Training Recap – Week of August 4, 2014

PSA for the week for my fellow fall racers: get your flu shot NOW! It takes about 2 weeks to become most effective (and I sometimes have a few days right after of not feeling so great). The earlier you get it, the sooner you’re protected (before back-to-school perhaps) and the less risk to your training. My local Rite-Aid already has flu shots available.

Run: 52.25 miles, woot! Over 50 makes me happier even if not all the runs were exactly what I wanted.

  • T – 10 miles. Still not quite at that 4x2mi at MGP but at least this week is closer than last week. I did manage to get the average pace for this run to my old marathon PR (BQ) pace. Ran 2mi at increasing pace for w/u, then 3x2mi at MGP w/ 0.5 recovery, 0.5 cool. Now the question is, next week is supposed to be an easier week – do I try for the 4x2mi anyway? Looking at the following week, it might be a good idea….or it might not. The week of the 18th looks like a tough one (and my chiro is on vacation that week).
  • W – 6.5 ez pace miles, a little faster than I usually do my W run (which can also be done at recovery run speed). R VMO/quad complaining again. Arms tired from last night’s pool run and yesterday’s strength work.
  • Th – 7.5mi. Plan was EITHER 6-8 x (0.5mi at 13-26s faster than MGP) OR a leg speed workout including 10x30s leg speed intervals. So what did I do? Both! (This is what happens when I get cranky about not nailing workouts….ego boo.) Ran 1.1mi warmup then 6x (0.5mi at 18s faster than MGP with 0.25 recovery – I took 0.4 recovery the first time) then LS 10x(30 s at 50s faster than MGP, 1min recovery). I took about 50 calories of gel after the first 0.5 rep, again after the 2nd. Glad for telework! Did what I could of my chiro exercises (not much, my quad was still bugging me) and my Coach Jay routine before starting work. Fit in Whartons between conference calls, and my core workout on a lunch break from a call. And I e-stimmed the heck out of my R quad. I probably did it 5-6 times during the day, plus a session on my glute mins. Got a massage after work Thursday – massage therapist thinks my quad issue may be tight adductors pulling on quad/VMO.
  • Sat – 21 miles. Wanted this to be a 16-20mi progression run, legs not playing, so just went for miles. 1mi w/u, 7mi at 64s slower than MGP (legs really not happy with this pace), 12mi 91s slower than MGP, last mi MGP. Took ~4 servings of First Endurance Liquid Shot gel (320cals) spread out (some mixed with water) at mi: 5.8, 10.4, 13.4, 15.9, 17.3 (Baystate water stops). R quad/adductor was still bothering me, so did 15 min of e-stim on it before my walking warmup and pre-run drills.
  • Sun – 7.25 ez pace miles. Felt pretty decent especially given yesterday. Not that I wasn’t a bit sore and heavy-legged, but no surprises, no new crankiness, nothing worse. I’ll take it!

Bike: 1 (M) 1hr, plus 30 min after Saturday’s long run
Core: 3 (M AM, T eve, Th afternoon) 
Wharton flex: 6: Tues, Wed, Th, Fri, Sat, Sun
Yoga: None. Unless you count my core routine. 
Chiro exercises: Tuesday did the Ohnos. Legs wouldn’t deal with it Th.
Coach Jay routine: Week 5 level, T=hard day, W=easy day, Th=hard day (a little wimpy on this) Hard days Cannonball instead of Myrtls.
Myrtl routine: 3
Calf stretches: T, W, Th, Sat, Sun 
Elliptical: None. Teleworked all week (lovely!)
Pool: 3 pool runs! M eve – 30 min, Tues eve – 45 min, Fri AM – 1h
Walk: pre-run 15 min warmups
Drills: before every run – lunge matrix, high knees, skips, butt kicks, butt kicks moving in reverse, karaoke, added front & lateral leg swings
Other: weekly chiro visit, sports massage Th, Thai massage Sun, lots of e-stim Th-Sat.
Nutrition: keeping up with eating small sweet potatoes with nut butter at least on run days. Hoping it helps. You all will help me track it, right?

To those who were encouraging/nudging me to get my application in for my supervisor’s job, thanks for your support. I DID get it submitted, well ahead of the deadline. Now we wait to see if the magic federal jobs system flags me on enough keywords and HR puts me on the list of candidates it passes forward. That shouldn’t be a problem, but having dealt with HR, I don’t take it for granted as my hiring two years ago had some real oopses on their part. In the meantime, I’ll be doing my regular job and helping out with phone and in-person interviews for the person we hope to hire at my level. Kinda weird to be doing it thinking I might be a candidate’s boss, but could help me be more attentive. Looks like work will continue to be busy for a while, but so grateful to be gainfully employed with nice folks doing interesting work and having the insurance and flexibility I do – I’m really lucky!

Have a great week!