Friday Five – My 5 Favorite….

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This week’s theme is: My 5 Favorite ______

Favorites from the past!


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – I have a very old hardcover version with color plates, hand-bound by my great-uncle, who was an actual bookbinder! This edition looks sort of like mine.

A Wrinkle in Time – I still have my copy from childhood. Who didn’t identify with at least one of the characters?

A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time

Crystal Singer – wonderful character and terrific writing, I stlll have phrases from it in my mind decades after first reading it

The Soul of a New Machine – amazing narrative nonfiction, and geekery as well, added to my interest in computers

The Alphabet Series by Sue Grafton – many happy afternoons with this series, though I probably dropped it around R


I can’t eat these treats anymore, but present them for your potential indulgence…

  • Arizona – Ooey Gooeys (among other things) from Tammie Coe in Arizona – DH and I served these at our wedding reception. If you are in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, you must seek their products out. Everything we have had from them is terrific.
  • Chicago – Carol’s Sugar Cookies – my favorite of their decadent flavors (holy cow, they have gluten free/nut free now but not in plain sugar) – got them at Whole Foods stores there
  • West Virginia – (tie) Peanut butter chocolate chip soft biscotti from this place in West Virginia, when we lived there – or the blackberry pie from this place, best.crust.EVER.
  • Any Indian restaurant – naan and kheer
  • Any grocery store – Reese’s Puffs – the perfectly dangerous snack while reading. I could eat at least a half a box at once. Yes, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups were my favorite candy (never got to try the dark or white chocolate versions) but the perfect milk chocolate was always a plain Hershey bar (or kisses, in a pinch…and yes, I did get to eat pumpkin kisses and enjoyed them).


These won’t be shared except to describe them, some of them I don’t even have any more.

  • My admission essay to a graduate writing program, about my thyroid cancer experience
  • My posts on my BQ race
  • A speech I wrote for my boss at a former job….I channeled lots of emotion along with the facts, got into my boss’ head and mannerisms, and it rang like crystal. I read it out loud and there was a stunned silence until the boss said “you should be a speechwriter”.
  • My papers in college for my Shakespeare classes (I minored in Literature, mostly Shakespeare – I ran them out of Shakespeare classes and had to do independent study)
  • Essays I wrote for myself after my mom died


(favorites at the moment, I hope to make some new favorites soon!)

  • My BQ – I’m still very proud of myself
  • My first race post cancer, the 5k at this event, which I highly recommend (I’ve done the 5k, half and the full, my 2nd marathon)
  • Runs in the Sedona neighborhood near our favorite B&B
  • A run on the Mount Vernon Trail with DH on New Year’s Eve – we started around 11:30, ran down to see fireworks, and ran home. It was cold and we had the trail completely to ourselves.
  • My half marathon PR at Richmond in 2012

What are your five favorites from the past in any or all of the above categories?