Belated Training Recap – Week of Aug 11, 2014

Thought this auto-posted last week, but apparently not….better late than never? Recap for the week of the 18th-24th will be out later this wk.

The week of August 11th was supposed to be an “easier” training week. (or so my notes in my plan say) Not sure if it really was.

I discovered – as of Monday the 18th – my shoes have 444.72 miles on them! (started them 6/9, after the Heartbreak Hill Half) I usually start new shoes around 300, no later than 350. Yow! On the good side, I only had some foot soreness and a weirdness on Sunday’s run. On the less good side, worn out shoes probably aren’t helping me. I only have 4 pairs of the Adrenaline 13s left, so I’m a little worried – these need to last me through the end of the year at least, and I still want to ramp my miles up.

DH did have a good suggestion for my remaining Adrenaline 13s – run 300 in a pair, set is aside and start a new pair, repeat.  If I run through the 4 before I find a new shoe model, go back to the first pair and start putting another 50-100 miles on them while I shoe quest. I ran Tuesday’s run in the older shoes and will start a new pair Wednesday on an easier, shorter run. Wore the new pair around the house Tuesday afternoon and they felt ok.

Today, I managed to pre-order the Ariels from RoadRunnerSports – should have them soon-ish after the 9/1 release. Got a pair of the Adrenaline 13s in 10.5EE (usually 10EE) just in case those might work – and they were out of flat 10s. Found out that the Adrenaline 15s will be coming out soon – possibly as soon as Thanksgiving (though RRS only shows up to D width on that date right now, could be later). So maybe there’s hope.

Run: 47.55 miles 

  • T – 11.25mi. The plan was for 80-90 minutes ez pace. Let my insecurity and ego get the better of me on this one. Ran 1mi w/u, 2mi increasing ez pace, then 1hr at “steady state” pace (my MGP for Shamrock), cool down for a mile or so. Got my heart rate up. Steady state wasn’t easy, but do-able. Took part of a serving of gel at mile 4. My acid kicked up after this run.
  • W – 6.3 mi: 0.5mi w/u, 5.3ish at ez pace, then picked it up for the rest till I was back at the steady state pace. R VMO not happy, L hamstring complained during speed at end. E-stim in the evening.
  • Th – 9mi. Did e-stim before run as R VMO quad was bugging me. R 1.2mi w/u, 0.8mi ez pace then 5x(0.65 at 12s faster than MGP with 0.15 recovery – took long recovery of 0.5 before last rep), c/d. Took about half a gel before the 1st & 3rd reps. R VMO did not like this run, and as I went along, the pain spread higher up. Reps were hard but not un-doable. Not horribly huffing and puffing but wanted to stop each time, and the recovery seemed short.
  • Sat – 16 miles. The plan said a 90min progression run (1/3rds) but that didn’t seem long enough and I wanted to try to do the 8mi of MGP on my plan for next Tuesday. (this is where a coach would smack me – I’m changing the workouts out of insecurity and lack of confidence because I haven’t hit all the MGP workouts I’ve wanted so far….supposed to be an easier long run/week!) R 1mi w/u, 1mi ez at 1:38 slower than MGP, 6mi faster ez pace (1:04 slower than MGP, 4mi MGP), 4mi ez pace (1:38 slower). Might have been able to push another mile of MGP, but legs complaining fairly loudly on whole run, just sore all over. Felt effort the most in MGP segment and 1st mile after. Wore my fuel belt (time to start doing this already?!) which didn’t help my stomach, it just doesn’t like pressure. Looks like I didn’t note in my log when I took gel (wrote it on a piece of paper that’s gone), but I think it was around miles 7.2, 10.4, 13.4. R VMO didn’t love me but it wasn’t too bad and the pain didn’t spread (yay).
  • Sun – 5mi recovery pace run. Had a sharp pain in the bottom of my L heel (just left of centerline) on and off during the first couple of miles. Kinda scary. Tried adjusting foot strike and changing gait a little and it seemed to go away. (now I’m thinking it’s that my shoes are worn out!) R VMO not too bad. Nothing unreasonably sore or tight, fairly minor. Low energy, but run felt easy-ish. Had a trigger point appointment where the therapist confirmed for me that it’s really hard to stretch the VMO on your own The best stretch is the assisted one my chiro does with/for me, despite its being quite uncomfortable. I’m making do with some props and other suggestions.

Bike: Monday 1h AM and 40min PM, plus 30 min after Saturday’s long run
Core: 2 (M AM, skipped Wed, Th afternoon) 
Wharton flex: 6: Mon, Tues, Wed, Th, Fri, Sat, skipped Sun (had trigger point and just let it go)
Yoga: None. Unless you count my core routine. (I should just take this out….)
Chiro exercises: Tuesday managed 1st 2 sets of Ohnos with leaps, the rest with steps. Too worried about VMO on Th. 
Coach Jay routine: Week 5 level, T=hard day, W=easy day, Th=hard day (a little wimpy on this) Hard days Cannonball instead of Myrtls. My form on some of these is non-stellar, but I’m trying.
Myrtl routine: 3
Calf stretches: T, W, Th, Sat, Sun 
Elliptical: None. 
Pool: Pool run Fri AM for 45 minutes before an in-office day
Walk: pre-run 15 min warmups
Drills: before every run – lunge matrix, high knees, skips, butt kicks, butt kicks moving in reverse, karaoke, added front & lateral leg swings
Other: weekly chiro visit on Tues, trigger point massage Sun, plenty of e-stim
Nutrition: Sunday, I started taking a supplement of beef collagen powder, supposed to help with tendons/ligaments and joints – since tendons have been problems for me in the past, figured it was worth a shot. It’s 50 calories 2x/day – I’m starting with once a day. It doesn’t seem to be upsetting my stomach, not sure if it’s causing other GI issues. My hernia/stomach area (diaphragm, sort of at join of ribs) seems to be very sensitive lately to any large amount of food, core work, my pool running belt, sitting slumped, jostling during runs, fuel belt….you get the idea.

Bonus – an exercise recommendation from an ultrarunner who’s also a PT, Joe Uhan (his columns on are excellent).

Hope you’re having a great week!