Weekend Update – Aug 23 & 24, 2014

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During this past week, I got my newest Boston flowers planted!

newest Boston flowers

newest Boston flowers

But I still need to pick and freeze basil….(if you look closely, you can see the Boston flowers on the left and my red Subaru Forester, which recently joined the 100k mile club, in the driveway)


basil in terra cotta color pot

basil in terra cotta color pot



Plan said 18-22 in long run pace zone.

Actual: 22mi in long run pace zone! 1 mi 2+min slower than MGP, 1mi 1:38 slower than MGP, 5mi 1:29 slower than MGP, 15mi 1:20 slower than MGP. My (very detailed) notes indicate pretty good cardio (HR 140 at end), less thirst or perception of being hot than usual (really cranked the a/c down and it’s not as hot outside), and not too many niggles. One weird and new thing – my inner hamstring on the R side (not sure if muscle/tendon) wanted to cramp a number of times in the early miles. It eventually eased up, but felt almost like the beginning of a charley horse. Ugh. I’m thinking it might be related to my tight R VMO, which I did notice during the run and which, by the end (as chiro had warned it might) started to pull my R knee out of good alignment…ow. But I knew what it was and tried to tweak it back into place a bit, as I sometimes do my left.

Wore my fuel belt again, this time with two flasks in the back pockets, each with 3 servings of gel (240cal), 2 servings water. I can definitely feel the discomfort/weight in my glute mins and hips. I started with both in the back, then when I wanted the first serving of gel, took the L one out and put it in the front pocket (b/c L glute min is more of a problem than R). I put it in the front pocket because it’s impossible for me to get the flask back into the back pocket on the run. (a shame, the only flaw in the belt) Though I took gel at 4 points (miles 5.8, 10.4, 13.4, 17.9), because it was mixed with water, I only used the one flask. When I finished that flask, I put it in one of the water bottle ports on the treadmill (because in a race I’d throw it away at an aid station) and pulled the R one from the back to the front. Ahh, my glutes and hips liked that much better. In a race I wouldn’t get as much relief, because I’ll probably run with 3 flasks, 2 in back and 1 in front. Thus I may never even move the final flask to the front.

Got a sports massage 2h after ending my run (quick spin on the bike, some Myrtls and a light snack followed my run). Usually my massages are later in the day, was a late change. Not sure I loved it though it freed up the afternoon a bit. Did a little e-stim on my R VMO while watching TV. Skipped my Whartons as they seemed to being making me sorer and pulling painfully, figured the massage would have to do.

Sunday: 6.55 miles at recovery/easy pace, finished up with 6x15s strides and then Myrtls. After a nice night of sleep (my bed was soooo comfy it took me ages to get up), my legs felt pretty decent. Surprising when they’d been sorer yesterday afternoon than after the last few long runs.


Saturday pre-run, run and post-run took up all the time till noon. Then massage and transit took another couple of hours. Rain put the kibosh on porch time, so I read in the chair in the kitchen sunroom. Got through most of Build Your Runner’s Body by Pete Magill. Pretty good, I’d recommend. Some old info, but some details behind what you’ve always read as well as some new info, suggestions, exercises (with photos),  expertise from folks like Jay Dicharry, summations of pros/cons of different and competing theories/studies, recipes, some training plan ideas.

Saturday night was low-key. Didn’t feel like a big treat dinner like I usually go for after long runs (also DH was running long on Sunday), so made some grilled chicken and veggies with sun butter and coconut aminos. Watched a couple of TV shows then settled down to snack and read. AfterI finished reading, since it’s only 8 weeks to Baystate (!), I thought to myself “ok, in 8 weeks, you’ll be sitting in a a hotel room trying to relax and ready yourself for the race” and started some visualization of different aspects of the race.


I slept pretty well Saturday night, both in the chair after reading and in bed. I woke up early but was so comfy that I just lazed for a while. Post-run, had a quick scoop of whey protein in water, put kabocha in to roast and went to the grocery store for Japanese sweet potatoes (they were supposed to get more Hannahs but didn’t, boo) and other veggies for the week. Was charmed by an adorable young girl (12-18months) with a binky and a doting father teaching her about fruits and veggies. She kept looking at me and laughing as I made faces with her for as long as we were both in the produce section. Came home, got beets started in the oven and had my sweet potato/nut butter and bacon breakfast. Did my food prep for Monday in the office and my supplement prep for the week while listening to a Mike Wardian interview on irunfar (good luck to him at UTMB!) and about half of the latest episode Talk Ultra, which had some interesting discussion of Six Days in the Dome with David Johnston (Iditarod winner) and an interview with Adam Campbell about the recent Hardrock 100. I’ll listen to the rest of it, with ultrarunner William Sichel on the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race (around 1 block in Queens NYC), during the week probably. Not as much kabocha made it into the containers for future meals as it should have – I kinda binged on it.  So good but so filling! (sometimes my trying to keep my eating low-volume just doesn’t work so well) Tonight, a little Baja Fresh grilled fish with some shredded carrots for dinner. (contain your excitement!)

The coming week is going to play havoc with my regular schedule…and we know how I feel about that! (boo, hiss) I have to be in the office on both my regular telework (and more importantly, long speedwork) days due to helping interview candidates. I’m hoping to telework Wed and Fri instead, but I’m not going to move my runs. Tuesday will be up early, my run and a little telework, then a visit to my chiro, then into the office after getting cleaned up for an afternoon interview. Wednesday, my old massage person is briefly in town (and I have one more visit on the package I paid for) so I’ll get a bonus massage only a few blocks from my house. Might make Thursday’s run interesting. Thursday, I’ll need to get up even earlier as I need to be in the office for a morning interview. Also hoping we can get a plumber to come this week on W or F – upstairs toilet is not safely usable. Thank goodness we have more than one!

Looking forward to the 3 day Labor Day weekend….but I can’t take all of Tuesday (day after) off as I’d planned, have to go in for an afternoon meeting. Or at least I feel like I have to, since I was asked to attend by my team’s boss and I did put in that application for the supervisor job (haven’t heard anything). You know how that stuff goes. But I should be able to telework in the morning, run very early and get into an earlier appointment to my chiro. Let’s hope that ends the schedule tweaks as the coming weeks are very important in my training plan!

Training recap post planned for Tuesday, all the details on how last week’s training went.

Tell me about your weekend in the comments! Plans for the 3 day weekend?