#ThankfulThursday – 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Borrowing a few ideas here….not sure where I saw Thankful Thursday (maybe it started after Thanksgiving somehow?), a Thursday numbered post from the Thursday Thirteen Misty does occasionally (her most recent was on a Sunday), and the 10 Things That Make Me Happy (scroll) from Jen.

ANYway….10 things that make me happy and that I’m thankful for are below, in no particular order! Feel free to share yours in the comments. Hope, like me, 10 doesn’t even come close to barely scratching the surface of what you’re thankful for today!

  1. Chatting with my tweeps and friends, old and new, via phone, email, twitter and even in person when opportunities arise
  2. Hot drinks (coffee, tea) on just-cool-enough-but-not-cold mornings
  3. When something good happens to someone I know, especially if they’ve had a tough time lately
  4. Sunlight filtering through the leaves on trees
  5. When new issues of the magazines I subscribe to arrive
  6. The smell of Murphy’s Oil Soap
  7. Making someone I love laugh
  8. Getting tangible paper cards/notes from friends or family in the mail
  9. Llttle white fluffy dogs
  10. Being reminded of a song I love, then playing it really loud and singing along

And a bonus thing that makes me happy (with photo!) yummy fruit from the Farmers’ Market, thoughtfully procured by DH.




What makes you happy? What are you thankful for?