate! Along with Bart from Runner’s World were Amby Burfoot (Boston Marathon winner! heard him speak at a HHHalf seminar), Budd Coates, Christine Fennessy (great hair) and Robert James Reese. (I don’t think I got the photographer’s name – sorry) Also joining the pack – local fave (I’m a fan), marathoner, ultrarunner Mike Wardian (before he heads to Doha, Qatar to represent the USA at the World 100k Championships) and his adorable Vizla Rosie. This is my my first in-person sighting of Mike.  Eventually I hope to actually meet him, speak with him and maybe grab a pic and pet Rosie!

I met an interesting gentleman from Canada – struck up a conversation because he was wearing this year’s Chicago Marathon shirt. Since I’m from the area originally, asked him about it. Turns out he ran Chicago, Toronto and now Marine Corps! He runs a lot of marathons and he and a friend signed up to run Comrades in 2015 (that race that fascinates me, not sure I’ll do it but…..). And he’s 50, so someone close to my age, showing more is possible. Had a fantastic time chatting about all sorts of running topics for the whole run and quite a while after (why I missed hugging Bart or meeting Mike). We exchanged emails, would be great to stay in touch.

Metro’d home, with more runners….while waiting, met an older woman who normally does triathlons but was doing MCM to raise money for cystic fibrosis as her 30 year old nephew has it. On the train met a woman who now lives in Florida (she rec’d the Donna 26.2 there) but who came from West Virginia, so we chatted a while about that. She said the Marshall University Marathon in Huntington is great – flat, fast and you finish in the stadium. She told me it was next weekend, and you know, I actually thought about it, came home and looked it up. If it wasn’t such a long drive (and they allowed headphones), I’d be tempted, even though I’m not sure I could or should do it. Who am I? The MCM vibe this weekend is making me – who loves to train but isn’t that fond of racing – miss being in a race. I’m even considering a 10k next Sunday.

Sun – 7.6 mile recovery run on my treadmill, catching up on part of the Marathon Talk podcast from this week and the Another Mother Runner podcast ep detailing Sarah’s BQ at Victoria Marathon.


Saturday – Mostly puttering. Post-run, had breakfast and spent time online. Had to have this snack before my massage – and ate it again Sunday morning!

paleo bread with pumpkin puree, TJ's blueberry preserves and Penzey's pumpkin pie spice, warmed in the microwave

paleo bread with pumpkin puree, TJ’s blueberry preserves and Penzey’s pumpkin pie spice, warmed in the microwave

Had a lovely massage and chat with my MT. She’s also an artist, so I got a preview of the holiday cards she’s going to be selling. After that, I went to my local Pacers running store (I’d tweeted with them earlier in the day) to put in a pre-order for the Brooks Adrenaline 15s. Cross your fingers everyone, I NEED these shoes to work! I’m running out of my stock of 13s and I have much training to do. (the SuperFeet/orthotics question is a whole other story, but let’s start with the shoes) Got a chance to catch up with an ultrarunner who works there and ran Leadville 100. While doing that errand, I stopped by CostPlus and determined they had decided Halloween is over and it’s now Christmas. I am firmly in the “no Christmas stuff until the day after Thanksgiving” camp, so this disturbed me enough I forgot to get more sugar-free chocolate syrup. Another trip will be required. Went to RiteAid and picked up the rest of the Halloween candy we “needed” (it was on sale at least), and got myself Chinese steamed chicken and veggies for dinner. Had it Friday, will have it Sat and Sun also – same exact thing. 3x in a row is a bit much even for me, but it’s easiest.

Sunday – Bad stomach night for multiple reasons, so awake at 4. Got up since DH was getting ready to head to the marathon….went back to bed at 5:30 after he left. Tossed and turned, dozed for a little. Got up around 7, got kabocha and spaghetti squash in the oven and got my run in. Hung out online, then got cleaned up to go cheer the MCM runners not far from my house. I was out there for a while, ringing cowbells and yelling encouragement. Saw only one tweep I was cheering for and somehow missed DH. I know from his splits and the time that I was out there when he passed. There were large clumps of runners at some points though, and more people taller than he is than I would have expected, so he must have just been blocked from my view. I saw on the text alert that he’d hit the 40k split so I headed home to await news of his finish, then his return home a couple of hours after that.

I used the time to finish prepping food for tomorrow. Feels like I’ve been off work for a while with my race, a brief bout with a cold last week, and telework, but tomorrow is an office day, and busy week coming up. I also accomplished this!

new chair for standing desk breaks at work - put it together myself!

new chair for standing desk breaks at work – put it together myself!

And before the last of my motivation/productivity left me (the chair didn’t take long, but crouching and sitting on the floor wasn’t something my legs loved), I changed the city sticker on my car. Then Whartons, Chinese for the 3rd night in a row, a little TV and now writing this up. Soon, snacking, reading and bed before….hey, how’d it get to be Monday again?!

Hope you had a great weekend! Please tell me about it in the comments, especially if you raced.