Weekend Update – Sept 27/28, 2014

This post is part of Tara’s Weekend Update linkup – check out her site to see what everyone’s been up to! (training recap coming Tues)

Hard to believe that in 3 weeks, Baystate will be behind me! I finally registered for Richmond Marathon on Friday.


  • YogaVibes is offering a special deal through the end of September, $150 for a full year of 24×7 online access to many teachers and classes. I always rec Sage Rountree‘s Yoga for Athletes…..but there are other teachers and classes as well!
  • Looking for taper tips and info? Check out this post from last week. Hang in there!


  • Sat – 22 miles. 2 mi warmup, 18 miles at goal pace, 1 mile 7s faster than goal pace, 1mi cooldown. last 15 at marathon goal pace. Another warm run, more humid than last week! 66d/44% humidity at start, 72d/56% humidity at end. Splashed a lot of cold water on myself during the run, maybe more than I drank. Discovered while doing Whartons that L ham was not happy. Didn’t complain unless stretched, kinda odd.
  • Sun – 6.25 recovery pace tmill miles. Pretty decent considering how sore I was yesterday. Small niggles and muscle complaints, but nothing major. L ham didn’t love me, had some new pains down L calf.


Saturday – Not a lot of activity post long run, as usual. It takes a fair amount of time to cool down, get my recovery drink and bike time in, do some exercises (those were not fun today due to soreness). Headed out to the porch where it was still summer (soooo ready for fall) – 82 degrees and hot sun in a pretty blue sky. I actually got myself overheated, which proved to not be a good thing. A short walk (15min each way) to some local stores to look at Halloween decorations in my overheated/dehydrated/underfueled (?) stated caused a big and unpleasant blood sugar drop, the likes of which I haven’t had for a while….mostly because I’m careful. Made it home but was a shaky, cranky, unpleasant-to-be-around person until I got some water, a peach and a popsicle in me, at which point I was fine.

Ate dinner & watched TV, ate too many crunchy snacks. (no good reason, just did…irked at myself, but all I can do is do better going forward – at least I know when I’m doing something stupid?) Have reached the point pre-race where there’s nothing I can really do to improve where I am in terms of readiness, so any bright/eager ideas that would add or change my training get put on a “next training cycle” (or “post-Baystate”) list. Starting Optygen supplementation yesterday is probably the only exception to my NOTHING NEW rule I’ll choose to make (others may be forced upon me).

Now what’s important and likely to help me perform on race day is to stay healthy, finish my last runs as planned, do my exercises and stretches, keep my chiro and massage appointments, try to get a little more sleep, eat and hydrate well, minimize stress as possible. Plan and prep for the race, mentally and physically.

Sunday –

Got up to more amazing running – Berlin Marathon happened while I was asleep…

Dennis Kimetto 2:02:57! Amazing new WR, even more so when you find out he just really started “seriously” running 4 years ago, after being sort of discovered by Geoffrey Mutai. Farmer to WR holder in 4 years. Thinking Phil Maffetone‘s 1:59 book about a sub-2 marathon may not be far off…hear him on EndurancePlanet (who’s had him on for years) or RunnerAcademy. I imagine he’ll be showing up on more podcasts now. And Shalane “no regrets” Flanagan with a new PR! I’m sad that she didn’t get the record she wanted, but again, a gutsy, gritty, put it all out there performance. I’m sure some people will criticize her approach, but it’s what works for her and that’s what’s important. (also, I’m glad to see Deena’s record stand for a while longer, but if someone has to break it, I’d like it to be Shalane, I guess)

Back to my (much quieter Sunday)…

Slept in till 7-ish. Much needed. Went from chair to bed around 11pm, may have woken up once before 4am pill alarm, then back to sleep till the light and my body finally woke me. Every time I sleep longer it reminds me I need to get more sleep! Thought about skipping my run (sore) or just walking, but decided to do my walking warmup anyway (thought about skipping drills, but didn’t). Talked myself into starting the run (inside, of course – 97% humidity? no thanks) and trying for at least a mile. Made it through the AMR Ragnar Recap podcast plus. Then started cooking my veggies for the week (kabocha, brussels sprouts) and doing my strength work. Did some more food prep, then had some artichoke hearts and bacon. More prep, then treated myself to fresh out of the oven kabocha. Headed to my 1pm massage, which was nice. Not that it didn’t hurt a little, but mostly good. Scheduled next few appointments (through post-race) and met another massage therapist just starting at the practice who seems like she’ll be a good option for both my sports massage and trigger point if my usual folks aren’t available when I need them.

Headed back home for some porch time, read Greg McMillan‘s short new e-book Surviving the Marathon Freak-Out. If you are interested in the “peaking” approach to the taper that I’ve discussed or want some advice on getting through the last 2 or so weeks before your marathon, you might want to check it out. For me, some of it was a repeat of material from his book that I use to train (and recommend) YOU (Only Faster) and articles of his I’ve kept, but there were also new and handy tips, FAQ and a lot of encouragement. Checked my training plan for the next few weeks against McMillan’s plans and my Shamrock plan, think I am fairly set. Realized this weekend that I should have taken this coming Tuesday off work (it’s a tough run) but it may be too late for me to set that up. At least it’s a telework day with a chiro appt. Have to decide if I’m going to take the next Tuesday off (for no real reason) or reserve the day. (probably the latter) Spending some time out here (cooler than yesterday) reading blogs and updating this post and others. Soon, a shower to de-oil myself from massage. Not sure if I’ll have time to try on cute new running bras and shorts I got or if that will have to wait until later in the week or next weekend.

This coming week is a bit more “normal” on my schedule. Chiro Tuesday. All day meeting Wednesday. Have to go into the office on Thursday, but I won’t go in till the afternoon and am thinking about doing telework on Friday again.

Fall isn’t here yet – but it’s coming….took this photo Thursday on the way home from Whole Foods.

look, a fall tree

look, a fall tree

I’d like to enjoy fall both here and at Baystate (already started weather stalking)!

Hope you had a great weekend! Please tell me about it in the comments.