Training Tuesday – Recap for Wk of Sept 22, 2014

Here’s last week’s training recap. Still ups and downs, but I think we’re going to decide that overall it was an up week.

Less than 3 weeks to Baystate! (that sounds more excited and less nervous than I am….) Break out the hand sanitizer.

Run 50.35 miles

  • T – 12 miles – The plan was 5-7 mile repeats, did 6. 2mmi w/u then 6 x (1mi at 27s faster than MGP, 0.5 jog), 1mi c/d. Various cranky parts, incl. R calf.
  • W – 3.1 recovery miles, again various body parts cranky, now L calf joining the party.
  • Th – 7 miles – Plan was tempo run. Bagged that for “ez pace zone” which didn’t feel easy. Tired and decided that from both a training and a confidence perspective, I needed to be able to do my planned run on Saturday more than I needed this tempo run, especially given I’d done the mile repeats on Tuesday. Still was feeling those repeats in my legs, and my GI tract made me glad I was running at home on my treadmill. Let’s just say it was not an uninterrupted run. Would have preferred double-digits, but tired enough that I didn’t have to work that hard to get myself to shut it down, which was the right thing to do.
  • Sat – Last long long run of training cycle for Baystate. 22 miles. 2 mi warmup, 18 miles at goal pace, 1 mile 7s faster than goal pace, 1mi cooldown. Can’t quite believe I got that done. Nailed this run (though it wasn’t easy as I would have wanted it to be and I should be more enthusiastic, proud, pleased). Looking back, 3 weeks before Shamrock, I did 21 with 18 at goal pace, so this could even be considered a little better. Another warm run, more humid than last week! It was 66F/44% humidity at start, 72F/56% humidity at end. Splashed a lot of cold water on myself during the run, maybe more than I drank. Carried some extra gel in shorts, but felt that on my glute mins, so will just have to carry it all in the vest. I do think the vest is part of why my shoulders and neck are more sore on Sunday/Monday the last few weeks. It’s pretty fitted, but I suspect there’s a tiny bit of bounce and shift in it. The vest plus the weight of the gels probably adds almost a pound of weight, which isn’t a big deal unless you’re carrying that extra for 26.2 miles. Going to need to start a new pair of shoes for the last couple long runs, break them in for the race. (it’s getting real!) Had a bit of a blood sugar episode in the afternoon, didn’t snack enough and then went walking in the heat while likely dehydrated. (however, I wasn’t as wiped out as my notes say I was after this run pre-Shamrock, so possibly that’s good)
  • Sun –  6.25 recovery pace tmill miles. Pretty decent considering how sore I was yesterday. Small niggles and muscle complaints, but nothing major. L ham didn’t love me, had some new pains down L calf.

Bike: 1h Monday and Friday, 30 min after Saturday’s long run
Core: M/W/F AM. 
Wharton flex: 4 days, skipped Tuesday due to time, Th due to trigger point, Sun due to ham soreness and massage. I’m told it’s possible to overload the body with too much work on areas that are cranky, so today I’m telling myself that’s why I missed so many days. Back on this next week.
Chiro exercises: Ohnos T/Th
Coach Jay GSM routine: Hard days T/Th/Sat, easy days W/Sun. (days I do the Coach Jay GSM, there are some of the Myrtl moves in there – I really like the Myrtls)
Calf stretches: 7x 
Walk: pre-run 15 min warmups
Drills: before every run – lunge matrix, high knees, skips, butt kicks, butt kicks moving in reverse, karaoke, front & lateral leg swings
Other: Chiro Tues, acupuncturist T, trigger point Th, sports massage Sun.
Nutrition: A little too much binging on crunchy (not vegetable) things over the weekend. Trying to figure out how to adjust eating over next 3 weeks to be healthy, maybe drop just a little, accommodate peaking (which brings slight mileage reduction) and not go nuts. Unfortunately, things like chewing ice and sugarless gum aren’t options. I drink a lot of water and decaf tea.

Life/work stress: Still busy at work, still waiting to hear when the new person starts – HR finally extended the offer to her! Family stress is about the same. I put it at low/medium with occasional spikes. Nerves about the race kicking in, along with ignoring it, denial, etc. Not thinking too much about following races (though I did finally register for Richmond) except when I do so to distract myself. Thinking about Boston training now is useful only to a point.

The acupuncture appointment was interesting and I’m willing to try it a few more times at least. She recommended weekly appointments – everybody wants weekly! It’s a matter of scheduling and prioritization, particularly in the remaining time pre-race, and remembering to call her for an appointment – remembering is not my greatest skill lately. I also need to try to file with my insurance for her services; she said she’s seen it covered by some folks in my insurance plan. She also recommended I see her herbalist, which would be a trek up to Maryland for the consult, then might be able to pick up supplements at the acupuncturist.

I have some strong suggestions from friends and past massage therapists to see a naturopath, which interests me – but again, it’s a matter of time and scheduling. Also, I have some mainstream/Western medicine appointments I need to make to get blood and other tests done that allow me to keep getting all my needed meds and to check some other parameters (iron/serum ferritin, cholesterol, blood sugar). Debating doing another saliva adrenal/cortisol test (spit into vials at different points during the day) – but without a serious problem, there is a limited amount that can be done in Western medicine anyway (and in some others) to address any problems, so I could have interesting data that isn’t actionable….or where the actions aren’t ones I want to take. I have an assortment of conditions, some of which sort of fight with each other for treatment, so I have to be careful. Sometimes it’s best to just let things be. And 3 weeks before the race isn’t the time to be worrying about this stuff or changing anything. Heck, I have a whole 4 weeks after Baystate before Richmond to do that! (kidding, sort of)

Have reached the point pre-race where there’s nothing I can really do to improve where I am in terms of readiness, so any bright/eager ideas that would add or change my training get put on a “next training cycle” (or “post-Baystate”) list. Even this morning, I thought “oh, I could add this core exercise” and had to tell myself, “no, you can’t, not before the race”. Starting Optygen supplementation after my long run this past Saturday is probably the only exception to my NOTHING NEW rule I’ll choose to make (others may be forced upon me). Ok, I’m eating more beets, but that’s not really new, just more.

Now what’s important and likely to help me perform on race day is to stay healthy, finish my last runs as planned, do my exercises and stretches, keep my chiro and massage appointments, try to get a little more sleep, eat and hydrate well, minimize stress as possible. Plan and prep for the race, mentally and physically.

Hope you’re having a great week!