Weekend Update – Sept 20/21, 2014

This post is part of Tara’s Weekend Update linkup – check out her site to see what everyone’s been up to! (training recap coming Tues)


  • Get your flu shot!
  • YogaVibes is offering a special deal through the end of September, $150 for a full year of 24×7 online access to many teachers and classes. I always rec Sage Rountree‘s Yoga for Athletes…..but there are other teachers and classes as well! 


  • Sat – 21 miles, last 15 at marathon goal pace. Yet another mind-over-matter run (mental toughness! even when feeling like a wimp and wanting to stop so many times, nudged/bribed/cajoled/bullied myself through it) Kind of funny given I listened to the newest MarathonTalk episode which had researcher Josephine Perry talking about her study of mental toughness in runners, and Tom’s discussion with her about whether it took more mental toughness to push through or more to pull back sometimes. (I really wanted to stop at miles 6, 10, 14, 16…) I also enjoyed the latest Ask The Coaches episode of Endurance Planet – I had a question answered! I’m the “M” who asked about how to recover from/train for multiple races, starting at 1:02:42 into the episode. Very warm run, and the vest and not being able to get my a/c max’d out didn’t help. Started the run at 66 degrees and 38% humidity and watched it climb (I have a monitor near the clock) throughout my run to 72 degrees and 48% humidity. Splashed a lot of cold water on myself during the run, maybe more than I drank. Still having a slight knot in R gastroc but massage person said that was all it felt like. Not sure if it’s related to my bunion being a little more painfully twisty than usual Saturday morning – but it’s all connected so it wouldn’t surprise me if I was changing my gait or foot strike a bit, unconsciously, and putting strain on something. Also worried my orthotics are giving out. (the shoe quest has begun – Ariels and Mizunos tried and going back, Asics on the way, have to wait to pre-order Adrenalines in EE)
  • Sun – 6.4 miles at recovery pace. Pretty decent after yesterday’s long run – I could have gone longer – and probably better than I expected given my post-run feeling yesterday and general soreness this morning. So that’s something, right? I listened to Rachel Toor on the Another Mother Runner podcast, and then threw on some extra miles. I actually stopped at 6.25 miles (wanted at least a 10k worth), got off the treadmill, went into the kitchen and started getting food out, stopped to log my run in my spreadsheet and realized I was 0.15 miles short of the next mile. Yes, I got back on the treadmill for 0.15 miles. I think I should get extra credit for not running the extra 2 miles that would have brought me to 50.


DH was out of town this weekend, so I was on my own for food fetching and entertainment. I mostly stuck with our usual evening activities (eating Chinese on Friday night – and Saturday night too – a little TV watching and some reading). Got porch time in both days, though it was far warmer than I would have liked, especially on Sunday.

For those who are curious about my “Chinese” dinner – eaten pre-long run and pre-race….here it is.

Chinese takeout - pre long run/race meal with sunbutter & coconut aminos

Chinese takeout – pre long run/race meal with sunbutter & coconut aminos

Exciting steamed chicken and mixed veggies (no broccoli, and without DH, no pea pods so I don’t have to pick them out), topped with coconut aminos and sunflower seed butter (Maranatha, with sea salt). I ate half the container Friday and half Saturday. Got another order to split between Monday lunch and dinner as I’m on my own for those too. Yes, I could have made it myself (not steamed, but microwaved) but with the recent fridge/freezer food loss, I would have had to spend time in the chest freezer unearthing the ingredients, and I wasn’t in the mood.

Saturday – Not a lot of activity post long run, as usual. It takes a fair amount of time to cool down, get my recovery drink and bike time in, do some exercises (even though I skipped Whartons). Then I ate quickly before going to my massage. On the way back, stopped to pick up the Chinese food and at a nearby grocery store (I really wanted popsicles and some additional produce for the week, though now I probably have too much.) After putting everything away, I treated myself to reading the October Runner’s World on the porch (Deena Kastor article!) and spent more time than usual out there since I could do dinner whenever. Some nice cool breezes after 6. Then showered, ate Chinese and watched a little TV till DH called to chat. Watched one more show, enjoyed Arctic Zero, and settled down for reading and bed. I couldn’t fall asleep in the chair – people down the street were having way too loud of a party, with loud music, so I headed upstairs around 11. Slept reasonably (usual 3-4 wake ups) and lazed in bed later as is my habit on Sundays.

Sunday – I lazed in bed in part because it just felt so good to be horizontal and not moving. But I knew I’d better get going, especially if I wanted to follow one of my “idols”, Deena Kastor, in RnR Philly….worth it as she set a new WR as a Master! Amazing. Then I did my recovery run. Roasted kabocha (if you stop after 45 minutes, it’s not complete mush!) and had sort of a random breakfast of applesauce/whey protein and then 1/2 a paleo waffle with some applesauce, maple butter and coconut manna. Got food ready for all 3 meals tomorrow, an in-office day, and prepped my supplements for the week. Kept myself entertained during all this with part of the latest episode of TalkUltra, and part of a recent DFL Ultrarunning podcast episode about the Vermont 100. Did my Whartons, tried on the Mizunos (fail). Then I made my treat – AeroPress decaf – and headed out to the porch. Didn’t last long, it’s not quite fall here yet and was too warm and sunny for my liking. Back inside to write posts and do some race prep. I’ll heat a frozen burger from one of our usual weekend spots (we buy extra for just such contingencies) and heat up some veggies to go with it, maybe kale, carrots and mushrooms. If I’m feeling gutsy, I might try some balsamic vinegar (a fave of both Deena and me, but usually on my “no” list for GERD) on the veggies. Some TV before bedtime reading/snacking, then….hello, it’s Monday again?! How did that happen?

This coming week has some extra stuff in it – good stuff. Tuesday, in addition to my lunchtime chiro appt, I have my first acupuncture appointment in the late afternoon. Apparently it’s an hour discussion/intake questions followed by an hour session. I’m hopeful that it can help me in a lot of areas. Thursday, I am looking forward to some fun! A friend is coming into town and we’ll be having lunch together. Then later in the afternoon, a trigger point appointment which I’m sure I need. Friday a haircut and Sunday a massage. Looks to be fairly busy at work with plenty of docs to review and people competing for my time. They’re going to have to get used to that – unlike most of the folks I work with, who take vacation in the summer due to kids’ school, most of my vacation is taken in the fall/winter for races and holidays. No word yet on when our new person starts. I did find out that I did not get the supervisor position (apparently because I haven’t been there that long, compared to the person who got it) but I’m ok with it. I like and respect the person who will be my supervisor, and I’m frankly just as glad to not add any stress or additional work to my life; my running and happiness are really my priorities.

Hope you had a great weekend! Please tell me about it in the comments.