Weekend Update – Aug 16 & 17, 2014

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Plan said 90min progression run in 3rds, but I wanted to pull in my 8mi MGP run scheduled for next Tuesday and 90 min felt too short (ego and insecurity warning lights flashing). Feeling a little nervous with not enough miles at goal pace yet. However, this wound up being sort of a hybrid run.

Actual: 16 miles. 1mi warmup, 1mi ez pace (~1:40 slower than MGP), 6mi faster ez pace (1:04 slower than MGP), 4mi MGP, 4mi ez pace. Good news: R VMO held up pretty well, started tweaking my knee toward the end a little. Less good news: my legs didn’t love much of anything about this run, and complained with whatever pace I ran. I might have been able to push one more mile at MGP, but the fear of injury looms big in my mind (as does the “you need to be able to run tomorrow, and to run this week” voice) AND my chiro is on vacation this coming week, so I didn’t try. This felt like more effort than it “should” be, having a hard time figuring out if I’m on target with my plan this time around.

This long run – 9 weeks from the race! – saw the return of my fuel belt. Say hello to my little friend, the UltrAspire Quantum.

Quantum - front

Quantum – front

Quantum - back

Quantum – back

It’s super light and stays in place pretty darned well. You pull it on or step into it. I can wear it below my shorts waistband, more on my hips than belly, which is important given all my tummy issues. My hips and glute mins don’t like it much though. I appreciate being able to use it but really prefer runs without it. However, train as you will race.

The pockets on the back are really made to carry gel packets, so wedging my Hammer flasks in there is tough. I start the marathon with 3 flasks, each partially filled with my gel of choice (First Endurance EFS Liquid Shot, vanilla) and a little water.

Quantum - front w flasks

Quantum – front w flasks

Quantum - back w flasks

Quantum – back w flasks

I start off using the one in the front pocket, pitch the flask when it’s empty and bring one from the back to the front. Makes me a little unbalanced when I do that, weight distribution-wise, but not much to be done about it.

The gel only comes in 5 serving flasks – and they changed the design so they’re darned near impossible to get in the back pockets – or a big jug.

my gel

my gel

I buy the big jug and fill the Hammer flasks with the finger ridges, including a bit of water though the gel itself is drinkable. This way I ensure I get some water and it’s easier to get gel down if need to do it away from a water stop. For destination races where I’m flying, if I’m not checking a bag and I can’t pick up gel locally, I have to mail the sealed 5 serving flasks to my hotel ahead of time. I bring Hammer packets as a backup (reminds me, I need to try taking those to make sure they’re still tolerable if I had to take them – may try some of the GU salted caramel and jet blackberry too).


5 miles recovery pace. Good news: VMO still holding up decently, enough to allow me to do reasonable lunges in my drills. Tired but not exhausted, sore but not wrecked. Less good news: Low energy and a surprise (new) sharp pain in the bottom of my left heel – slightly left of center – on and off during the first couple miles. Not sure if this means my shoes are going, I stressed something, my gait was off….played around with my gait and foot strike, not sure if any changes made it stop or it stopped on its own, but it did stop. (Trigger point massage therapist didn’t note any particular soreness when she worked on it, said sometimes these things are just flukes…nevertheless, I’ll keep a watchful eye on it.)


Saturday was kind of low energy, spent most of the day hanging out online whether in the kitchen or on the porch.

DH brought home some new flowers for my Boston planters! Plan to plant them on Tuesday.

headed for Boston planters

headed for Boston planters

Saturday evening brought the fun of episode 1 of season 3 of the British Sherlock. (Since we just started season 3, no spoilers please.) Those folks are so clever in how they put the show together, it’s a treat to watch. They did get a little enamored of some of the effects (how Sherlock thinks visuals) but I appreciate that they resolved the cliffhanger almost immediately. I think Watson is my favorite character on the British version. I respect and admire the talents of Cumberbatch, but he does so well at the way they’ve written the character – kind of cold and almost dislikable, though they’re obviously tweaking it – that I don’t like him much. (though I do think he would have made a fantastic Spock) I much prefer Jonny Lee Miller‘s Sherlock in the American show Elementary – of course, I think he’s an immensely talented actor (and an ultrarunner!).

Sunday morning, DH made a lovely puffy egg white scramble dish for breakfast, with some grilled artichoke hearts. Then there was bacon! I oven-roasted a lot of brussels sprouts and a kabocha that looked so good I had to have some as a snack before my trigger point appointment.

yummy kabocha

yummy kabocha

DH and I are trying this to help with my tendons and his knee problems. (supposed to help tendons, ligaments, joints)


collagen supplement

collagen supplement

Have read about it and there appears to be research that supports its use as well as a reasonable level of safety. It’s 100 calories a day at recommended dosage though, have to figure that in. Dissolves in liquid of any temperature. I took one dose in the leftover UCan Hydrate I started yesterday. Couldn’t taste it and my stomach seems okay with it so far. I may start with one dose a day instead of the recommended two, then bump up after the first week or so.

Then off to my trigger point appointment and a little bit of porch time before dinner, TV and off to another work week. Seems like this weekend was really short, maybe because work has been so busy. Allergies are flaring up here too (ragweed) but hoping we’ll peak and drop soon.

The coming week – a hard week in the training plan – I will be taking off work Tuesday and Thursday morning and all day Friday. I got 16 hours of time off as part of an award, and it turns out it expires after a year if you don’t use it! So, this is the last week I can use it, and I don’t intend to let the days expire. Better planning will be required for the more recent time off award I got. Seems silly to let so much time go by without using it, but you know how it goes….

Training recap post planned for Tuesday, all the details on how last week’s training went.

Tell me about your weekend in the comments! What does your coming week look like, training and life-wise?

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