Race Bucket List – Runners Tell All linkup

This post is part of the Runners Tell All linkup hosted by Amanda at The Lady Okie and Becka at Sunshine to the Square Inch. There’s a running-related topic provided for the post on the 21st of each month. Thanks to Deb at Deb Runs for posting as part of this linkup, that’s how I found it!

This month’s topic is your Race “Bucket List”. What races would you love to do if you had the time/money? (note this isn’t exactly the same as “which ones must you do before you leave this earth”, and I like this twist better)

It’s not just time/money, it’s energy/physical health. I’ll pretend I’ve got unlimited amounts of all! If I could, I’d probably run a marathon a week.

  • Beach to Beacon 10k (because it’s Joan Benoit Samuelson‘s race – she’s a hero and role model for me, would love to meet her)
  • Zion Half Marathon – so pretty
  • Big Sur Marathon and the Boston to Big Sur Challenge – because Big Sur is so pretty, and the challenge is HARD!
  • San Francisco Marathon – because it’s hard and pretty
  • Avenue of the Giants Marathon – I’ve wanted to visit the redwoods
  • London Marathon – love London, was there as a child, want to go back
  • Dublin Marathon – I want to visit Ireland
  • Reykjavik Marathon – I know a few people who’ve visited Iceland and said it was worth the trip, and the race looks nice, saw it featured in a contest Runner’s World held.
  • Mad City 50k and 100k – love Madison, and I want to do ultra distances, so few road ultras which I think I would prefer
  • Way Too Cool 50k – this was one of the first ultras I ever saw live streaming of, and it’s supposed to be a great race – it’s a trail one, so I’d be starting down that path too 
  • JFK 50 Mile – an iconic race, nearby (and my BQ actually qualified me!) – I’m afraid of the trail part, but heck, if this is just dreaming…
  • Comrades Marathon – I’ve heard so much about this race now that it’s oddly appealing. Again, dreaming. 
  • Western States 100 – and since I’m dreaming, why not make do the iconic 100 miler that you have to qualify for and that is not only getting more popular every year but is really darned tough!

Hey, some of mine made this list! (I promise, I’d written this post before I saw it….)

What races – given unlimited time, money, energy and physical health – would you want to do?