Friday Five – 5 favorite fuels for running/fitness

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This week’s theme is: 5 favorite fuels for running/fitness. My twitchy tummy makes this a list with no surprises for regular readers.

1) Pre-run: Beet Elite, FRS chews. A serving of BeetElite is about 30 calories, 2 FRS chews 40, with a little caffeine. For races or long runs with lots of goal pace miles, fast-finish long runs (FFLR) or simulator runs, a bit of gel/water right at the start.

BeetElite and FRS chews

BeetElite and FRS chews

2) During long runs, long speedwork and races:  EFS Liquid Shot Vanilla

Lately I’ve been trying GU as a backup since my vest can only hold 2 flasks of EFS (only downsides of EFS is they aren’t really in stores and  they don’t sell in packets as well as flasks). I’ve tried 4 flavors so far and liked all to varying degrees. They seemed to sit okay in my tummy, though each has only been tried once. All have caffeine which is new for me. L to R: Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel, Jet Blackberry, Roctane Blueberry Pomegranate.

3) Post-run Recovery – Ultragen. Right combo of carbs/protein to replenish my stores, and super-easy on my stomach. Cappuccino, yum.

EFS Liquid Shot, Ultragen and GU

EFS Liquid Shot, Ultragen and GU

Backup for post-run protein when I’m at home on telework days is Hammer Whey protein, alone or mixed w/ water, “milk”, applesauce or pumpkin puree. Can be eaten hot, cold or room temp. I’ve also used it as an afternoon or evening snack, and I’ve even brought it to work a time or two. A little Torani sf syrup or sweetener doesn’t hurt. You can also add nuts. Another option is to make chia seed pudding w/ whey.

4) After my recovery drink/protein: sweet potatoes! With or without nut butter, coconut manna, maple butter/honey but always with celtic sea salt.

5) Daily nutrition: My daily nutrition is pretty consistent (some might say boring). I tend to eat the same things over and over because I like them and they work for my tummy. I eat a lot of kabocha and other squashes – but mostly kabocha when I can get it, as it’s my favorite. I often eat it plain, but I’ve been known to top it with nut butter. I also eat root veggies like beets – lately lots of beets, a small can a day. Frozen bananas, with nut butter and celtic sea salt, are almost a daily staple.

Kabocha piece and whole, Japanese sweet potato (L), Stokes purple (R)

Kabocha piece and whole,(center), Japanese sweet potato (L), Stokes purple (R)

6) Speaking of nut butter, it deserves its own place in the list:


my fave nut butters

my fave nut butters

 What are some of your favorite fuels for running or overall fitness? I’m always on the hunt. Happy Friday!