Training Recap – Wk of Oct. 13, 2014

Here’s last week’s training recap. Second – and last – week of peaking for Baystate! Race recap to come.


  • Looking for peaking/taper tips and info? Check out this post from last week. Hang in there!
  • If you are interested in the “peaking” approach to the taper that I’ve discussed or want some advice on getting through the last 2 or so weeks before your marathon, you might also want to read Greg McMillan‘s short new e-book Surviving the Marathon Freak-Out.

Run 15.3 miles not including race

  • T – 7mi Stomach pain overnight, awake 330-530 ugh. Spiky heartburn lately too. Digestion way off. Plan was cruise intervals. Nailed it. 2mi warmup then 5x(0.65 at 50s faster than MGP, 0.12jog) cooldown. Used 2 servings EFS gel, some before each interval. Not easy. 1st 3 PG then got harder. Glutes, feet, shins. Misc pains in L arch/PTT, glutes, hams.
  • W – Was supposed to be an easy run, didn’t run – took my own advice: “when in doubt, do less”. Slept in chair till 3am. Then fell asleep dreaming I was having a hard time falling asleep. Tired, needed more sleep. Walked 30min.  Decided to telework due to impending rain and a draft to review.
  • Th – 6 miles. Slept in chair till 2am, woke for pills at 4, woke at 5, woke after 8am (!!) due to workmen down the street. Obviously was in desperate need of sleep. So glad I took today off work! Had first race nightmare – being off course and creepy police officers (zombie-like) who wouldn’t help me because they wanted burgers. Yeah, I actually can figure out where some of that came from, but bizarre how your mind splices things together. Plan was leg speed (did this workout Th before Shamrock, 12 reps). Nailed it. 3mi warmup increasing pace, then 12x (25s on at 1:07 faster than MGP, 1min recovery) then cooldown. On 1st one L ham complained, then improved some. Shins bugged me. Took 1 serving of EFS gel mixed with water before and during intervals. Ammonia smell after may suggest I needed more.
  • Sat – 2.3mi shakeout run to/from the start/finish area of race. Finished with some strides in the parking lot. First mile legs felt good and fresh, then L ham and hip started to act up. L hip bugged me all day, R tight too. Think hotel bed is too soft. Warmed up before run with 15 min walk on hotel treadmill and my drills in the fitness center. The mirrors there confirm what I knew – definitely need some strength/form work on my backward lunges. Always things to improve!
  • Sun – race

Bike: 1h Monday, 37min Friday
Core: M/W/F AM 
Wharton flex: 5 (forgot Friday with travel & food issues, realized on T 10/21 I did absolutely no stretching at all Sunday post-race!)
Chiro exercises: Ohnos Th, light
Coach Jay GSM routine: Most of hard day routine T, a couple moves plus Myrtls on Th, Myrtl after run Sat.
Calf stretches: 7x 
Walk: pre-run 15 min warmups
Drills: before every run – lunge matrix, high knees, skips, butt kicks, butt kicks moving in reverse, karaoke, front & lateral leg swings
Other: Chiro Tues
Nutrition: Very up and down. Backed off the beets due to some GI issues I couldn’t nail down. Tried to control myself & eat normally at least until Friday’s day of travel. Pleased with my ability to be flexible and controlled while on travel, worked out well!
Life/work stress: Wasn’t super useful at work but got enough done. Still felt odd about race. Sis suggested it’s just a different experience this time and roll with it. She’s likely right, as usual. Hard to wrap head around even as I’m typing this in the hotel Sat night before race. Am getting a little nervous but mostly trying not to think about race.

Still thinking ahead to what comes after Baystate. I may ask the son of the office manager at my chiro to help me with treadmill/boards sooner rather than later – avoid asking DH to do it and affecting his running.

I also need to decide whether I’ll go back to gluten-free grain (and possibly goat cheese!) for a while to see if I note a performance improvement. (and if so, when) It’s an experiment I’m leery of, because I did well last year and at Shamrock with the paleo-ish non-grain diet.

Part of my re-thinking my food options is being tired of so many dietary restrictions affecting my life and DH’s. Some are imposed on me by conditions/pain but some are chosen and I’d start with those. Another part of is coming from wondering if I’m fueling the best I can for performance and recovery, and yet another part of it is trying to think about Boston and the ultra, logistics and making things work and be easier. Both those races start much later than I’m used to, which seems to indicate that not only do I need to train later in the morning to adapt, I need to figure out what to eat before the race. I don’t think not eating will cut it for a 10am or noon start, and to find something that will work for a race means trial and error, repeatedly in training. It seems something like gluten-free bagels, or hot cereal, works for a lot of people and that is something I could try if I went back to grain. I feel like a sweet potato might sit too heavily in my stomach to then run on, especially if I’m trying for a particular pace.

Hope you’re having a great week!