Training Tuesday – Recap for Wk of Sept 15, 2014

Last week turned out to be a cutback week…somewhat unplanned (though I should have planned it) but perhaps needed after two 60 mile weeks in a row. Better safe….I think I should get extra points for not pushing to 50 on Sunday.

Less than 4 weeks to Baystate! (ack)

(Reminder about that flu shot – there’s already a flu going around here, and the shots take 2 weeks to hit max effectiveness. If you’ve got a race in 3-4 weeks, especially with travel, it’s not too late!)

Run 48 miles this week.

  • T – 13.1 miles – The plan was goal pace intervals, 3x3miles. Got it done. 2 mi warmup, 3×3 miles at goal pace with 0.5 recovery, and 0.6 cool down on top of that. A half PR for me!
  • W – Took an unscheduled XT day due to overall fatigue. 30 min walk, 15 min bike plus core in the AM, Whartons in the PM. Posterior tibial tendon very cranky.
  • Th – 7.5 miles – today’s plan was either 1min on/off fartlek or Yasso 800s. For confidence’s sake, I went with the 1min. 3 mile warmup at increasing paces, then 15 x (1min on at faster than new goal pace, slower than old goal pace, 1 min recovery), then a little over a mile cooldown.) My stomach wasn’t quite right this morning, which made for some interesting moments. Yassos didn’tt suit me in my last training cycle, and I’d really like to use them, but I don’t need one more hit to my confidence right now.  Used old orthotics because of PTT crankiness. Seems like the newer ones (2013 vs. 2012) are not as high in the arch. The older ones helped with the PTT, but seemed to push the top of my foot against the shoe more, and may have redistributed stress to different places. I may use them for shorter runs just to get the 2013 set to last longer. Gotta get the orthotics thing figured out, hopefully before Boston training starts (the shoe quest too) but changing orthotics – and finding a new, good provider – is always tough and risky.
  • Sat – 21 miles. 6 miles at increasing pace in ez pace zone, then 15 miles at marathon goal pace (Regular readers know that in the last 2 weeks I’ve decided on a slower marathon pace, so I am going to stop referring to it that way – it’s just my MGP or GP now. Though not my dream pace – which I still plan to go after – it’s still a smidge faster than I trained at for Shamrock) Easy? No. Yet another mind-over-matter run (mental toughness! even when feeling like a wimp and wanting to stop so many times, nudged/bribed/cajoled/bullied myself through it) Kind of funny given I listened to the newest MarathonTalk episode which had researcher Josephine Perry talking about her study of mental toughness in runners, and Tom’s discussion with her about whether it took more mental toughness to push through or more to pull back sometimes. (I really wanted to stop at miles 6, 10, 14, 16…) I also enjoyed the latest Ask The Coaches episode of Endurance Planet – I had a question answered! I’m the “M” who asked about how to recover from/train for multiple races, starting at 1:02:42 into the episode.

This has to have been one of the warmest runs I’ve done in quite a while, for one thing. At the end, my bra was utterly soaked, which very rarely happens. I was wearing my vest (with gel flasks and packets) over my bra, which means my back sweat doesn’t get evaporated by the fan blowing on me. For some reason, the a/c in the house just didn’t get that cold, despite me maxing it out. Started the run at 66 degrees and 38% humidity and watched it climb (I have a monitor near the clock) throughout my run to 72 degrees and 48% humidity. I was so warm that when I finished, the kitchen (which is usually an icebox from the a/c) didn’t seem that cold to me. I had been splashing water out of my bottle on my face, neck and arms for a fair amount of the run. I took ~60cal gel before, then gel ~mi 6, 10.4, 13.4 and 15.9 (total 445cal – during was 1 4svg flask plus) Gel helped a little. Still having a slight knot in R gastroc but massage person said that was all it felt like. Not sure if it’s related to my bunion being a little more painfully twisty than usual Saturday morning – but it’s all connected so it wouldn’t surprise me if I was changing my gait or foot strike a bit, unconsciously, and putting strain on something. Also worried my orthotics are giving out. (the shoe quest has begun – Ariels and Mizunos tried and going back, Asics on the way, have to wait to pre-order Adrenalines in EE)

  • Sun – 6.4 miles  at recovery pace. Pretty decent after yesterday’s long run – I could have gone longer – and probably better than I expected given my post-run feeling yesterday and general soreness this morning. So that’s something, right? I listened to Rachel Toor on the Another Mother Runner podcast, and then threw on some extra miles. I actually stopped at 6.25 miles (wanted at least a 10k worth), got off the treadmill, went into the kitchen and started getting food out, stopped to log my run in my spreadsheet and realized I was 0.15 miles short of the next mile. Yes, I got back on the treadmill for 0.15 miles. I think I should get extra credit for not running the extra 2 miles that would have brought me to 50.

Bike: 1h Monday, 15 min W, 30 min after Saturday’s long run
Core: M/W/F AM. Still would like to move Core to T/Th/Sat along with other strength to give body a break…but no idea how to find yet more time on those days post-run!
Wharton flex: 6 days, skipped Saturday
Chiro exercises: Ohnos only – skipped Tues, did 2/leaping, 4/stepping on Th.
Coach Jay GSM routine: 2 hard days T,/Th forgot to do easy on W since I didn’t run. Did easy days Sat/Sun. Sticking with wks 5-6.
Myrtl routine:  4 (days I do the Coach Jay GSM, there are some of the Myrtl moves in there)
Calf stretches: 7x 
Elliptical: None. 
Pool: none
Walk: pre-run 15 min warmups, plus 2 miles on Wednesday as XT.
Drills: before every run – lunge matrix, high knees, skips, butt kicks, butt kicks moving in reverse, karaoke, added front & lateral leg swings
Other: Chiro Tues, sports massage Sat.
Nutrition: I started eating bananas and nut butter again. My stomach seems to be tolerating it, but my ability to control my eating of nut butter still stinks. Stress, whatever. Thinking about when to just give up on nut butter and Arctic Zero. I feel too out of control with them. Maybe at the end of this year. Or maybe after Baystate. I should just stop NOW, but…

Life/work stress:

Looking forward to my first acupuncture appointment today (Tuesday). I want her to try to work on my posterior tibial tendon crankiness, sleep issues, GERD/hernia and some other health stuff. Apparently we’ll do an hour interview where she gets to hear all my concerns (should be fun for her, not) and then she tries to figure out how they hook together or don’t, we prioritize and then she starts treatment.

Some fun to look forward to – an out of town friend is in town later in the week and we’re meeting for lunch. I also have a trigger point appointment, a sports massage appointment and a haircut scheduled this week. Lots of good stuff.

Thinking that a focus on sleep in the last weeks before the race (inside 4 weeks now!) might be helpful. I seem to recall I thought this last time, pre-Shamrock, and I’m not sure I made it happen. Since I can’t really get up much later in the mornings, it means trying to get to sleep very early. I know some folks manage to get to sleep by 9, and I think that would really help me, but right now that’s my solo quiet reading (and snacking) time. We’ll see.

Hope you’re having a great week!