Training Recap Tuesday – Wk of Aug 18, 2014

The week of August 18th was supposed to be a “hard” training week, according to my training plan. I’d say the T/Th were hard in a speed way, but went better than I would have hoped, given prior weeks. The long run’s hard was “just” the duration but it was a mental and physical challenge.

Run57.2 miles!

  • T – 11.5mi with 8.5 at MGP!! (plan was 8mi MGP, but I wanted a little more)
  • W – 6 mi ez pace
  • Th – 11.25mi. Plan was 4-5x(1.25mi/0.25mi) in a range of 5s slower than MGP to 14s faster. I hit 4 intervals at faster than MGP, plus 0.25 faster than the 14s.
  • Sat – 22 miles.(if you read my weekend update Monday, this part is a repeat) Plan said 18-22 in long run pace zone.Actual: 22mi in long run pace zone! 1 mi 2+min slower than MGP, 1mi 1:38 slower than MGP, 5mi 1:29 slower than MGP, 15mi 1:20 slower than MGP. My (very detailed) notes indicate pretty good cardio (HR 140 at end), less thirst or perception of being hot than usual (really cranked the a/c down and it’s not as hot outside), and not too many niggles. One weird and new thing – my inner hamstring on the R side (not sure if muscle/tendon) wanted to cramp a number of times in the early miles. It eventually eased up, but felt almost like the beginning of a charley horse. Ugh. I’m thinking it might be related to my tight R VMO, which I did notice during the run and which, by the end (as chiro had warned it might) started to pull my R knee out of good alignment…ow. But I knew what it was and tried to tweak it back into place a bit, as I sometimes do my left.Wore my fuel belt again, this time with two flasks in the back pockets, each with 3 servings of gel (240cal), 2 servings water. I can definitely feel the discomfort/weight in my glute mins and hips. I started with both in the back, then when I wanted the first serving of gel, took the L one out and put it in the front pocket (b/c L glute min is more of a problem than R). I put it in the front pocket because it’s impossible for me to get the flask back into the back pocket on the run. (a shame, the only flaw in the belt) Though I took gel at 4 points (miles 5.8, 10.4, 13.4, 17.9), because it was mixed with water, I only used the one flask. When I finished that flask, I put it in one of the water bottle ports on the treadmill (because in a race I’d throw it away at an aid station) and pulled the R one from the back to the front. Ahh, my glutes and hips liked that much better. In a race I wouldn’t get as much relief, because I’ll probably run with 3 flasks, 2 in back and 1 in front. Thus I may never even move the final flask to the front.Got a sports massage 2h after ending my run (quick spin on the bike, some Myrtls and a light snack followed my run). Usually my massages are later in the day, was a late change. Not sure I loved it though it freed up the afternoon a bit. Did a little e-stim on my R VMO while watching TV. Skipped my Whartons as they seemed to being making me sorer and pulling painfully, figured the massage would have to do.
  • Sun – 6.55 ez/recovery pace miles. Finished up with 6x15s strides and Myrtls.

Bike: Monday 55min AM, 30min Fri afternoon, 20 min after Saturday’s long run
Core: 2 (M AM, skipped Wed, Th afternoon) 
Wharton flex: 6: Mon, Tues, Wed, Th, Fri, skipped Sat (long run, then massage, Whartons just made me sorer), Sun 
Chiro exercises: Tuesday managed leaping Ohnos. Too sore on Th thanks to Coach Jay.
Coach Jay routine: Week 7 level. Holy cow. This is a real step up. Managed it Tuesday and was so sore I skipped Th. Did the “easy” day W.
Myrtl routine: 3
Calf stretches: T, W, Th, Sat, Sun 
Elliptical: None. 
Pool: 30 min pool run Tues eve (one of the few times I feel like I should have just stayed home), 1hr pool run Fri AM (this was good idea)
Walk: pre-run 15 min warmups
Drills: before every run – lunge matrix, high knees, skips, butt kicks, butt kicks moving in reverse, karaoke, added front & lateral leg swings
Other: No chiro (ack) as he was on vacation. Sports massage Sat afternoon 2hrs post-run. E-stim Sat night.
Nutrition: Working hard to eat only what I want when I want it (e.g., didn’t force much for on Saturday) and as small amounts as possible to satisfy me. Volume of food eaten (quantity) appears to affect how my stomach/hernia feels, how well I digest, etc. One more constraint/variable ore have to consider. Also trying to make sure that I plan for my evening snacking/stress eating calories so I stay within my calorie goals.

Bonus – one of the podcasts I listened to on my long run was Cloud259. They recently interviewed marathoner (and steeplechaser) Becky Wade, currently training with Deena Kastor and the Mammoth Track Club. Becky won her first marathon, CIM, in 2:30:41 – Runner’s World interviewed her last year. As you’ll note in both interviews, Becky is not only an athlete, but a multi-subject degreed researcher (from Rice University, DH’s alma mater). She spent a year on a fellowship, going to 22 countries outside the US  “to forge “an informally academic perspective of different runners and different running cultures.” Here’s her blog of her adventures.

Hope you’re having a great week!